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2.5bn Stolen Crude: Frank Accuses Buhari of Silence ,Vows Mass Protest Against Fed Govt




Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank on Thursday described the graveyard silence of the President, General Muhammadu Buhari-led regime’s silence over the $2.5billion stolen crude oil as evidence of complicity.

Documents recently unearthed showed how 48 million barrels of Nigeria’s Bonny Light Crude, valued at $2.5 billion was stolen and sold in China by some officials of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in connivance with top functionaries of the Buhari’s regime.

Frank who made the assertion in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja said that the failure of the presidency to condemn the heinous crime and act to bring the conspirators to book can only point to tacit support by the Federal Government.

He wondered why history seems to have repeated itself under General Buhari as Minister of Petroleum Resources in the last five years.

He recalled the missing “53 suitcases” saga in 1984 when Buhari was Military Head of State. Again, $2.8billion oil money disappeared in similar circumstances when Buhari was federal commissioner in charge of Petroleum under the Olusegun Obasanjo regime in 1978.

He added that now another $2.5billion has again been allegedly stolen under the watchful eyes of Buhari as President in a democratic setting, “making it seems as if he has a penchant for missing money whenever he is in charge.”

The activist lamented that his earlier call on General Buhari to sack, arrest and prosecute government officials responsible for the reprehensible act fell on deaf ears.

He insisted that the silence of Buhari and the Group Managing Director (GMD) of the NNPC, Mele Kyari, over the international embarrassment is a direct insult on Nigerians.

Frank vowed to mobilize both local and international mass protests against the federal government if it refuses to act, to ensure that “this crime against the Federal Republic of Nigeria, perpetuated by influential members of the present regime is not swept under the carpet as usual.”

Frank said: “It is almost a month since this international scandal against top officials of the present administration became public knowledge, yet, no action or reaction from the Federal Government as to seeking redress and sanction against perpetrators and their collaborators.”

He, however, called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), other labour unions and prominent Civil Society Organisations to speak up against what he described called looting of public treasury in the country.

“It is appalling to note that the Federal Government recently borrowed $3.4billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), yet it appears to see nothing wrong with a few officials pocketing $2.5 billion stolen oil cash.

“Buhari, in his capacity as the ‘African Union (AU) anti-corruption champion’ cannot afford to keep quiet over this mind-boggling rape on the nation’s common patrimony, an organized criminal activity that has further ruined the reputation of the country in the comity of nations.

“Those who committed this daylight robbery must of necessity be brought to immediate justice so as to deter other criminally-minded appointees out to make the world believe that anywhere you turn under Buhari’s administration you see corruption.

“I dare say that Nigerians and future generations will not forgive Buhari and his cabal, if the humongous amount involved in this open plunder is allowed to go without lawful investigation, arrest, prosecution and appropriate punishment served on the perpetrators and their collaborators – including the full recovery of the amount now cooling in the pockets of few fraudulent officials.

“The Chinese Government cannot also afford to be silent on this continental malfeasance which appears to have been coordinated and consummated in their domain.

“They must also ensure that any of their official found to have fraudulently aided the theft and sale of the $2.5billion Nigerian crude oil is made to face the law.

“I hereby call on Nigerians, wherever they are domiciled on the face of the earth, not only to condemn this brazen criminality but to demand urgent action from their elected representatives at all levels.”

He urged them to organize mass demonstrations if the Federal Government neglects to act to recover the $2.5billion now fraudulently cornered by the officials entrusted with the exploitation and sale of the nation’s natural endowments – meant for the overall development and benefit of the masses of this country.

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Insurgency: Northern Elders Express Solidarity With Buhari




The Northern Elders’ Council (NEC) has expressed solidarity with President Muhammadu Buhari and expressed confidence in his ability to effectively halt the remnants of terrorists in the country following the killing of farmworkers in Borno State.

The group, in a statement signed by its Assistant General Secretary, Dr Adama Kabiru, on Wednesday, described the killing as “barbaric, repulsive, inexcusable, depraved and deserving of the harshest consequences possible”.

The NEC said persons or groups gloating over the sad incident as a way of deriding President Buhari is tacitly encouraging Boko Haram to kill more.

According to the council, the sad incident should instead serve as a wake-up call to all relevant stakeholders irrespective of pecuniary differences to support the military.

The group, however, urged the international community to support Nigeria in way of cutting off the terrorists’ access to funding and arms.

