China-Latin America Media Forum: Cloud Summit Highlights Media Partnership Amid Calls To Unite People Through ‘Facts’ And ‘Science’

The news has an important role to play in uniting people across the world against COVID-19 and other human disasters. That’s the message from Shen Haixiong, president of China Media Group, the parent company of CGTN. Shen made the comments at a cloud forum on China-Latin America media cooperation in Beijing on Friday. The event saw CCTV Video News Agency, CCTV-plus and the Latin American Information Alliance sign an agreement to cooperate on a new TV show. Here’s what else Shen, and the other participants, had to say.

SHEN HAIXIONG President, China Media Group “We should strive to battle the pandemic scientifically instead of shifting the blame onto other countries. Viruses know no borders and diseases know no race. In the face of the severe outbreak of COVID-19, the international community did not flinch from the fight, and people of various countries have braved the virus to look out for each other and tide over our difficulties together, showing the great potential of mankind to love and care and creating a powerful force to battle the pandemic. In safeguarding global public health security, the media should broadcast confidence, not air malicious attacks. In the face of disasters, the media should aim to unite the public, boost morale, praise the glory of humanity, and radiate warmth and confidence based on all the resources and information we have at our disposal. We should cheer for international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic and pay tribute to frontline medical staff in the global battle against the virus.”

ALICIA BARCENA Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean “At this very difficult juncture, China has been a very reliable partner and a friend. We are grateful to China for standing and being with us in solidarity when we most needed it. In a world where international cooperation has been severely weakened in recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean and China have stood firm in the defense of multilateralism and against protectionism. We appreciate in particular the leadership of President Xi Jinping. There is much to learn from each other. Our experiences, and you, the media, have a key role to play in bridging the mutual knowledge gap that still exists between both sides of the world. As we face a global context full of uncertainty, our partnership must become even stronger by transforming it into a more balanced and equal one. The media on both sides will have a critical role to play.”

JUAN CARLOS ISAZA CEO, Latin American Information Alliance “The media carries a huge responsibility. We also have a responsibility in conducting an accountability check on our governments when necessary. But at the same time, we should also support the governments who do their best to fight the pandemic while giving hope to the audience who seek truth and credibility in news.”

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