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Leave Our Country, Protesters Tell Iranians Over Alleged Plans to Instigate War in Nigeria




Some well-meaning Nigerians, on Monday, stormed the Iranian Embassy in Abuja, calling for the country’s nationals to leave its shores.

Led by the Concerned Citizens for Defence of Nigeria, the protesters demanded the immediate expulsion of Iranians and their agent of darkness from Nigeria.

In a statement by Convener, Mrs Victoria Ameh, the Concerned Citizens said the rally is necessitated by Iran’s fresh attempt at causing havoc in Nigeria through their proxy, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

Formed about four decades ago, IMN advocates the creation of an Iranian-style Islamic state in Nigeria.

It was heavily influenced by the Iranian revolution, which saw Ayatollah Khomeini take power in 1979 after the overthrow of the US-allied Shah in a popular uprising.

The Concerned Citizens revealed that the Iranian government have pumped in millions of dollars in a bid to destabilize and overthrow the Nigerian government.

According to the group, “Iran would stop at nothing until they achieve their desire to see to the collapse of Nigeria, and this is what Nigerians in their numbers have come out to reject in its entirety.”

It further added that the latest move stems from the fact that Nigeria, just like many other countries didn’t take sides with it over the diplomatic row it had with the United States of America over the killing of one of its top military commander, Gen. Qasem Soleimani in Iraq.

The Concerned Citizens, therefore, warned that Nigeria’s integrity can’t be shaken, advising Iranian citizens and businesses to forthwith leave its shores.

Read full address below:

All Protocols observed.

“Nigerians say NO to the clandestine attempt by Iran to truncate our democracy.”

We, the members of the Concerned Citizens for the Defence of Nigeria, are gathered here today to send a strong message to the Iranian authorities in the light of the various revelations concerning how they have been plotting to see to the disintegration of Nigeria to suit their despicable purpose.

We are here, not because we do not have other engagements. But it is indeed a statement of fact that above all and in pursuit of our core mandate as an organization devoted to the defense of Nigeria from external sources through advocacies and civil means brings this strong message on behalf of the over 180 million Nigerians who do not have anywhere to call home but Nigeria to the Government of Iran.

The Government of Iran has indeed exhibited an act that is not only despicable, shameless, but of poor taste, because it has indeed begun a futile attempt at causing havoc in Nigeria through their proxy, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

The activities of the IMN in Nigeria are indeed one laced with tales of violence and affront to the constituted authorities in Nigeria with the active support of the Government of Iran. They have killed and maimed innocent people. They have constituted themselves into a parallel government, and they have indeed planned to establish their territory in Nigeria without recourse to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As we all know, the activities of the IMN is fully sponsored by the Government of Iran from time immemorial. They have sponsored the violent activities of IMN against other peaceful practicing Muslims that do not share in their extremist ideology that has resulted in deaths and incapacitation.

One of the contemptible acts of the IMN was the attempted assassination of the Chief of Army Staff in Nigeria, where his entourage was ambushed on his way to an official function in Zaria-Nigeria. Also, the IMN has held violent protests in some parts of the country, especially the Federal Capital Territory-Abuja that led to the death of a senior police officer and many more deaths.

We know that the Government of Iran would stop at nothing until they achieve their desire to see to the collapse of Nigeria, and this is what Nigerians in their numbers have come out to reject in its entirety.

The Government of Iran should know that Nigerians are not fools. That we have been diplomatic in our conduct all the while is not a sign of weakness. But rather that of strength in our diversity for we are good people of a great nation.

We wish to state that despite their shenanigans, we have continued to respect Iran as a sovereign country. And we expect that such gestures should be reciprocated. But instead, they have chosen the path of dishonor to cause mayhem in Nigeria through their proxy, the IMN.

We believe that this new onslaught by the Government of Iran stems from the fact that Nigeria, just like many other countries refused to take sides with it over the diplomatic row it had with the United States of America over the killing of one of its top military commander, Gen. Qasem Soleimani in Iraq.

That Nigeria refused to back its atrocities in the international community is why the Government of Iran has vowed to take its pound of flesh with the renewed onslaught against Nigeria by infiltrating the country with mercenaries to destabilize the country manifest in the spate of kidnappings and other despicable activities that are threatening the peace and tranquility in Nigeria.

The Government of Iran is also the brain behind the violent protests across the country with the ultimate aim of causing economic and political unrest. They have set aside vast sums of monies in the regard as well as the deployment of sophisticated arms and ammunitions to the IMN group in Nigeria.

The Concerned Citizens for the Defense of Nigeria sees this act as an affront to the sovereignty of Nigeria, and this gathering is one amongst many civil means we intend to use to send a strong warning to the Government of Iran and their agents in Nigeria to desist from their evil ways or face the full wrath of Nigerians.

The Concerned Citizens for the Defense of Nigeria demands that should the Government of Iran not discontinue this violent campaign against Nigeria, and respect the sovereignty of Nigeria as a country, we shall be left with no choice than to take the bull by the horns in preserving the sovereignty of Nigeria from the enemies of our country.

We are demanding that the Government of Nigeria begin the process of identifying all the channels through which Iran has been promoting terrorism in Nigeria through its proxy, the IMN.

We are also demanding that the Nigerian government begin the process of identifying all the interests of Iran in Nigeria and consequently activating the relevant machinery towards expelling them from Nigeria as Nigerians are not fools that would sit and watch how another country would destroy our country.

This is necessary in the light of the fact that it has been established with facts that the mission of the Government of Iran is to see to the collapse of Nigeria so that their proxy, the IMN can successfully establish their caliphate.

