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Lai Didn’t Grant a Recent Interview on Buhari’s Certificate




In the last 48 hours, a video where Lai Mohammed, minister of information, spoke about the secondary school certificate examination result of President Muhammadu Buhari has been trending on social media.

The controversy over Buhari’s certificate started in the buildup to the 2015 general election when supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), then the ruling party, alleged that the president did not sit for the Cambridge West African Examination.

The party made this allegation after Buhari failed to submit his academic credentials to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). In an affidavit, the president had said his certificate was with the secretary of the military board.

Despite the heat generated by this, Buhari defeated ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in the election.

As the 2019 elections closed in, the issue of critics of the president’s certificate became a topic of debate between his critics and supporters but this did not stop Buhari from securing another term.

He defeated Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the PDP, who is challenging the election result at the tribunal. Ahead of the tribunal’s verdict, the issue of the certificate is making the rounds again.

In a video currently circulating on social media, Mohammed was heard asking Nigerians to pardon Buhari over senior secondary school certificate.

“It’s been 53 years after a fellow left secondary school; 53 years. I think we should pardon him if he does not know where he kept his certificate,” the minister said.

The video:


While it is true that Mohammed made the comment when he appeared on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, the impression being given that it’s recent is misleading.

The minister made the comment as far back as 2015.

Meanwhile, here are some reactions from those who thought Mohammed’s comment is fresh:

Oby Ezekwesili


I watched a video clip of @channelstv interview of the Minister of Information, asking Nigerians to forgive the @NGRPresident @MBuhari for losing his school certificate. Not sure what that’s about. Can someone please explain what the request for forgiveness is meant to achieve?

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Buhari’s Principal begged the army to admit him without credentials. Lai Mohammad is begging that we forgive and forget about his credentials. His lawyers also begged PEPT that they should not disgrace him for not having WAEC. we don’t want a bambiala President

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Paul Ibe@omonlakiki

Lai Mohammed has asked us to pardon Buhari for misplacing his certificate. Has he showed remorse? But even at that why should we pardon him for something WAEC said does not exist. More than enough reason to .

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Henry Shield@henryshield

Dear PDP, the video of Lai Mohammed asking Nigerians to forgive Buhari for his inability to provide his WAEC certificate is a weapon. Use it!!

Use the damn video in a way a sensible opposition is expected to. PETP members are here on social media.

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Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

Lai Mohammed said we should ‘pardon’ Buhari for losing his WAEC certificate (which can be easily retrieved if he truly had them) becos 53 yrs is a long time to keep such documents.
This means that all 70 & 80yr Olds that still have their Birth Certificates are witches & wizards?

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Nkiruka Nistoran@NkirukaNistoran

Lai Mohammed Begs Nigerians & presidential election petition tribunal panel, please forgive Buhari he doesn’t know where he kept his certificate.

Unfortunately, he exposes @MBuhari to the world, that he had no certificate, or let him seek certified copy.

Embedded video

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I have seen the video by Lai Mohammed where he says Nigerians should forgive Buhari for not showing his certificate because he must have lost it

1. That is not what the man himself says

2. It is intended to prejudice the PEPT.

3. Now the PEPT must do justice to Nigerians.

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Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

I know how I suffered to get all my certificates intact in order to receive confirmation when I worked in a Bank.

Someone is now saying we should pardon Buhari -Nigeria’s President for throwing away his WAEC certificate (which he never had).
Oga Lai, Thunder Fire U.

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Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

I know how I suffered to get all my certificates intact in order to receive confirmation when I worked in a Bank.

Someone is now saying we should pardon Buhari -Nigeria’s President for throwing away his WAEC certificate (which he never had).
Oga Lai, Thunder Fire U.

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Revolutionary Popsyno™ 🇳🇬@Popsyno

Lai Mohammed: “We should forgive the President for forgetting where he kept his certificate.”
Army: “Buhari’s certificate is not with us.”
WAEC: “What Buhari & Abba Kyari presented at PEPT is not a certificate from us.”

Me: PEPT, should I tell you what to say?

See Revolutionary Popsyno™ 🇳🇬‘s other Tweets

Newton Ikire@NewtonIkire

“53 years after General @MBuhari left secondary, I think we should pardon him. He does not even know where he has kept his certificate”-Lai Mohammed

See, if this country wasn’t a joke, as it were, the likes of Buhari shouldn’t be a councillor

Embedded video

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FG Explains Reasons Behind Deregulation Policy




The federal government has said in view of recent misguided comments and innuendos, it has become expedient for the Ministry of Petroleum to explain misconceptions around the issue of Petroleum Products Deregulation.

Minister of State for Petroleum, Chief Timipre Sylva, in a statement he personally signed Wednesday in Abuja, explained that after a thorough examination of the economics of subsidising PMS for domestic consumption, the federal government concluded that it was unrealistic to continue with the burden of subsidizing PMS to the tune of trillions of Naira every year.

The Minister said more so when the said subsidy was benefiting in large part the rich rather than the poor and ordinary Nigerians.

