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Murder: Court Martial Sentences Soldier To 55 Years Imprisonment




A General Court Martial (GCM) sitting in the nation’s capital, Abuja has sentenced a soldier serving with the Nigerian Army to 55 years in prison for culpable homicide, theft and housebreaking.

The soldier, Lance Corporal Babangida Ibrahim was accused of robbing and killing one Bello Abdullahi Aliyu in Gidan Darib, Anka Local Government Area of Zamfara State on August 11, 2014.

He pleaded guilty to the four-count charge preferred against him and was sentenced in line with the provisions of the Armed Forces Act.

Delivering the judgement, the President of the Court, Major General Priye Fakrougha advocated the need for members of the Armed Forces to adhere strictly to rules and regulations guiding the conduct of military personnel in and out of uniform.
While reiterating the determination of the Army under the command of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, to discharge its constitutional responsibility in a professional manner, Fakrougha warned that defaulters will be made to take responsibility of their actions

“Having listened to the plea of litigation of the Defence Counsel and the submission of the Prosecution Counsel, this General Court Martial finds the accused soldier guilty as he earlier pleaded of all the four-count charges,” he said.

“In this particular case before this court, there is no amount of sentence that will be commensurate to the life that has already been lost.

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“Therefore, this General Court Martial, having found the accused soldier 2008/NA/61/2672, Lance Corporal Babangida Ibrahim guilty as he earlier pleaded, hereby sentence him as follows:

“Count one on culpable homicide not punishable with death contrary to and punishable under Section 224 of the Penal Code CAP P3, Laws of the Federation 2004 be awarded 40 years of imprisonment.

“Count two offence of housebreaking contrary to and punishable under Section 110 of the Armed Forces Act is awarded five years imprisonment.”

Lance Corporal Ibrahim was sentenced to 40 years in the first count, five years in the second, third and fourth counts.

Although the second, third and fourth counts are to run concurrently, the verdict is, however, subject to ratification by the Nigerian Army Council.

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Defence Minister hails former COAS, Amb Buratai’s superlative service to armed forces




The Minister of Defence, Maj Gen Bashir Salihi Magashi (rtd), has heaped praises on former Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai (rtd) for his contributions to the Armed Forces.

Magashi said not only did the Ambassador to the Benin Republic contributed immensely to the peace and security of the country, but he was also a bridge-builder in strengthening civil-military relations.

Magashi made this known on Tuesday at a book presentation in honour of the former Army Chief at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

The book titled, ‘The Exploits of Buratai’ was written by UK-based scholar, Best O. Agbese.

Represented by his Special Adviser, Technical, Major General Ahmed Tijani Jibrin (rtd), the minister said Buratai’s impact cut across various aspects but most notably in civil-military affairs.

He said, “The post-modern soldier is not only a fighter but also a peacekeeper, guardian, diplomat and social worker.

“The main goal of the modern military activity is no longer exclusively to depict an adversary but the creation of a safe environment for a comprehensive exclusive post-conflict political and social order. These realities clearly underscore the significance of civil-military relations as a management tool in the Defence sector”.

And according to Magashi, Buratai took this alliance to another level, evident in the establishment of the civilian Joint Task Force.

He added, “The accomplishment of this all-important feat is attributable to the efforts of Buratai who during his tenure as COAS strengthened and repositioned the civil-military relationship of the Nigerian Army to what we have today.

“I wish to therefore commend Gen Buratai for his contributions to the Nigerian Army, the entire Armed Forces and indeed Nigeria”.

Magashi, however, said the Military is employing kinetic power and also deploying a non-kinetic approach in prosecuting various counter-terrorism and anti-banditry campaigns to restore normalcy in parts of the Country.

Also at the event was Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State; Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed; Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, Uche Ogah as well as the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya.

Others were Director-General National Orientation Agency, Dr Garba Abari, the Director-General (DG) Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC), Major General Garba Ayodeji Wahab (rtd) as well as other retired top military officers.

The Conservator-General, National Parks Service, Dr Ibrahim Musa Goni, the Director-General Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, National Youth Service Corps as well as the Bangladesh High Commissioner to Nigeria, His Excellency, Masudur Rahman and his Congolese counterpart were also present.

Some traditional and religious leaders were also fully at the event.

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Garba Shehu as a Burden on Leadership




For a man who is a Presidential  spokesperson, it is alarming that  Garbage Shehu has carved an infamous niche for himself for obfuscation. It is appalling and disgusting that this man would rather refuse to react to the issues raised against the administration of General Muhammadu Buhari would rather go into issues that have no bearing in the interest of the nation.

