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Kaduna Killings: Clearly, The Federal Government Has Shown Lack Of Capacity – ASCAB




The killings in Kaduna has the potential of leading to a round of national crisis that may threaten the fabric of democracy in the country, the Alliance for Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond, (ASCAB) warned on Sunday.

The coalition of labour and over 80 civil society groups also blamed the Federal Government for the mayhem adding that the central authority has the constitutional responsibility to ensure the protection of lives and properties everywhere in the country.

It said the mayhem in Kaduna only reflects the community version of the growing culture of brigandage within the political class.

Last Friday scores of people were killed in Southern Kaduna by armed groups. Katsina, Zamfara and many States on North Central have seen a string of bloodletting in recent months.

On Sunday, the killings in Southern Kaduna continued. At 6am Fanstwam natives of Zipkak, a semi-urban town in Fanstwam Chiefdom, Jemaa LGA in Southern Kaduna, fled their homes when armed groups invaded their communities again.

The killings did not abate inspite of curfew impose in the area by the State Government to curb revenge killings among the multi-ethnic Southern Kaduna territories.

The latest incidence took place in Zikpak, some two kilometres away from Kafanchan where a large consignment of soldiers is camped.

ASCAB in a statement signed by its Chairman, Mr Femi Falana, (SAN) on Sunday said it is undoubtedly clear that the Federal Government has shown a lack of capacity to deal with the sad events.

Falana said the Federal Government appears to be running out of ideas in bringing an end to violence and armed brigandage constantly recorded in Kaduna and other affected states.

It said the violence in the North East has spread to the North Central and the North West warning that if unchecked, it might threaten peace and coexistence across the country and set the nation on the path of ruin

“Corruption, politics of exclusion, growing unemployment, and lack of creativity continue to fuel public resentment across the country backed by an increasing breakdown of public trust in those holding public officers. The situation has been compounded by weak institutions and inept leadership both at the state and national levels” ASCAB said.

It said the lack of opportunities, poverty, and the imposition of tough economic measures on Nigerians are partly responsible for prejudices, hate, and expression of violence found in many communities in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is fast becoming a state of blood where human lives no longer matter. It is unfortunate that while the Federal Government invests billions of naira in the procurement of arms to fight violence, it has failed to develop an appropriate economic roadmap to deal with one of the root causes of violence which is poverty.”

It also warned that unending violence and banditry will help the spread of coronavirus thereby putting the lives of many people in the North in danger.

“Violence and killings have seen the emergence of several refugee camps and the flee of health workers in vulnerable communities. Territories ravaged by killings will naturally disregard the rules necessary for the prevention of COVID-19. This only means that as long as instability continues, the prospect of livelihood and effective public health protection is dim.”

It said it is public knowledge that many states in the country including Katsina where President Mohammadu Buhari comes from are at the mercy of terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, and criminal gangs.

It said that though the Federal Government continuously assures Nigerians of the safety of lives and property, the guarantee has become a mirage in the face of ceaseless attacks.

The group said the country has continued to witness massacres of defenseless citizens and that the number of arms in the hands of non-state actors is alarming.

“Several survivors are currently in IDPs. These include children and women. These children are denied education and the basic necessities of life necessary for their growth in the first years of their lives.”

ASCAB said many Nigerians are fleeing to the neighbouring African States due to the fact that their homeland has failed to procure peace for them.

It condemned the statement credited to the Federal Government that “From available security records, the problem in Southern Kaduna is an evil combination of politically-motivated banditry, revenge killings and mutual violence by criminal gangs acting on ethnic and religious grounds”. It described such statements by the FG as an indication that those in power are not in touch with the people.

ASCAB said since President Mohammadu Buhari is the Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed forces, the President is under a legal obligation to end the violence.

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Coalition Warns Anti-Vaxxers, Urges Nigerians To Disregard Fake News Of COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects




The National Vanguard on Covid-19 Administration and Advocacy has urged Nigerians to treat reports of side effects from the AstraZeneca jab as fake news, noting that some elements are out to frustrate the ongoing vaccination exercise.

This follows the claim of blood vomit by a woman in Kaduna after allegedly being administered the vaccine.

While the state government has vowed to investigate the report, the National Vanguard on Covid-19 Administration and Advocacy said the assertion is the handiwork of anti-vaxxers.

In a statement signed by its Director of Public Enlightenment, Samson Abu, on Saturday, the group, though, admitted potential side effects from the jab, added that some persons are out to sow fear in the minds of Nigerians.

Abu, therefore, appealed to Nigerians to disregard all fake news pertaining to the safety, efficacy and effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to him, the supposed victim is an isolated case yet to be proven by any expert.

The group, however, urged Nigerians to continue to take the vaccine for their good and the safety of their loved ones around them

Read the full statement below:

The National Vanguard on Covid-19 Administration and Advocacy is appalled by the deployment of fake news by anti-vaccine elements in Nigeria in their bid to scare and discourage people from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine that is meant to protect against the Corona Virus and save lives.

