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Worsening Insecurity: CUPP Calls For Buhari’s Resignation




The Leadership of the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office following his inability to curtail the worsening insecurity situation in the country.

The Coalition, in a statement issued in Abuja by its Media Committee Chairman, Chukwudi Ezeobika, insisted that Buhari should resign because of the unprecedented level of ineptitude and incompetence that characterized his APC led government.

The CUPP also lamented that the present administration lacked the requisite intelligence and or capacity to protect the lives and property of the Nigerian citizens which remain the primary responsibility of this very government.

The statement reads; “We as a Coalition view with serious concerns, the prolonged injustices, and inequities perpetrated by the Buhari regime which have consistently divided the Nation along ethnic and religious lines and which have the potential to cause the disintegration of the Nigerian State.

“The increasing insurgency, kidnapping and uncontrolled terrorist activities orchestrated by the illegal activities of Fulani herdsman in connivance with ISIS and ISWAP terrorists have shown that the Buhari administration lacks the requisite intelligence and or capacity to protect lives and property of the Nigerian citizens which remain the primary responsibility of this very government.

“The unprecedented rot in critical sectors and life of the Nigerian State such as security, health, power, and economy as well as in other critical democratic institutions, have made it expedient for Muhammadu Buhari to redeem the Nigerian State and honourably resign as President and Commander in Chief.

“The looming agitations for secession by various Confederating units and indigenous groups in Nigeria are as a result of the reprehensible actions and or inactions of the Buhari-led government which assault, on a daily basis, the very spirit of our unity and corporate coexistence as a people.

“The ongoing destruction of numerous democratic institutions in Nigeria, most especially security networks and structures as well as electoral institutions, portends grave danger to democracy and Rule of Law in Nigeria.

“The uncontrolled daily maiming and killing of Military and Police Officers across the States of the federation, calls to question, the competence of the sitting President in the discharge of the functions attaching to his office as the Commander in Chief.

“The inept and incompetent leadership consciously foisted on Nigerians by the Buhari administration is responsible for unlawful killings, kidnappings, and maiming of innocent Nigerian citizens across the length and breadth of the federation with no hope in sight.

“Being at the very point of disintegration and total collapse, we as a Coalition, call on all Nigerians to be awakened to these very realities which pose an imminent threat to our collective survival and coexistence as a people.

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A Poem On The Nigerian Army “Nigeria Without The Army”




Nigeria, without the Army, Africa’s queen of the Prairie, The land of our proud forefathers, Overtaken by killer vampires and hyenas,  Dangling in air minutely, Devourers of your precious children, Who descend like swarms of bees on honey, Over your hapless children and, battered souls so delightfully,  In brutal extermination, This generation would have gone extinct, Ancestors would have been long invited for a funeral feast.

Even in dazing fear of blighting enemy swords, Of Boko Haram and their first cousins, The sacredness of our lives violated; Crude oil praying mantis of the Delta,  Explosively poured the black gold in our faces, We burned and survivors’ deserted homes for fear.

Ruthless bandits of the North and cattle thieves, Invaded our lands in millions, Replacing the nostalgia of rural life, With sounds of automatic guns; Eastern mercantile secessionists, Campaigned in bloodshed of kinsmen and strangers alike.

The electoral brigands and thugs, Wished democracy seized in Nigeria in 2019, As arranged guns and ammunitions floated, Everywhere like shrubs on sea surface at peak of rains; And virus Corona came with fresh troubles! Snaking through foreign valleys, Uncle Corona landed its fury in Nigeria, Sparing no friend nor foe,
The foreign demons hungrily, Foraged our hamlets; Searching for the next victim. Yes! searching for the next victim!

Luck Dube echoed it in mournful lyrics, We were all the “next victims,” Like blacks under apartheid South Africa.
Innocent victims of no evil on our hands, But Golgotha awaited us, With the hellish ambience of slayers , Killer vendors of herdsmen and farmers, Caused forlornness of fertile lands,  The fields left uncultivated,  Hunger loomed monstrously in mama’s kitchen.

But alas, the lone soldier shadowed, Smiling and stern simultaneously, He brought peace and war against,
Our cursed enemies, Of blood and perditions,  Vacated the war songs chanters on our graves, Seized killer blades, knives and guns and bombs, The assailants’ thrusted in frightened faces, As we stood askance, helpless!