And it is disgusting too that the president will have such an incompetent person to be his spokesperson. The only attraction may be their Fulani heritage. Garba Shehu has always entered the room with mud on his feet on every occasion there arises the need to defend the president in the public space.

This man, Garba Shehu is the last man to question the capacity of a governor who has won elections serially and is on his last leg of a two term gubernatorial regime. Garba Shehu suffers from a malaise of serial failures. As Managing Director Kano State owned Triumph Newspapers, he ran the newspaper to its obliteration and Triumph is no more in its original concept. He is one of the top management staff from the north that ran aground ALSCON, the Aluminum Smelter Company, Ikot Abasi. He also failed to manage the media of Atiku Abubakar. That may be the reason Atiku threw him to the dogs and he ended up with Muhammadu Buhari as his media aide. One would think he would have a glimmer of a metamorphosis but he has remained an embarrassment to himself and albeit, the  failed Presidency.

It would seem preposterous for me to leave the issues raised by gov. Ortom on the leadership failure shown by President Buhari over the years and resort to the incompetence of Garba Shehu and his affliction with the almajiri syndrome that beclouds his reasoning.

The payment of salaries or not has nothing to do with the facts Ortom raised as a form of state of affairs and candid advice to Mr President. Delving into other issues  would be obfuscation, an attempt to distract from the issues raised. If he is worth his salt, he should stick to the issues raised. But that would be a tall order for him.

The presidency is defined by the need of the people and it is their duty to call out the commander in chief. It is the height of infamy for the minder of the president to pander salary defects in a state and even boast about the solvency of the federal government in paying salaries as at when due.

It is a fact that states like Benue that are supposedly opposed to the nepotic government are being armtwisted in strategic development financing by the federal government. That is why the federal government could give Kogi State its balance of the bailout funds on the eve of an election but has continued to deny Benue such luxury.

The fact is that money is concentrated there at the expense of local development. And the demand of local needs and services forms the fulcrum of government needs in the local setup. The challenge in payment of salaries in Benue state like in most states, including the federal government is not new. Former governor Apollos Aper Aku who is adjudeged to be a standard bearer in Benue suffered the bug of salaries crisis. It is truly nauseating that Garbage Shehu will taunt  Benue State that has been exposed to the trauma of Fulani invasion led by the federal government.

There are media advisers and quasi media advisers. Shehu fits into the later. The categories are not restricted to political leaders. Some media advisers are afflicted by a servile attitude implanted by an almajiri culture that prevents an active sense of service delivery. This man, Garbage and garbled Shehu thinks that a permanent presence in the court of Muhammadu Buhari assures him of survival and he would rather remain docile than appear to appreciate the issues raised by the people who deserve attention by the federal government. What a travesty.
Please, Governor Samuel Ortom is owing salaries like most other governments and this is sustained by a vampirism sustained by an overbearing federal government that asphyxitiates states to rely on the benevolence of the federal government.
The fact remains that the government at the centre is not superior to any level of government so there is no need for a holier-than-thou attitude.

The fact also is that other people have been press minders for other presidents and they have done well for themselves with a look to the future. It is a shame that Garbage Shehu would be held down and hostage to his fawning culture of shielding his principal from the reality of the demand of democracy; that leaders must be held accountable and Buhari must be held to account by the blatant refusal of his government to come to the rescue of Benue State.

If Shehu will not exercise the reticence of his colleague, Femi Adesina, let him keep quiet and make his money for the rainy day because he is not worth the office. He needs it for his kind are defined by what flows down from the table. And we may be over rating Garba Shehu. We know him as a simple Fulani man who is more interested in leisure tinged with a bacchic indulgence.

And if the political longevity of Samuel Ortom has to be decided, it is not Garbage Shehu nor President Buhari who will decide for the people of Benue . It has to be acknowledged that Samuel Ortom has proved his eligibility beyond the crystal ball permutations of Garbage Shehu. Governor Samuel Ortom won elections on two platforms that were sanctioned by prominent players, authenticated by the popular vote in all the spheres of Benue State. And he has improved on these platforms and the best from these divides will make a decision on the way forward and Benue chooses wisely and freely. The political longevity of Samuel Ortom is dependent on the people of Benue State who are ready to reciprocate the sacrifices he has expended on the Benue people. This will further come out in future elections and definitely not from the jungles of northern political novices like Shehu.

Comr. Timothy Hembaor,
President General,
Tiv Youth Organization TYO.

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2023: Achudume’s fake prophesy to Gov. Emmanuel will spark political turmoil in AKS – Prophesy




Pastor Benson Offiong of the Light of Glory International Ministry, Ojota, Lagos, says God has revealed to him that political turmoil will soon engulf Akwa Ibom State because of Pastor Lawrence Achudume’s fake prophesy to Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel.

