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Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Wife Not My Girlfriend – ex BBNaija housemate Pere Says



Nollywood actor and ex BBNaija housemate, Pere Egbi, has debunked a report which has been making the rounds that he is having an affair with the First Lady of Kogi State, Rashida Bello.

The actor in a tweet on Tuesday debunked the rumour describing it as a “demonic lie”.

“For the records, the publication about me and the First Lady of Kogi State is a demonic lie and a figment of a diseased imagination of Jackson Ude and those retweeting that rubbish.”

Pere also threatened to file a lawsuit against the Nigerian US-based journalist, Jackson Ude, who wrote the report on Twitter

“They must answer me in court both in Nigeria and in the United States of America where he is based.”

The US-based journalist in a tweet, had allegedly stated that there was gist around Abuja that Pere and the First Lady of Kogi state were alleged lovers.

“Why is #BBNaija Pere Egbi all over the place with Kogi First Lady, Rashida Bello? Gist around Abuja says that they are lovers. Egbi and Mrs Bello are said to have been sighted severally at the Hilton Hotel, Abuja. The gist is that when they first met, First Lady gifted Egbi N5 million.”

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Pageant Guild of Nigeria Association Under Hon. Disebe



The story of Beauty Pageant industry in Nigeria was before now misconstrued by many.

To some it was an industry that breeds corrupt character while to some it was an industry that encourages moral decadence.

But all thanks to the BOT of Pageant Guild Association of Nigeria under the distinguished leadership of Mr Onanikem Kenneth Onanikem Diamond

As well Known the first law of leadership is that your foundation is built through integrity, Character and trust.

Chief Diamond has an internal leadership map, a personal GPS, which brings his vision into action. It started with an understanding of where the Pageant industry should be and as a result went ahead to appoint credible men to pilot the affairs and harmonize the industry.

A Lion begats a Lion so the Appointment of his youthfulness Hon. Disebe S. Bala Dango by the BOT as the acting president of the pageant guild didn’t come to many as a surprise.

Hon. Disebe understanding the vision and mandate hit the road running by the immediate appointment of state co-ordinator’s assuring them of support while calling for collaboration amongst the pageant family.

Since Hon. Disebe assumption into office the misconception of the industry is been addressed.

“Effective leaders inspire and motivate people to follow their visions willingly and eagerly, not out of fear.” – Maya Traver said. And this can best describe the actions of Hon. Disebe as acting president so far.

“The greatest gift a leader can get is the gift of feedback. When someone takes the time to pause, reflect on what’s happened, and communicate back what they saw and heard, and how it made them feel and act, they have offered the greatest gift of all”. – Janeen Latini said.
And the feed backs from state coordinators and CEO across board is a prove of this statement.

The leadership of his youthfulness , Hon. Disebe has been able to identify fakes among the industry and to address the menace created special cover letter for state coordinators along side Identity Cards watermark to check mate fakes in the future.

The leadership also have been involved in dispute resolution among members and this has promoted untiy and hermonny within the family.

Organisers now having a sense of belonging as everyone is been carried along especially with the creation of the association website.

A new dawn is here and the industry is taking a new dimension and the choice of his youthfulness Hon. Disebe is truly a card for the moment.

Abel Augustine
Senior Special Adviser Media and Publicity To the Acting President PGNA

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Hon. Disebe S. B Donga Appreciate PGNA BOT Over Appointment as Acting President



His youthfulness Hon. Disebe S. Bala Donga has appreciated the Board of Trustees, Pageant Guild of Nigeria Association (PGNA) over his appointment as acting president.

Hon. Donga appointment was announced in a press statement signed by the chairman Board of trustees Mr Diamond Onanikem Kenneth and Secretary General of the board of trustees, Amb. Frank Ugwu,

The board of trustees also appointed Nnorom Ruth Chioma as vice president, C. Don Nwankwo as secretary, Zubby Oguafor assistant secretary, David Nweke Treasurer, Ijeoma Nwosu financial secretary, Ajiboye Joseph publicity secretary, Inde Felicity director of welfare and Adamu Zakari as provost all in acting capacity.

Hon. Donga in his acceptance speech promised to do his best in making pageantry in Nigeria a world class.

Part of the statement reads: “I wish to appreciate the BOT of the pageant Guild of Nigeria association PGNA and my fellow promising pageant owners of Nigeria for their love, endorsement and support”.

‘I am also grateful to my State Pageant CEOs for their support so far, I promise to use this 1 year Tenure as acting Pioneer President of the pageant industry in Nigeria to re-unite and foster peace amongs us all”.

“I also wish to call on our stakeholders to please join hands to make this dream a reality as we will be 100% loyal to the BOT and the stakeholders of this great association”.

“I will never forget my beautiful wife and kids Prince Derek, Delvin and Dean for giving the space and time to stand into the gap for the male and girl child in Nigeria”.

“My doors will be open to all CEOs who need my presidential support and advise to move his or her brand to the next level, I also call on multi national companies to join us in making pageantry in Nigeria a world class”.

‘Finally as we look forward in making Nigerian pageant industry a better place for us all, I pledge my loyalty to all pageant CEOs as a servant ready to serve and lead”.

“In few days time I will be making appointments of our zonal acting coordinators and personal aides who will help join hand to making this dream a reality”. He said

The Acting National EXCOS will serve for a period of One year and will see to the success of the National Pageant Congress.

Pageants Guild of Nigeria Association was established to unify,strengthen pageantry events in Nigeria and to help promote peace and unity amongst ethnic groups in Nigeria.

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