But the men in khaki buffered, Enacted rehearsal of salvation from Almighty Yaweh, Operation Delta Safe came,
And militants went on self-exile; And day time dance of the Python, Descended bliss in the East of South.

Soldiers sermons on “Peace by all means,”  Sent Boko Haramists to the land of ghosts and repentance “Dole,”
Operation Sahel Sanity, dismembered the bandit’s clan , Uncle Corona balked from daring our lives, With soldiers mounting sentinels, At city and village gates, The deadly virus paused infectious, Campaigns, recoiled and cringed.

Election riggers and activists, Of violence sneezed, rather than barked, At Nigeria’s democracy, with frowzy faces,
In painful reminiscence of defeat, A reunion renewed among herders and farmers, In the grassy and greenish Middle Belt.

The fields became green with crops, Dancing to the tantalizing breeze, Awaiting harvest to fill empty bellies,
Looming starvation starved itself, And migrated to other nations, Far from us; far from us!

#EndSARS hoodlums despoiled the land, In pains and destructions, But have regained lost senses, Because the soldier! the soldier!! stood firm.

Eulogies of this soldier have filled heavens , Nigeria quakes; the earth quakes, With joyful songs at dawn, In tumultuous praises of these heroes, As token of our appreciation, Of the kindness and sacrifices,
To save us and preserve Nigeria!

Ooh! Soldier, your bed of roses, Is set in our carnival of celebrations, In expectations of your heroic home arrival.

Composed by Michelle Aluor



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Playing The China Card in the U.S. Presidential Election?




Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn is a CGTN anchor, public intellectual, international corporate strategist, investment banker, and recipient of China Reform Friendship Medal. The article reflects the author’s opinions

I’m Robert Lawrence Kuhn and here’s what I’m watching: Playing the “China card” in the U.S. presidential election campaign. “China card”? In this election, it’s more like playing a whole “deck” of China cards.

The contest between President Trump and his presumptive Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, will be a slug-out brawl. Who can best bash China will be the winner, they believe, the tough-guy champion. Each will accuse the other of being “soft on China” – the ultimate insult. Democrats will attack Trump for his “weak” phase one trade deal and for his initial praise of China in containing the coronavirus. Republicans will attack Biden for his past engagements with China and for his son’s alleged financial dealings.

Specific policies – trade, technology, human rights, South China Sea – will not be debated much. Rather, each side will use generalized hyperbole to try to convince public opinion that their man is tougher on China.

Politicians follow polls – even though they say they don’t, they do. A Pew poll in March found two-thirds (66 percent) of U.S. adults with a negative view of China, the highest unfavorable ever. There is a vicious cycle between political pronouncements and public opinion about China, each reinforcing the other in a race to the bottom.

Is all this negativity furthering long-term American interests? Of course not. But then neither is the anti-American vicious cycle between Chinese officials and Chinese social media furthering Chinese interests. Notwithstanding real issues on both sides, simplistic bias and one-dimensional stereotyping, on both sides, is a recipe for confrontation, not cooperation.

For decades, the “China card” has been played in American elections. It was “who lost China?” in the 1950s. In the 1992 presidential campaign, after three hard years in Sino-American relations, Bill Clinton took a hard line on China to attack his opponent, George H.W. Bush. However, once in office, Clinton sought better relations with China.

From then on, Chinese leaders recognized that they should not take how China is bandied about in American elections too seriously, but simply seek to work with the winner, whoever it will be, in a business-as-usual manner. One hopes it will be the same this cycle, though one worries, it will not.

When playing the China card in the coming campaign, accusations against China will be made – alleged unfair economics, job loss, intellectual property theft, cybertheft, human rights violations, militarism, aggressive foreign policy, the pandemic, of course. But none, I suggest, is the deep reason.

The deep reason is “nationalism,” which features in leadership cycles in all societies and all social systems. Nationalism is rooted in biological evolution, where early human allegiance to the group, the tribe, increased fitness for survival and procreation in the development of our species. Human beings have confirmed over and over again that they will bear any hardship, endure any pain, to protect the sanctity and pride of the group, which today is usually the nation-state.

I am always amazed how intelligent folk can so easily see the counter productivity of misguided nationalism when viewing dispassionately the behaviors of others, while they are so easily blinded in not discerning the same misguided nationalism in their own, similar passions.

After the U.S. election is over, a window of opportunity shall open for China and the U.S. to reset relations. The window will be narrower than normal, and the differences will be wider. Still, I have hope. I’m keeping watch. I’m Robert Lawrence Kuhn

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