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Lai Didn’t Grant a Recent Interview on Buhari’s Certificate




In the last 48 hours, a video where Lai Mohammed, minister of information, spoke about the secondary school certificate examination result of President Muhammadu Buhari has been trending on social media.

The controversy over Buhari’s certificate started in the buildup to the 2015 general election when supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), then the ruling party, alleged that the president did not sit for the Cambridge West African Examination.

The party made this allegation after Buhari failed to submit his academic credentials to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). In an affidavit, the president had said his certificate was with the secretary of the military board.

Despite the heat generated by this, Buhari defeated ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in the election.

As the 2019 elections closed in, the issue of critics of the president’s certificate became a topic of debate between his critics and supporters but this did not stop Buhari from securing another term.

He defeated Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the PDP, who is challenging the election result at the tribunal. Ahead of the tribunal’s verdict, the issue of the certificate is making the rounds again.

In a video currently circulating on social media, Mohammed was heard asking Nigerians to pardon Buhari over senior secondary school certificate.

“It’s been 53 years after a fellow left secondary school; 53 years. I think we should pardon him if he does not know where he kept his certificate,” the minister said.

The video:


While it is true that Mohammed made the comment when he appeared on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, the impression being given that it’s recent is misleading.

The minister made the comment as far back as 2015.

Meanwhile, here are some reactions from those who thought Mohammed’s comment is fresh:

Oby Ezekwesili


I watched a video clip of @channelstv interview of the Minister of Information, asking Nigerians to forgive the @NGRPresident @MBuhari for losing his school certificate. Not sure what that’s about. Can someone please explain what the request for forgiveness is meant to achieve?

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Buhari’s Principal begged the army to admit him without credentials. Lai Mohammad is begging that we forgive and forget about his credentials. His lawyers also begged PEPT that they should not disgrace him for not having WAEC. we don’t want a bambiala President

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Paul Ibe@omonlakiki

Lai Mohammed has asked us to pardon Buhari for misplacing his certificate. Has he showed remorse? But even at that why should we pardon him for something WAEC said does not exist. More than enough reason to .

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Henry Shield@henryshield

Dear PDP, the video of Lai Mohammed asking Nigerians to forgive Buhari for his inability to provide his WAEC certificate is a weapon. Use it!!

Use the damn video in a way a sensible opposition is expected to. PETP members are here on social media.

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Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

Lai Mohammed said we should ‘pardon’ Buhari for losing his WAEC certificate (which can be easily retrieved if he truly had them) becos 53 yrs is a long time to keep such documents.
This means that all 70 & 80yr Olds that still have their Birth Certificates are witches & wizards?

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Nkiruka Nistoran@NkirukaNistoran

Lai Mohammed Begs Nigerians & presidential election petition tribunal panel, please forgive Buhari he doesn’t know where he kept his certificate.

Unfortunately, he exposes @MBuhari to the world, that he had no certificate, or let him seek certified copy.

Embedded video

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I have seen the video by Lai Mohammed where he says Nigerians should forgive Buhari for not showing his certificate because he must have lost it

1. That is not what the man himself says

2. It is intended to prejudice the PEPT.

3. Now the PEPT must do justice to Nigerians.

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Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

I know how I suffered to get all my certificates intact in order to receive confirmation when I worked in a Bank.

Someone is now saying we should pardon Buhari -Nigeria’s President for throwing away his WAEC certificate (which he never had).
Oga Lai, Thunder Fire U.

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Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia

I know how I suffered to get all my certificates intact in order to receive confirmation when I worked in a Bank.

Someone is now saying we should pardon Buhari -Nigeria’s President for throwing away his WAEC certificate (which he never had).
Oga Lai, Thunder Fire U.

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Revolutionary Popsyno™ 🇳🇬@Popsyno

Lai Mohammed: “We should forgive the President for forgetting where he kept his certificate.”
Army: “Buhari’s certificate is not with us.”
WAEC: “What Buhari & Abba Kyari presented at PEPT is not a certificate from us.”

Me: PEPT, should I tell you what to say?

See Revolutionary Popsyno™ 🇳🇬‘s other Tweets

Newton Ikire@NewtonIkire

“53 years after General @MBuhari left secondary, I think we should pardon him. He does not even know where he has kept his certificate”-Lai Mohammed

See, if this country wasn’t a joke, as it were, the likes of Buhari shouldn’t be a councillor

Embedded video

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Covid-19: Activist Accuses Presidential Taskforce of Collecting N500,000 as Daily Allowance




A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, has revealed that daily allowance of the Presidential Taskforce is N500,000.

Frank said officials of the federal government has turned the current Coronavirus pandemic to business.

Making the accusation onn his official twitter account, @RealTimiFrank on Wednesday, the Bayless born political activist said each seating for every member of of the presidential taskforce committe is five hundred thousand.

He wondered how a government who has claimed that the country is broke could spend such amount daily.

“COVID-19 now profit making for federal Gov’t. That’s why they want to withdraw 150million dollars to share from our sovereign wealth fund.

“Each seating allowance for every member of the presidential taskforce committee is 500k daily. This is same Govt that claim they’re broke.”

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Abusing Buhari Will Not Bring You Out of Poverty, CAFA Replies Aisha Yesufu




The Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA) has lashed out at co-convener, BringBackOurGirls, Aisha Yesufu, appraising her that abusing President Muhammadu Buhari won’t lift her out of poverty.

In a foul-mouthed attack, Yesufu described President Buhari as a “coward” simply “cowering in Aso rock” wasting every single kobo spent on him by Nigerians.

