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We Are Just Following Our Party Constitution – APC National Party Chairman Reacts To Obaseki’s Disqualification




National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, on Friday said the disqualification of current Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, from party primaries is justified by the APC constitution.

Earlier on Friday, Obaseki was disqualified by an APC screening committee from participating in the party’s primary election for the forthcoming governorship poll in Edo.

Mr. Obaseki has since rejected the screening committee’s decision.

In his reaction on Friday Oshiomhole said the decision was subject to appeal.

“I can’t comment on it now,” Oshiomhole said. “We are just following our party constitution. We have a screening committee, they turned out a report. And the report is subject to the appeal committee for anyone who chooses to appeal against the findings of the screening committee.

“The purpose of the screening is to take nothing for granted. And until they go through the appeal process, I as the National Chairman cannot comment on it.

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American University Denies Appointing Ganduje Visiting Professor




An American university has denied appointing the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, as a visiting professor. PREMIUM TIMES reports.

The East Carolina University (ECU) said the letter Mr Ganduje got from a member of its faculty was unauthorised by the appropriate officials. The university stated its official stance in a letter sent to the Kano governor.

The spokesperson of the governor, Abba Anwar, told journalists in Kano on Tuesday that the governor’s appointment was contained in a letter sent to him by the school through Victor Mbarika, a lecturer of International Center for IT and Development at East Carolina University College of Business on November 30.

The university confirmed that Mr Mbarika was its faculty member but said he had no authority to make such appointment. Mr Ganduje was said to have been selected due to his “accomplishment in good governance and genuine investment in human capital development.”

The governor’s spokesperson also quoted the letter as saying that “Ganduje’s choice is a depiction of close monitoring of his achievements as a governor in the last couple of years. Which eventually earned him global recognition and commendation.”

“You have been a source of motivation to the Nigerian youths both at home and in the diaspora at large. We are amazed at your accomplishments both as the Executive Governor of Kano State, Nigeria; Fellow, National Association of Educational Administration and Planning, Nigeria; and your investment in Human Capital Development.

“Looking at your academic, administrative, and overall leadership record in Nigeria and Africa, you fit perfectly in East Carolina University’s goal to remain a leading research and teaching institution in the United States and beyond”, the statement quoted the letter as saying.

PREMIUM TIMES in an email sent to the university on Thursday asked if the institution did indeed appoint Mr Ganduje despite being caught on video in 2018 accepting bribe.

In response to the email, the university attached the letter it sent to Mr Ganduje. The letter was signed by its Interim Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, B. Grant Hayes.

“It has been brought to my attention that you received a letter from a faculty member dated November 30, 2020, that appeared to offer an unpaid appointment in the “International Center for IT and Development” at East Carolina University College of Business.

“I must inform you that the letter you received from Dr. Victor Mbarika, on November 30, 2020 does not convey an authorized offer of appointment or establish any position of scholar or professor at East Carolina University (“ECU”). Only the Chancellor, myself, or another official identified in ECU’s published statement on Delegation of Contracting Authority for the Division of Academic Affairs may authorize or sign appointment letters under which faculty are employed. Dr. Mbarika is not such an official,” the official told Mr Ganduje.

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Pro-Northern Group Cautions Shekarau Against Running Errands For Coupists




The Northern Patriotic Assembly (NPA) has warned former Kano State Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, to desist from running errands for coupists with his statements on national security and the service chiefs.

In a statement signed by its Director of Press, Muhammadu Adamu, on Thursday, the group said Shekerau’s remarks is “despicable and might be a manifestation of one of the many smear campaigns intended to discredit the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari in addressing the security threats in the country”.

Like his contemporaries, the Northern Patriotic Assembly said the Senator representing Kano Central doesn’t have the interest of the nation at heart; only playing to the gallery.

The group, therefore, warned the lawmaker to forthwith quit the politics and equally cease making unguarded and illogical statements that insult the sensibilities of Nigerians.

The NPA, however, challenged Shekarau to swear by the Holy Koran that he is not aware that the recent attacks by Boko Haram in Borno State are not the handiwork of politicians.

Read full statement below:

The Northern Patriotic Assembly views the statement by Ibrahim Shekarau, Senator representing Kano Central in the National Assembly wherein he stated that President Muhammadu is breaking the law by keeping the Service Chiefs as an act of political grandstanding and lacking in any form of objectivity.

It is indeed a statement of the fact that Senator Ibrahim Shekarau has elected to speak from an uninformed perspective and blinded by his hatred for the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for very obvious reasons.

The Northern Patriotic Assembly is consequently taken aback that as a former governor, minister and now Senator, Ibrahim Shekarau should have been more enlightened and conversant with the powers of the Commander-in-Chief with regards to the tenure of Service Chiefs in the country.

We also wish to state that Senator Ibrahim Shekarau’s statement is despicable and might be a manifestation of one of the many smear campaigns intended to discredit the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari in addressing the security threats in the country which has assumed a politically dangerous dimension.

It is our firm belief that Senator Ibrahim Shekarau is not only out to discredit the present administration, but also to cause an unholy distraction towards giving leeway for his political associates to have their way in their puerile attempt to effect a change of government by all means.

