Reno Omokri Is The Least Person Who Should Be Talking About Corruption – Oyalowo

As debates rage following the arrest of Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Raymond Igbalode, popularly known as Hushpuppi, top political parties have continued to trade blames over the nation’s negative corruption profile.

Only recently, the All Progressives Congress said there were links between major opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party and the US indicted fraudster, and added that those links should be investigated.

Discussions around this matter have continued in different quarters to press on Sunday where Former Presidential Aide, Reno Omokri, and the government under which he served were again labeled as corrupt.

In a heated debate on the issue of corruption, Mr. Ayo Oyalowo who is an APC member and political economist stated that Mr. Omokri should not have a say when it comes to matters of corruption in Nigeria.

Reacting to claims by Omokri that under the Buhari-led administration corruption has become official, Mr. Oyalowo stated that “Reno is the least person that should be talking about corruption”.

Mr. Oyalowo further stated that under the Goodluck Jonathan era in which Reno served, the government treated corruption with kid gloves.

He said, “You cannot compare a government that romanticise corruption with a government taking alleged corruption cases to court”.

Defending the Buhari-led government which Reno Omokri said has allowed corruption to thrive, Mr Oyalowo explained that under the present administration, houses and money are being recovered from convicted fraudsters.

He further argues that the Buhari-led government has been transparent in all its dealings, including the exercise of giving money to the poorest of the poor in the nation.

“You can point to many people who benefited from the N-Power,” Mr. Oyalowo argued.

The political economist however noted that no one can solve Nigeria’s problems in five years, adding that in the fullness of time Nigerians will come to appreciate the change that the present administration has brought.

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