Addressing reporters at his International Headquarters, the Lagos based Pastor says after more than 24 hours of intense prayer, God revealed to him in a vision that except Governor Udom Emmanuel frees himself from the bondage of Pastor Lawrence Achudume’s fake prophesies, a sudden and unexpected political turmoil will happen in the State which will cause irreparable damage to lives and properties that will crash Udom’s legacies and his succession plan.

Apostle Lawrence Achudume is Senior Pastor of Victory Life Bible Church International based in Ogun State.

“I am not one of those pay and carry prophets. I am saying what God has revealed to me. Except the Governor runs away from the many fake pastors and prophets his step brother and Pastor Lawrence Achudume pays to give false prophesy on who God wants as successor, I see the Governor commiting a big blunder because of Pastor Achudume”.

“God has revealed that the Umo Eno project is a pit they have dug for the Governor to fall into. If he goes ahead with it, a political turmoil will erupt in the state at the end of an enlarged PDP caucus meeting convened by the Party which will lead to massive destruction of lives and properties. It will be a crisis that is ten times greater than what the state saw in 2011. In the vision, God revealed to me how the Governor will have to cut short an official trip outside the state to rush back to Uyo before normalcy is restored”, he said.

Pastor Offiong said, while he may not really have a big religious title to be taken seriously, Governor Udom Emmanuel should be careful of fake prophesies from Canadian, Ghananian and local pastors who are on Achudume’s payroll but take out time to go on a personal retreat and seek the face of God again.

“When I prayed and asked God to reveal to me who Governor Udom Emmanuel’s successor will be, God told me He has already revealed that to the Governor more than five times but that some people around the Governor are the ones confusing the Governor. God told me He revealed Himself to Udom and showed him who his successor will be but he has rather chosen to hear the lies of Pastor Lawrence Achudume”.

“God told me to tell Udom to be careful. Some trusted aides will betray him on Umo Eno. God has told me to tell him that he will not send any prophet to tell him who his successor will be as He has already revealed that to him (Governor Udom Emmanuel). God says I should tell the Governor to go on a private spiritual retreat and He will again speak to him, provided he travels out for this retreat without informing Pastor Achudume”, he said.

Pastor Offiong said this was the same way God sent him to warn Obong Attah in December 2006 ahead of the 2007 Governorship election. He said after God revealed to him to tell Attah that his plans to have his son in-law succeed him will not work, he (Offiong) sent a text to the Late Elder Joe Udobia who was Governor Attah’s Special Adviser on Political Affairs who ignored and mocked him for bringing spiritual matters to politics until it came to pass.

“If it is today that we have a strong social media maybe Obong Attah would have gotten my message. The Late Udobia laughed when I sent him a text of the prophesy until it was too late to reverse what was destined to happen”.

Pastor Offiong said the same Attah incidence is what is about to happen to Udom as his close aides will betray him the way they did to Attah. He told the Governor to seek the face of God more and depend less on prophesy from any man of God.

He said if the Governor ignores his warning and the violence God has shown him takes place, it will be hard for the Governor to recover from the damage that will have on his legacy and the hang over of the crisis may lead him to flee the state for his Deputy to hand over power to someone else who will be someone Udom did not want to be Governor.

He said God also reinforced the December 31, 2021 Cross Over Night prophesy given by Prophet Ekong Ituen of Christ Deliverance Ministries (CDM) who warned that Governor Udom Emmanuel should carefully and divinely seek the face of God over the choice of successor because he may not be able to sail through with his succession plan. Pastor Offiong also said God said he should tell the Governor that many advisers will tell him to dissolve the State Executive Council but that will still not be the solution to the problem but he should rather go back to what God has told him in his closet about the future of Akwa Ibom.

The Pastor said the Governor started well but the confusion around him is not ordinary so Akwa Ibom people must pray for him so that he will not make a decision that will bring shame to him and jeopardize the peace the state is enjoying. The man of God said God told him to tell Martha Emmanuel to pray hard for her husband as she has an important role to counsel the Governor on what God has revealed to her.

“I am not saying this for the Governor to come and give me anything. I do not need anything from my State Governor. I am comfortable by God’s grace. I am one person that is contented. But I have to say what God has revealed to me. If Udom allows this crisis I am seeing in this vision to come to pass in Akwa Ibom State, mark my word and write today’s date, the state will never be the same again till his last day in office and he may not have the courage to perform the handing over ceremony on May 29, 2023”, Pastor Offiong said.

The Pastor when asked by journalists if this is the only prophesy he has for the Governor said he has decided to embark on a 7-day dry fasting and during the period anything God reveals to him, he will tell the Governor as it is for the sake of Akwa Ibom State.

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