The former Bayelsa state governor, however said the government was mindful of the likely impact of higher PMS prices would have on Nigerians, adding that to alleviate the impact the ministry will roll out the auto-gas scheme, which will provide Nigerians with alternative sources of fuel and at a lower cost.

According to the Minister, deregulation means that the government will no longer continue to be the main supplier of Petroleum Products. “But will encourage private sector to takeover the role of supplyer of Petroleum Products.

“This means also that market forces will henceforth determine the prices at the pump. In line with global best practices, Government will continue to play its traditional role of regulation; to ensure that this strategic commodity is not priced arbitrarily by private sector suppliers; a regulatory function not unlike the role played by the Central Bank of Nigeria in the banking sector; ensuring that commercial banks do not charge arbitrary interest rates.

“Petroleum Products are refined from Crude Oil. Therefore the price of Crude (the feedstock) for the refining process will affect the price of the refined product.

“When Crude Oil prices were down, Government, through its regulatory functions ensured that the benefits of lower Crude Oil prices were enjoyed by Nigerians by ensuring that PMS was lowered.

“At that time, we indicated that increase in Crude Oil Prices will also reflect at the pump.

“This is a necessary action taken by a responsible Government in the overall interest of Nigerians. Indeed, one of the reasons we have been unable to attract the level of investments we desire into the refining sector has been the burden of fuel subsidy. We need to free up that investment space so that what happened in the Banking Sector, Aviation Sector and other Sectors can happen in the Midstream and Downstream Oil Sector.

“We can no longer avoid the inevitable and expect the impossible to continue. There was no time Government promised to reduce Pump Price and keep it permanently low.

“Let us therefore ignore the antics of unscrupulous middlemen who would want status quo ante to remain at the expense of the generality of Nigerians. In addition to attracting investments and creating jobs and opportunities, this very important policy direction will free up trillions of naira to develop infrastructure instead of enriching a few.”

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Osagie Denies Involvement In Widows’ Empowerment Scheme




The Special Adviser to the Edo State Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr Crusoe Osagie, has denied involvement in any widows’ empowerment scheme.

In a statement on Wednesday, Osagie cautioned the public to be wary of fraudsters who are exploiting the political campaigns to deceive and defraud people.

“There is a scam message being sent on social media on a specious empowerment scheme targeted at women and widows in the state said to be linked to me. This is a scam,” he said.

“The Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication has no relationship with the group known as Insured Good People (IGP).

“The statement did not emanate from me or my office. It is ploy by fraudsters to exploit vulnerable women and widows and the general public should consider it as such”.

According to the governor’s aide, with the governorship election drawing closer and things heating up in the state, some fraudulent persons are using the opportunity to perpetuate their crimes.

“With the election campaigns getting to a head, some fraudulent people would want to use such schemes to defraud vulnerable people in the society.

“I have alerted security agencies in the state to watch out for individuals and groups, who would want to take undue advantage of the ongoing electioneering campaigns to defraud Edo people,” he said.

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Edo: South-South Forum Urges Nigerians to be Vigilant




A group, South-south Emerging Leaders’ Forum (SELF) has warned against subterranean plot by some highly placed politicians to rig the the 2023 general elections, beginning with the forthcoming Edo state governorship election.

The South-south forum, in a statement made available Wednesday in Abuja, by its Convener Barrister Preye Wilson, said the arrow head of the plot has commenced moves aimed at compromising the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in order to return the APC to power in 2023.

SELF revealed that a renewal of tenure is being dangled before the Chairman of the INEC, Professor Mahmood Yakubu as bait to get him to play ball.

Prof. Yakubu was appointed as Chairman of the INEC by President Muhammadu Buhari on 21 October 2015. His tenure is due to expire on October 20 this year.

Section 3(1) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Establishment, etc.) Act 2010 (as amended) provides that “the chairman and members of the commission shall each hold office for a period of five years and on such terms and conditions as may be specified in their letters of appointment.”

The Forum further disclosed that according to
credible intelligence they gathered a top member of the National Assembly leadership has held a preliminary session with the INEC boss to “discuss the proposal and present the terms.”

He said that the INEC boss has been requested to show commitment to the cause by returning the candidate of the APC as winner of the September 19, 2020 governorship election in Edo state.

The group said the leader of the highly secretive plot has pledged to facilitate Yakubu’s reappointment as INEC boss for another term of five years after he must have delivered Edo state to the APC in demonstration of good faith.

“There is a plot by the some politicians in the ruling party to ensure the return of the INEC chairman for a second tenure.

“They have held a meeting with the INEC chairman where it was stated that his tenure would soon be over but will be allowed to have a second term on the condition that he returns the APC in 2023.

“To be sure that he would not renege on the agreement, they have asked the INEC chairman to deliver Edo state in the forthcoming governorship election in the state.

“This will prove that he will play ball in 2023 and as such, he will be recommend to the President, General Muhammadu Buhari, through his Chief of staff to be allowed to come back for a second term.

“With this information at our disposal, it is clear that the INEC chairman is already compromised and to this effect, the Edo State Governorship election is compromised.

“We, therefore call on Nigerians at home and abroad, the international community, United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, European Union, etc., to be vigilant and impress it on the APC government that they will one day be held accountable for their actions. We are watching!”

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