Yesufu’s statement attracted the ire of Nigerians, with many rebuking her for lacking manners and disrespecting the country’s most-revered office.

The Citizens Against Fake Activists, on Monday, joined fellow compatriots to reprimand the self-acclaimed activist, who according to them is unteachable, empty and bereft of knowledge; quick to jump into issues to satisfy her paymasters.

CAFA took out time to school Yesufu on issues surrounding insurgency in the country and the West-African sub region, particularly as it concerns Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger.

In a statement by Director Communications and Publicity, Comrade Ibrahim Kabir Dalla, CAFA reckoned that the Nigerian troops would have achieved more than it already did if not for Yesufu’s associates, comprised mostly of terrorists.

The Citizens Against Fake Activists, however, advised Yesufu to tender an apology to the Office of the President.

The group further called on Nigerians to report offending posts and any other irresponsible attacks coming from her to Twitter, just like they did some time ago.

Read full statement below:

The Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA) has noted with disgust the new low to which the co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls group, Aisha Yesufu has sunken to when she decided to describe the office and person of President Muhammadu Buhari as a waste. Even for the pay-for-hire activist that Aisha Yesufu has been confirmed to be, her decision to desecrate the highest office in the land is the height of irresponsibility regardless of how much she has been paid to distract the government of the day.

Her justification for this unpatriotic criminal act was supposedly because Chadian troops were able to give Boko Haram terrorists a fight, which made her to ignorantly conclude that Nigeria has not done enough to deal with the insurgents when the opposite is the case. She irresponsibly wrote _“The coward we have as Commander-in-chief who is supposed to be a Rtd Major General is cowering in Aso rock villa. His theatre of war is reading in front of the camera. Buhari @MBuhari is a waste of every single kobo spent on him by Nigeria,”_ which is most unfortunate and unacceptable.

In reality, the saddest part of the entire incident is that Aisha Yesufu is unteachable, incapable of keeping quiet and composed long enough for the facts being presented to her to sink in before she goes all hyper in her desperation to satisfy those that are deceiving her that they can pay her way out of poverty. Had Yesufu been capable of these qualities, CAFA would have undertaken to provide knowledgeable experts to educate her to the cardinal errors that underpin her commentaries on national issues.

Even at that CAFA will like Aisha Yesufu to orientate herself to the concept of international relations, international law and jurisprudence, which would easily point her to understand that while Boko Haram operates in an area that transverses Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger it is still not possible for one country to intrude into the territory of the other, which the terrorists have been exploiting to launch cross border attacks before fleeing into a different jurisdiction.

In terms of military realities, an intelligent person, even without military background, would have realized that it took the constant containment and degrading from the operations conducted by the Nigerian Army to have corralled the Boko Haram terrorists into the underground holes from where the Chadian Army smoked them out. She must also be made aware that her comments are supporting Boko Haram recruitment drive by creating the impression that there is a preponderance of public sympathy and acceptance of the crime that the terrorists are committing.

It is important to mention that the Nigerian military would have made further gains against the terrorists but for the sabotage of Yesufu’s associates, comprised mostly of terrorists’ sympathizers and organizations that trade in human misery, who do everything possible to prevent the military from wiping out those scums of the earth.

CAFA hereby calls on Aisha Yesufu to immediately apologize to Nigerians for treating the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with disrespect and disdain. Yesufu’s personal angst against President Buhari is something that only her understands so we are not going to ask her to apologize to Mr. President, what we demand from her is an apology to the office being proprietary to Nigeria and one that must not be disrespected by anyone. We must however offer her the free counsel that she risks damaging her health if she does not take measures to manage her pointless anger against President Buhari.

We urge Nigerians of good conscience to report the offending tweet and any other irresponsible attacks coming from her to Twitter as hate speech. Twitter does not accept that kind of behaviour from users in some other countries and we can collectively make the company respect the same level of decorum here.

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COVID-19 Has Exposed President Muhammadu Buhari Government Social Intervention as a Hoax– PDP




The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday said the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the social intervention programmes of the Muhammadu Buhari led All Progressives Congress (APC) government as a ‘total hoax’.

PDP alleged that the APC leaders have been fleecing the country through the social incentives programme rather than deploying it to benefit the people.

The party said in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, that the manifest failure of the COVID-19 social palliatives for Nigerians contrary to claims by the APC-led administration also validates allegations that the APC has been using ghost beneficiaries to siphon government resources.

It described as alarming and revealing that not even a handful of Nigerians has acknowledged receiving any social panacea from the government despite claims by officials of having paid out billions of naira as palliatives to individuals and households.

The PDP urge Nigerians to note how officials of the APC-led administration fraudulently sidestepped extant financial regulations and illegally resorted to cash disbursements directly by a cabinet minister instead of using Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cash disbursement facility.

According to the PDP, “Such was part of the design to use few unsuspecting Nigerians to circumvent the system, muddle up financial documentation and accountability processes and facilitate the siphoning of huge chunk of the palliative fund.

“Such practice directly points to fraudulent diversion of funds by APC leaders, who have been using the same template of the discredited social investment programmes, which had been exposed by the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, as a fraud, when she revealed last year that the N500 billion Social Investment Programme of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration was not getting to the targeted beneficiaries.”

More embarrassing, PDP said, was the duplicitous inclusion of the scandalous school feeding programme as an expenditure line even when schools are closed following the social distancing directives, “an alarming development that points to the level of corruption in the APC administration.”

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