China-US Relations: Online Forum Held to Discuss Future Cooperation Between Beijing And Washington

The China-US Think Tanks and Media Online Forum aims to help construct mutual respect, trust and cooperation between Beijing and Washington. The forum was held online this morning here in Beijing. Lu Sirui has more.

More than 30 top diplomats and experts from across the world have met online to discuss the direction of China-US relations.

Ties between the two nations have become increasingly tense, as COVID-19 continues to rage across the globe. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly blamed the pandemic on China, leading to strained relations.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China is still willing to strengthen China-US relations with good will and sincerity. He delivered a speech during the online forum, saying the two sides should keep channels open for more dialogue.

WANG YI Chinese Foreign Minister “The China-US relationship is one of the world’s most important. There needs to be more positive messages and energy from it. I hope the US will develop more objective and cool-headed perceptions about China, and a more rational and pragmatic China policy.”

The forum discussed the issues and challenges facing the two countries, as well as ways to keep both sides on the right track for better bilateral relations. LU SIRUI, CGTN, BEIJING.

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