The fake news, published with the headline “Woman vomits blood after taking COVID-19 vaccine” is a disingenuous attempt at creating a deepfake given the effort that was made to create the impression that one Hannatu Tanko was rushed to Gwamna Awan General Hospital in Kaduna State because she started vomiting blood after receiving the vaccine.

Interestingly, the same script was published by several blogs and a few undiscerning news sites without the publishers carrying out the necessary checks and without speaking with experts on what could have led to the woman’s condition.

The fake news also created the impression that there is coercion in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine whereas people are voluntarily accepting the jab owing to their knowledge of how it protects one from catching the deadly virus. Such a desperate act could have only resulted from people that are keen on seeing the pandemic decimate humanity.

With more than half a million so far vaccinated, even if the account of the woman experiencing reactions to the vaccine were correct, the case would be an isolated one and the fact that sources claimed the woman is recovering confirms that the vaccine is safe while any unintended effect would be at worst temporary. We, therefore, find it unacceptable that the isolated and unproven instance is now being used by purveyors of fake news and anti-Vaxxers to discourage Nigerians from taking the vaccine. This is a huge disservice and unacceptable.

For the avoidance of doubts, experts’ views are required to confirm that what a person experiences after taking the jab is related to the vaccine. To do this, the experts would have ruled out that the symptoms exhibited by such are not caused by other underlying factors that coincidentally flared up at about the same time the person took their vaccine.

The National Vanguard on Covid-19 Vaccine Administration and Advocacy consequently warn detractors and anti-vaxxers in Nigeria that they have a responsibility to society to desist from sowing fear in the mind of the people especially when it is apparent that the fake news they are spreading has all the potential to hurt more people than save them.

We appeal to Nigerians to disregard all fake news about the safety, efficacy and effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and only based their decision to accept the jab or not on sound science, which would make them appreciate the benefits it offers. Nigerians, who truly value their wellbeing as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world, should make it a personal responsibility to take the vaccine for their good and the safety of their loved ones around them.

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Lekki Massacre: Group Wants Amnesty International, Others Sanctioned After US Vindicates Nigerian Army




Following a report by the United States Department of State on the alleged killing of protesters at the Lekki toll gate, the Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights (CALSER) has called for sanctions on Amnesty International, Cable News Network (CNN) and others for misleading the world. 

The group said the US has vindicated the Nigerian Army of any wrongdoing during the protest in Lagos, exposing the conspiracy by Amnesty and its cohorts. 

The report tagged ‘2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Nigeria’ released on March 30, 2021, said claims that Nigerian forces killed protesters were “unverified”. 

It explained that accurate information on fatalities resulting from the shooting was not available at the end of the year.

And speaking on behalf of CALSER, Executive Director, Ayima Aluor, welcomed the U.S’ report as it emphasises that the “bulk of the information in the public space was meant for mischief purposes and not a reflection of the events that transpired at the Lekki Tollgate”. 

According to Aluor, AI acted in malaise and must be sanctioned to serve as a deterrent to others notorious for spreading fake news to the detriment of peace and unity in Nigeria. 

The group further called on the United States to identify and blacklist staff of AI behind the mischievous report, denying an entry visa to the country for the next 10 years.

While demanding an unreserved apology from the supposed human rights group to the Nigerian Army, CALSER warned sponsors of acts of political violence in Nigeria to desist from their nefarious activities. 

Read the full statement below: 

The leadership of the Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights welcomes you all to the critical press conference in light of the United States Department of State’s recent statement in its 2020 Reports on Human Rights Practices in Nigeria. 

It is instructive to state that the events that led to the infamous EndSARS protests across Nigeria indeed opened a Pandora’s Box on the various conspiracies against the Nigeria Army’s efforts in protecting and preserving the nascent democracy in Nigeria. 

The Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights views the statement as a welcome development for all lovers of democracy because it has indeed exposed the conspiracy against the Nigerian Army by Amnesty International and its cohorts. 

The report was quite elaborate and explicit. It stated that the claims made by some organizations such as Amnesty International regarding the number of casualties at the Lekki Tollgate could not be verified. 

It is thus our considered view that the Nigerian Army has been vindicated, which by and large reinforces the fact that the bulk of the information in the public space was meant for mischief purposes and not a reflection of the events that transpired at the Lekki Tollgate. 

It is said that the likes of Amnesty International indeed went to town with a disjointed narrative meant to mislead the members of the unsuspecting general public towards wiping up sentiments and discrediting the invaluable role towards addressing the mayhem that was unleashed in the polity by some vested interest. 

This is on the heels that the report explicitly stated that there is no evidence to back up the claims that, indeed, the Nigerian Army fired live bullets into the crowd of protesters at the Lekki Tollgate. We also wish to state that the conflicting numbers of casualties are the handiwork of paid political distractors hiding under human rights groups’ nomenclature. 

The statement further highlighted that accurate information on fatalities resulting from the shooting was not available at year’s end. Amnesty International reported ten persons died during the event, but the government disputed Amnesty’s report, and no other organization was able to verify the claim.