The NEC further appealed to countries that have placed an embargo on the sales of arms to Nigeria to have a rethink.

Read the full statement below:

The Northern Elders’ Council (NEC) is urging that the Boko Haram terrorists responsible for killing scores of farmers in Zabarmari, Borno State must not go unpunished for their abhorrent crime against humanity. The specific individuals that carried out the attack should be identified and dealt with while the campaign to exterminate the terrorist group should be escalated. This is even as we sympathize with the families of the bereaved, President Muhammadu Buhari and the entire nation.

We condemn the killing of these innocent farmers, who were only out to earn their livelihood, in the strongest terms as barbaric, repulsive, inexcusable, depraved and deserving of the harshest consequences possible. The punishment for this crime should be made particularly stiff given the fact that the terrorists possibly targeted the farmers to precipitate a food crisis.

The council regrets that the terrorists and their enablers committed the atrocious murder despite all of Mr President’s sacrifices and that of the Nigerian military by exploiting the political atmosphere in Borno State to inflict pains on humanity.

The killing of the farmers should now prompt an alignment among all stakeholders irrespective of pecuniary differences. Those sitting on the fence in the anti-terror war must now take a stand in the interest of humanity while those who that usually make justification for the crimes committed by Boko Haram terrorists should now know that it is them against the civilized world that holds the sanctity of human life dear.

We appeal to those currently trying to squeeze political capital out of this tragedy to have a rethink because it is appalling for anyone to be callous to the point of using the death of innocent persons at the hands of terrorists as means of gaining political traction. Anyone gloating over the murder as a way of deriding President Buhari is tacitly encouraging Boko Haram to kill more people, which unfortunately is what a worrying number of persons have been doing.

NEC is certain that the death of these farmers will trigger actions that guarantee that days of the terrorists are numbered, and this singular wicked and dastardly act is one they will pay the highest price possible for. Nigerians should help ensure this by furnishing the military and security agencies with timely information that will lead to successful military operations against Boko Haram fighters.

We, therefore, urge Mr President to give the command for the Nigerian military to unleash on Boko Haram and any of its known affiliates while the intelligence community is also mandated to fish out terrorists’ enablers to cut off the financial, propaganda and intelligence they receive from their supporters. Resources should be prioritized to scale up the operations to rid northeast Nigeria and the entire  Lake Chad Basin of terrorism.

The international community must at this point shake off their indifference, particularly countries whose foreign policy drive had contributed to the rise of extremism and terrorism. They should support Nigeria by assisting in cutting off the terrorists’ access to funding and arms. Those countries that have refused to sell arms to Nigeria must at this stage have a rethink especially when it has become crystal clear that their subtle embargoes on arms sales to Nigeria were premised on false reporting by NGOs that covertly work to advance the cause of the terrorists.

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Group Holds Grand Rally In Support Of Buhari’s Administration , Vows To Defend Nigeria’s Democracy




Some well-meaning Nigerians, under the aegis of National Rebirth Movement (NRM), on Tuesday, held a ‘grand rally’ at the Unity Fountain, Abuja, in support of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The group also pledged to defend the country’s unity amidst destabilisation attempts by “agents of darkness, coup plotters and foreign elements”.

In his address, National Coordinator, Augustine Richard Adie, said the rally is a strong message to those that do not wish Nigeria well in its quest for sustainable growth and development.

He noted that the grand plan is to discredit the giant strides of President Buhari before Nigerians and the international community.

According to Adie, the current challenges faced in the country is a manifestation of a high level of disdain for the president for standing on the side of truth and the teeming Nigerian population.

On behalf of the group, Adie expressed total support and absolute belief in the leadership style and strides of the president over the years .

The National Rebirth Movement, therefore, called on all Nigerians to extend their support to President Buhari, noting that the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct.

It, however, assured that the evil plots against the nation and the president will fail if Nigerians come together.

Read the full speech below:

“Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey To serve our fatherland With love and strength and faith The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain to serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom, peace and Unity.”

Nigeria is indeed a great nation with good people. That we are all gathered here for this grand rally is a testament of absolute patriotism and an unflinching belief in the potentials of Nigeria as a country of great economic and social advantage on the African continent and the world at large.