The generality of Nigerians are united in this accord to see that Iranian officials and businesses leave Nigeria in the interest of peace as Nigeria is not a part and would never be an annex of Iran through which they can import their extremist ideology to the African continent.

The territorial integrity of Nigeria can be shaken. However, it can never be broken because we are a strong and united country. This much we want to pass across to the Government of Iran in faraway Tehran. Iran cannot truncate the nascent democracy in Nigeria under any condition. We say no to this, and we also reject it in its entirety. This is indeed the time for Iran to leave Nigeria.

We are resolute on this call because Nigeria is indeed for Nigerians and not for Iran. As such, we refuse to be susceptible to their whims and caprices. A word is indeed enough for the wise and discerning, for we shall not extend any form of respect for any country that does not respect the sovereignty of Nigeria. Nigerians say NO to the clandestine attempt by Iran to truncate our democracy.

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G4 Media International Confers On Hon. Jingi Rufai Award For Excellent Leadership




The Executive Chairman Mubi South Local Government area ,Hon. Jingi Rufai has just be awarded with the Nobel G4 Media International Award for Excellent Leadership , Peace And Human Development.

Presentation by Emmanuel Stephen on behalf of G4 Media International

Presentation by Emmanuel Stephen on behalf of G4 Media International

Hon. Rufai who spoke through his Council Secretary in a media Chat said he remains committed to peace,security and agricultural development in Southern Mubi.

He also explained that during his time he has been able to facilitate construction of two international Bridge and road linking Nigeria to Cameroon.

He also said his initiative to establish Local Hunters and vigilante has help to counter insecurity in the area.


Group picture with G4 Meida and Members of Mubi South Council

Group picture with G4 Meida and Members of Mubi South Council

About agriculture Hon. Rufai stressed that over 70million was spent on the purchase of Irish potatoes which today is currently yielding its harvest but called on more investors to help expand the vision

Mr Emmanuel Stephen Who represented G4 Media International Noted that despite issues on ground and the wrong mis-representation of southern Mubi the chairman has been able to achieve a lot in the few months of his chairmanship , he said indeed this is a proof of good governance by the chairman.

Emmanuel thanked the chairman for his true representation of the people and ask other chairmen to emulate him,saying the award is a result of diligence and good work.

Amongst the many Achievement of the chairman also include Sinking of 10 Boarwholes each across the 10 council wards of the Mubi south Local government area,

In Education the chairman is embarking on Scholarship scheme for indigene of the local government in Tertiary institution of Adamawa state which includes, Adamawa state University, Federal Polytechnic, College of Health Technology, College of Legal studies, National Teachers institute (NTI) and National open University among others,

In a good will message to the chairman,The Village Head, Alhaji Haruna Ahmed in his remarks , Said the Chairman is the First Best Chairman ever produce for the people of the Council, he urges the people to continue to support his administrations to enable him deliver the dividend of Democracy to the people.

Also Council vice chairman Hon. Samuel Iliasu in his speech also said his Boss is Focused, committed and ready to serve the good people of Mubi south Local government, and pray for God protection and Divine direction on him as he pilots the affairs of the Local government.

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Nigeria Records 126 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Infections Exceed 56,000




Nigeria has recorded 126 new cases of the Coronavirus.

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) disclosed this on Monday via its official Twitter handle

Of the new case 37 were recorded in Abuja, 27 in Lagos 16 in Plateau, 9 in Kaduna, 7 in Abia, while Gombe and Ondo states recorded six cases each.

Imo state recorded 5 new cases, Delta, Ekiti, Kwara recorded 2 cases each, while Bauchi, , Katsina, Kano and Yobe Katsina, had one case each.


126 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;
56,604 confirmed
47,872 discharged
1,091 deaths

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Muhammadu Sanusi II Partners Canada’s 1MT On Access To Quality Education For Women, Girls




Muhammad Sanusi II has partnered with a Canada-based social enterprise, 1 Million Teachers (1MT) to provide equitable and high impact projects that enhance learning opportunities for the less privileged in the society.

HH Muhammad Sanusi who is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of 1M Teachers in Nigeria and the member of the parent company in Canada stated that this initiative is part of his lifelong mandate for the implementation of the SDG 4 and SDG 5.

The project, HH MSII SDG Challenge is an equitable, cost-effective and innovative project that provides opportunities to improve access to quality and gender responsive education for women and girls in crisis, conflict, and fragile situations. It aims to inspire and catalyse innovative community development activities that support the achievement of the SDGs, particularly quality education and gender equality.

Following the official announcement of the project by 1M Teachers, Muhammed Sanusi II stated that “Education holds the key to our development.

We must continue to give priority attention to the sector because it is the bedrock of any development.”

He further expressed, “We are part of a wider society, our happiness, our success and prosperity will come to nothing if we do not ensure that the vast majority amongst us share in that prosperity and success.

I have the strong belief that educating the girl child will improve nutrition, reduce infant mortality, poverty and provide a better life for the deprived in our society”.

The project will also be funded through an endowment fund facilitated by HH Muhammed Sanusi II.

The HH MSII SDG Challenge calls on ideas for local community teachers on how education can be delivered qualitatively and equitably to grassroots communities.

Successful applicants will receive 10 grants of 500 USD each across Sub-Saharan African countries annually.

Participating teachers will have the learning opportunities in Design thinking, Stakeholder engagement, Project management.

In addition to this, one on one access to specialist advisors from Queen’s University Faculty of Education (Canada) and a dedicated mentor for each program.

Application to enter into the programme will kick off on the 1st October and close on October 31, 2020 and the eventual Winners/Awardees will be announced on December 15, 2020.

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