The implication of the above stated is that Amnesty International acted in malaise and a reason why we are demanding an unreserved apology from Amnesty International and other unscrupulous groups for attempting to cause a crisis of unimaginable proportion.  

The Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights uses this medium to call on the relevant authorities to impose sanctions on Amnesty International to deter other individuals and groups that are notorious for spreading fake news at the detriment of peace and unity in Nigeria. 

The likes of Amnesty International must be blacklisted for its mischievous narrative of a massacre at the Lekki Tollgate against the Nigerian Army. We are consequently demanding that Amnesty International and her staff and all persons behind the mischievous campaign against the Nigerian Army regarding the EndSARS protest in Nigeria be denied an entry visa to the United States of America for the next ten years.

This is especially important in light of the new revelation that has exposed the various conspiracies against the Nigerian authorities’ efforts towards the preservation of nascent democracy in the country. 

The Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights is also conscious that if such anomaly is allowed to thrive, the larger consequences might be too big for Nigeria to bear given the spate of politically motivated tension in the country. 

We also wish to use this medium to sound a note of warning to the sponsors of acts of political violence to desist from their nefarious activities as we shall not hesitate to mobilized Nigerians in their numbers to take to the street in a peaceful protest demanding an end to the activities of Amnesty International and other individuals and groups that are spreading fake news and misleading members of the unsuspecting general public. 

Thus, our desire that the United States Department of State’s statement should indeed reawaken the consciousness in Nigerians that certainly Amnesty International does not mean well for the country. As such, all must be done to ensure that its highly misleading campaign against Nigeria is nipped in the bud. 

This message is also intended for all those acting as proxies for Amnesty International in the country to desist from any further campaign of deceit and illogical conclusions, as Nigerians are now more enlightened on issues of national interest. 

The Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights would remain at the vanguard of ensuring that individuals and groups with ulterior motives are exposed in the quest for peace and sustainable growth and development. 

We thank you all for your time and attention. We desire that Nigeria shall overcome its adversaries within the shortest possible time. 

God bless Nigeria. 

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Got It Wrong, COVID-19 Vaccine Saves Lives – NIFROP




The National Inter-Faith Religious Organizations for Peace (NIFROP) is appalled by the anti-vaccine stance of the founder of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who has issued messages to discourage people from taking the COVID-19 vaccines.

NIFROP is concerned that “Oyakhilome has taken his showmanship too far without regard for how his campaign of misinformation impacts the lives of people who treat the utterances emanating from him as the dictate of God.”

According to the faith-based group, the sanctity of the pulpit should not be abused in this manner as it is totally unacceptable that persons who should minister healing are teaching rebellion.

NIFROP disclosed this in a statement by its Director of Media, Reverend Samson Edeh. It believes Oyakhilome got it wrong because COVID-19 vaccine saves lives.

The statement read, “It is our view that Jesus Christ could have healed the blind man as recounted in (Jn. 9:1-7) by merely declaring healing but still chose to use mud because the things created by God are meant for the use of mankind in all ramifications including in the restoration of health and prevention of ill health. The vaccines that Pastor Chris ignorantly canvassed against were researched, developed and produced by human beings created by God in addition to being sourced from sources created by God, so how can they be anti-faith as he proclaimed?

“We find it worrisome that Pastor Chris continues to exploit the people in Nigeria owing to the sectarian sensitivities that allow him to get away with capital murder. It is on record that the regulatory agency for broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Ofcom, slammed him with more than N65 million in fines for spreading the same falsehood through his Loveworld Television. Had the institutional framework in Nigeria being as robust as it is in the United Kingdom, this charlatan would have been slammed with fines in the vicinity of billions of naira, given the potential damage that his unsubstantiated claims would cause the populace.

“NIFROP encourages Nigerians irrespective of their creed to continue to take the vaccine and adhere to all guidelines and protocol for managing the spread of COVID-19 virus because it is right to do so.

“We appeal to the clergy not to shy away from exhorting their members to take the COVID-19 vaccine, which requires faith to be effective anyway. Those entrusted with being shepherds of the flock should not become the death of the flock entrusted to them in a bid to be populist compliant. The fact that some hardcore conspiracy theorists are demonizing vaccination against COVID-19 is not enough reason for people who call themselves men of God to go cheap.

“We further call for those who truly worship God to rise up in condemnation of the misleading campaign that Pastor Chris is waging to discourage people from being vaccinated and thus prevent themselves from falling ill or even dying. No true pastor will encourage his congregants to be suicidal irrespective of how attractive such an option appears to those who have become indoctrinated to not see the danger that their spiritual mentor poses to mankind.

“We demand that the relevant agencies in Nigeria follow the path of Ofcom and visit Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with the corresponding sanctions for all the infractions he has committed in Nigeria by putting out the wrong information about the vaccine.”

Recall that the United Kingdom government had fined Pastor Oyakhilome, £125,000 for unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about COVID-19.

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