I can’t but warmly welcome you all in the spirit of one Nigeria where our hopes and aspirations are being translated into tangible realities under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. The National Rebirth Movement convoked this rally for the simple reason that Nigeria is going through a most trying period with the activities of those that have elected to stand the truth on its head, and therefore there arises the need for the reawakening of our consciousness to the threat posed to peace and unity by these agents of darkness that have been ferociously attacking the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Please permit me to use this medium to commiserate with President Muhammadu Buhari and the good people of Nigeria over the death of over 40 citizens in Zarbamari in Jere Local Government Area of Borno State. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and relatives, and it is our prayers that God comforts them and grant them the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

This grand rally is meant to send a strong message to those that do not wish Nigeria well in its quest for sustainable growth and development. That we have congregated in our numbers is not for political purposes, but rather a coming together of patriotic Nigerians that are desirous of a Nigeria of our dreams where peace and unity shall reign supreme.

It is no longer a secret that these are indeed trying times in Nigeria because there is a well-orchestrated campaign of calumny against the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in its efforts towards addressing the myriads of politically motivated challenges in the country.

We must understand that the happenings in the country are not a function of ineffective leadership as they want us to believe, but rather the manifestation of a high level of disdain for President Muhammadu Buhari for standing on the side of truth and the teeming Nigerian population.

Consequently, this grand rally is to show our support and absolute belief in the leadership style and strides of President Muhammadu Buhari over the years in his quest to make Nigeria a better and prosperous country that this generation and indeed the future generation of Nigerians would be proud of.

This rally is also against coup plotters, agents of destabilization and foreign elements conspiring against Nigeria and the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, for we know that they desire that Nigeria disintegrates into chaos. But they won’t have their way for Nigerians are resolute to protect the country from these marauders.

We know their ultimate game plan is to discredit the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari before Nigerians and the international community. They want to paint a picture of incompetence as a justification for their evil desire for a change of government through unorthodox means such as the fuelling of violence across the country.

In all of these, we wondered what percentages of the Nigerian population are against President Muhammadu Buhari and what is the percentage that is in support of President Muhammadu Buhari. We realized that it was only a minute percentage that is against the leadership style of President Muhammadu Buhari and this disapproval is for selfish reasons and not in the overall interest of the country.

They are all out to rubbish the many gains of the Muhammadu Buhari led administration by instigating and promoting insecurity across the country. They are also out to ensure that the country remains ungovernable by all means necessary, not minding whose ox is gored.

The National Rebirth Movement is at the forefront of this grand rally to impress it upon those that are against the unity of Nigeria that indeed the country is behind President Muhammadu Buhari come rain and come shine. And our gathering here for the grand rally indeed buttresses it.

President Muhammadu Buhari has done excellently well in the past six years, and the only responsibility we owe him is to continue to extend our support to his administration as it weathers through the myriads of challenges in the country.

We must not sit and watch while some wicked and selfish individuals that parade themselves as democrats and with the active support of some external forces destroy our country. They have come under various nomenclatures in recent times. However, we are convinced that their plots against Nigeria will fail as usual.

The National Rebirth Movement calls on all Nigerians to extend their support to the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct. As such, we must do all within our means to ensure that all those that have conspired and ganged up against the unity of the country are put to shame.

The time is indeed now because enough is enough for all of those that do not mean well for the country. For we are resolute in this demand to ensure that peace and unity shall be the lot of Nigeria for Nigeria is a nation bound in freedom peace and unity.

It is also our desire that the God of creation, should direct our noble cause, to guide our leader’s right and help our youth the truth to know in love and honesty to grow And living just and true great lofty heights attained to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

Therefore I say we must pledge to Nigeria our country to be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all our strength to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory so help us, God. Amen.

Thank you all, and God bless Nigeria.

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Group Fingers Borno Opposition Behind Zabarmari Killings, Calls For Probe




The North East Patriots Forum (NEPF) says there is a political undertone in the killing of farmers at Zarbamari community in Jere Local Government Area of Borno State.

Contrary to reports, the group said the dastardly act may not have been committed by Boko Haram terrorists, rather aggrieved opposition politicians in Borno.

The forum, which made this known at a press conference on Monday, said the killings could be linked to the first local government elections in the state after 13 years.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Secretary-General, Alhaji Isah Bulama, said opposition members on sensing imminent defeat at the polls, resorted to unorthodox means to scuttle the exercise.

While condemning the barbaric act, the North-East forum called on relevant security authorities to swiftly unravel those behind it.