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau just like his contemporaries has been playing to the gallery on an issue as severe as the security of lives in the country which by and large is of no interest to them because it is no longer business as usual in running the affairs of the country.

The Northern Patriotic Assembly wishes to use this medium to caution Senator Ibrahim Shekarau to desist from the puerile attempt at playing to the gallery by making unguarded and illogical statements that insult the sensibilities of Nigerians from all walks of life. He hasn’t challenged the law in court, and as a lawmaker, he is not known to have made any new law on the tenure of service chiefs in the country.

He should stop playing politics with the security of Nigerians and face the reality which is the fact that indeed the spate of insecurity in the country is as a result of the desperation by politicians to cause disaffection in the polity through the covert sponsorship of violence across the country.

The Northern Patriotic Assembly states in unequivocal terms that Senator Ibrahim Shekarau cannot feign ignorance to the fact that spate of killings in the country is politically motivated.

We consequently challenge Senator Ibrahim Shekarau to swear by the Holy Koran that he is not aware that the recent attacks by Boko Haram in Borno State are not the handiwork of politicians.

At this point, it is our considered opinion that Senator Ibrahim Shakarau should be circumspect in his public conduct and be guided by the fact that as a former governor, minister and now Senator, he is sufficiently aware of the noble efforts of the present administration in addressing the security threats in the country.

He should also do himself well to read about the tenure of Service Chiefs, which is expressly stated in the Harmonized Conditions of Service that permits the Service Chiefs to remain in office at the discretion of the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau must not take his ignorance too far as these are indeed trying times in the country with the spate of politically motivated killings and other acts of criminalities. It consequently behoves on him to quit playing to the gallery in the interest of peace and tranquillity.

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Insurgency: Northern Elders Express Solidarity With Buhari




The Northern Elders’ Council (NEC) has expressed solidarity with President Muhammadu Buhari and expressed confidence in his ability to effectively halt the remnants of terrorists in the country following the killing of farmworkers in Borno State.

The group, in a statement signed by its Assistant General Secretary, Dr Adama Kabiru, on Wednesday, described the killing as “barbaric, repulsive, inexcusable, depraved and deserving of the harshest consequences possible”.

The NEC said persons or groups gloating over the sad incident as a way of deriding President Buhari is tacitly encouraging Boko Haram to kill more.

According to the council, the sad incident should instead serve as a wake-up call to all relevant stakeholders irrespective of pecuniary differences to support the military.

The group, however, urged the international community to support Nigeria in way of cutting off the terrorists’ access to funding and arms.

The NEC further appealed to countries that have placed an embargo on the sales of arms to Nigeria to have a rethink.

Read the full statement below:

The Northern Elders’ Council (NEC) is urging that the Boko Haram terrorists responsible for killing scores of farmers in Zabarmari, Borno State must not go unpunished for their abhorrent crime against humanity. The specific individuals that carried out the attack should be identified and dealt with while the campaign to exterminate the terrorist group should be escalated. This is even as we sympathize with the families of the bereaved, President Muhammadu Buhari and the entire nation.

We condemn the killing of these innocent farmers, who were only out to earn their livelihood, in the strongest terms as barbaric, repulsive, inexcusable, depraved and deserving of the harshest consequences possible. The punishment for this crime should be made particularly stiff given the fact that the terrorists possibly targeted the farmers to precipitate a food crisis.

The council regrets that the terrorists and their enablers committed the atrocious murder despite all of Mr President’s sacrifices and that of the Nigerian military by exploiting the political atmosphere in Borno State to inflict pains on humanity.

The killing of the farmers should now prompt an alignment among all stakeholders irrespective of pecuniary differences. Those sitting on the fence in the anti-terror war must now take a stand in the interest of humanity while those who that usually make justification for the crimes committed by Boko Haram terrorists should now know that it is them against the civilized world that holds the sanctity of human life dear.

We appeal to those currently trying to squeeze political capital out of this tragedy to have a rethink because it is appalling for anyone to be callous to the point of using the death of innocent persons at the hands of terrorists as means of gaining political traction. Anyone gloating over the murder as a way of deriding President Buhari is tacitly encouraging Boko Haram to kill more people, which unfortunately is what a worrying number of persons have been doing.

NEC is certain that the death of these farmers will trigger actions that guarantee that days of the terrorists are numbered, and this singular wicked and dastardly act is one they will pay the highest price possible for. Nigerians should help ensure this by furnishing the military and security agencies with timely information that will lead to successful military operations against Boko Haram fighters.

We, therefore, urge Mr President to give the command for the Nigerian military to unleash on Boko Haram and any of its known affiliates while the intelligence community is also mandated to fish out terrorists’ enablers to cut off the financial, propaganda and intelligence they receive from their supporters. Resources should be prioritized to scale up the operations to rid northeast Nigeria and the entire  Lake Chad Basin of terrorism.

The international community must at this point shake off their indifference, particularly countries whose foreign policy drive had contributed to the rise of extremism and terrorism. They should support Nigeria by assisting in cutting off the terrorists’ access to funding and arms. Those countries that have refused to sell arms to Nigeria must at this stage have a rethink especially when it has become crystal clear that their subtle embargoes on arms sales to Nigeria were premised on false reporting by NGOs that covertly work to advance the cause of the terrorists.

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