It, however, handed a 14-day ultimatum to security operatives to arrest the killers and bring them to justice.

Read the full statement below:

The leadership of the North East Patriots Forum welcomes all stakeholders to the important press conference in the light of the dastardly act of violence carried out on farmers in Zarbamari village in Jere Local Government Area of Borno State.

We condemn such barbaric act in its entirety and wish to extend our condolences to the people of Jere Local Government Area and Borno State at large. We must admit that these are indeed trying times in the North East region of the country especially with the threats posed by the Boko Haram terrorist group that has seen to the death of thousands as well as the displacement of millions of people in the North East region.

The North East Patriots Forum is desirous that the perpetrators of this dastardly act are brought the face the full wrath of the law within the shortest possible time.

We are indeed shocked with the way and manner young and agile men were slaughtered by the supposed Boko Haram members while tiling their farmland in Zarbamari community which has been hitherto one of the most peaceful local government areas since the beginning of the Boko Haram insurgency in Borno State.

It is also very shocking that Jere Local Government has never been in the news due to the activities of the Boko Haram terrorist group and for this dastardly act to be committed leaves `more to the imagination.

The way and manner these farmers were killed are also suspect in the sense that since the beginning of the Boko Haram insurgency in North-East Nigeria, the group has not been known for slitting throats and beheading farmers as evident in Zarbamari recently.

We are also constrained to ask some critical questions with regards to the killings in Zarbamari because as critical stakeholders, we are not aware of farming activities in Zarbamari in this time of the year and rice cultivation as such. We are also constrained to ask why such a large number of people would elect to gather at a location without any form of protection either at the community level or from the security agencies.

We also beg to ask what was the prevailing political atmosphere in Jere Local Government before the killings. Were those killed members of a political party or ethnicity? Was there prior violence in the area before the killings? Who are the leading contenders in the conducted local government elections in Jere Local Government Area?

All of these questions require answers if Nigerians indeed want to know the truth about what transpired at Zarbamari village in Jere Local Government Area. As concerned stakeholders in the region, we can say to a large extent that we understand the dynamics of Borno State and Jere Local Government Area to be precise. It is consequently hard to believe that indeed the killings were perpetrated by the Boko Haram terrorist group.

We have our reservations and which is heightened by the fact that the killings coincided with the recently conducted local government elections in Borno State after 13 years. We are also constrained to want to believe that the killings in Zarbamari have political undertones with the way and manner the victims were executed, which by all indication was to send a strong message to an individual or a group.

Nigerians must indeed be aware that Zarbamari community in Jere Local Government Area is not one that has experienced much of Boko Haram attacks since the beginning of the insurgency. It, therefore, beats our imaginations as to why such would happen when the Boko Haram group has been decimated. Their activities confined to the fringes of the Lake Chad Basin region, which is hundreds of miles from Jere Local Government Area.

The North East Patriots Forum believes that the killings in Zarbamari community are nothing but a political event that is aimed towards scuttling the conduct of local government elections in the state. And the perpetrators are most likely the members of the opposition that apparently do not stand a chance at the polls in the local government area and hence they must do all within their means including unorthodox means to scuttle the peace and tranquillity in Borno State.

The North East Patriots Forum is also aware that the real intention behind the killing of the farmers in Zarbamari is for political expediencies and not an attack by the Boko Haram terrorist group as widely alleged.

We are using this medium to call on the relevant security agencies to as a matter of urgency unravel those behind the dastardly act that was committed in Zarbamari. We are also giving the various security agencies a 14 days ultimatum to arrest the killers of these innocent people and bring them to justice.

We must also expressly state that human life is dignifying. As such, no individual or group should denigrate human life for political considerations as in the case with the killings in Zarbamari.

It is our firm stance that nobody should take Nigeria and Nigerians for granted or play politics with the blood of innocent citizens. This is indeed despicable and must be condemned by all and sundry.

The North East Patriots Forum is indeed watching events as they unfold in Borno State with regards to the local government elections and states that should there be further escalation of violence, the blame should go to members of the opposition in the state which by all intents and purposes are not happy with the Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum for having the boldness to conduct LG elections.

Whatever be the case, it must be expressly noted that the Boko Haram terror group could not have carried out the recent killings in Zarbamari but instead a politically sponsored killings which are as a result of the recently conducted local government elections in the state.

There are indeed puzzles behind the Zarbamari killings. We thank you all for your time.

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