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AESID Raises Alarm Over Alleged Sales of Ebonyi Property in Lagos, Demands Probe




Association of Ebonyi Unsigned in Diaspora (AESID) has condemned an alleged sale of a landed property belonging to the Ebonyi state government in Lagos.

The said property is located at No. 19A Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Lagos state.

Raising the alarm through a statement signed and made available to newsmen in Abuja by AESID’s President-General, Worldwide, Ambassador Paschal Oluchukwu, said the land is the only property owned by the Ebonyi state government in Lagos state, is a 2-acres of land with an erected and furnished two-storey building situated on it and strategically-located on a highbrow area, directly opposite the Ikeja Military cantonment, Lagos.

Oluchukwu said some Ebonyians occupying the said premises and doing their businesses have made certain unofficial disclosures regarding an alleged plot by someone close to the state government to sale the property in question.

“To this end therefore, we have been fully informed about the serving of notices to various occupants of the said property to quit same for the alleged eventual take-over of it by the said buyers of the property whose identities, terms of agreements and rate of purchase have remained a top secret known only to the Umahis. We gathered therefore that some of the traders around the area have already complied with the notice by vacating the said premises which had been placed on rent to Coscharis for N50 million annually to the state which helped to shore up the State’s revenue-base.

“Firstly, is the Umahi government aware that Ebonyi indigenes living in and others doing businesses within the said premises have been served notices to quit the said apartments? If indeed, it is to their knowledge, who is behind such notices?

“Secondly, did the Umahi-led administration either through the Governor himself, his very powerful and influential brothers and or including any of his ‘less-powerful’ Exco members at any point raise the issue of selling, leasing or even quitting the tenants of the said massive land before an Exco either for deliberation or consideration as was often the case even in the government of Elechi where he served as a Deputy Governor?

“Thirdly, was the said property ever advertised either in the print, electronic or even the social media as being on sale for interested members of the public to perhaps competitively bid and lobby for it as stipulated in our laws? Who exactly is behind this outlandish dubious plot to sell-off what belongs to the entire Ebonyians without recourse to due process of the law as though it is now a private property? These questions, now on the lips of many Ebonyians deserve very modest and urgent answers and Governor Umahi cannot continue to live in denial or pretences regarding these.

“Whereas, we condemn in its entirety the said moves to sell-off Ebonyi property in any part of the country, which our ancestors and elders fought very hard to bequeath to our generation particularly the one in question, we quickly call on the State government to come open and declare the actual status of the said property within 24 hours. The Umahi-led administration and his army of ‘very influential brothers’ shouldn’t keep Ebonyians in the dark and continue to run Ebonyi like their personal fiefdom and in the way and manner they have carried on for the past five years and yet counting.”

The association, however called on the security agencies to probe the allegation and unravel the truth.

“We therefore call on security and law enforcement agencies to without hesitation probe this allegation of sale of Ebonyi landed property in Lagos and or any other part of the country where such incident or interest may have occurred without due process and consequently bring those behind same to book as we believe that government is not a criminal enterprise that acts in dubious secrecy, specious hypocrisy and shamelessness.

“This Ebonyi-welfare-oriented organization is deeply saddened by the glaring facts that Governor Umahi despite making Ebonyi much poorer than he met it as we now rank the poverty capital of the entire southern Nigeria based on available and current NBS statistics appear hell-bent on looting and squandering completely whatever is left even as legacy assets and liabilities belonging to our beloved Salt of the Nation. Posterity will never be kind to him if he denies the unborn generation of Ebonyians what their fore-fathers, fathers, grand-fathers and great grand-fathers left behind for them as their pride and legacy projects and belongings.”

The group also urged the state government to remember and fully compensate those affected by the siting of the Airport project in Okarue, Umuoghara, Ezza north Local Area of the state.

“AESID also totally condemn the silence of the Ebonyi state government on the plights of those affected by the siting of the Airport project in Okarue, Umuoghara, Ezza north Local Area of the state.

“The victims who are predominantly peasant rural farmers are numbering thousands have lived without shelter and any form of genuine assistance after being forced out of their ancestral homes and lands by the Umahi-government which forcefully acquired the said land for the International Airport.

“It is our concern just as we have consistently maintained in our initial Press releases on this particular subject matter that the government have allowed these Ezza natives to stay without roofs on their heads while it carries on with its plenitude of political and other jamborees. This is sad, we mean, very sad and least expected of any responsible government needless to talk of those who far less-privileged such as the displaced Airport victims.

“Finally, we further reject any proposal, suggestions or moves to allocate, cede or partition any part of Ebonyi’s vast and arable lands to cattle herders whose marauding influence within and around the State have not only created fears and led to deaths of our people but have caused the proceeds from our farms to dwindle greatly. We say so because Ebonyi has very rich mineral and Agricultural potentials which when left unexploited due to fear of herdsmen would take a further toll on the poverty index cum other ratings of the state which recorded one of the greatest inflation in food prices in May this year.”

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Itel S17: A Selfie Smartphone With Unbeatable Features For Users




From meeting lifestyle needs to blazing new trails, itel is continuously proving its dominance in the smartphone industry. The global smartphone and accessories brand has been in the news in recent weeks for yet again delivering on its promise to tailor its products to meet the everyday needs of users, laced with superior technology, user-friendly designs, and trail-blazing features. The itel S17 selfie smartphone fits that description with a few more extras to go with.

Olamide with itel S17

In an exclusive online launch held on 8th of October 2021, some of Nigeria’s biggest stars were on ground to share glowing remarks about the mind-blowing features of the itel S17 smartphone along with other products released the same day. itel brand ambassador Olamide ‘Baddo’ Adedeji- flanked by Nollywood star Mercy Johnson-Okojie and celebrity TV host Stephanie Coker- demonstrated how the itel S17 Smile Selfie Smartphone can lighten up your day and help your unique personality and style shine through.

The itel S17 rears its head elegantly on the heels of the S16, a user-friendly smartphone which gained glowing reviews from consumers and critics. The newer model, already a success in the industry, revolutionises the Smile Selfie technology that makes every smile count. Just turn on the camera and smile to capture your most beautiful moments and looks without trying too hard. But beyond that, the S17 helps you stay connected to family and friends all day long, with limitless social media time, music, movies, and fun games.

Big Battery for Premium Value

For those who love to binge on their phones, here’s a smartphone that offers you the freedom to talk, play and have maximum enjoyment without any worries. The itel S17 comes with a 5000mAh battery; that’s 1000mAh more than what the S16 offers. This big battery gives you as much as 7 hours of Selfie time, 30 hours of chat, 70 hours of non-stop music and 10 hours of entertainment. Unstable electricity has got nothing on you, as the itel S17 charges more quickly and lasts longer than most devices in its price category.

itel S17 has a 5000mAh big battery

This battery efficiency is further enhanced by the AI Power Master software that helps you save battery power by hibernating unused apps and allocating energy to only your most used apps. This is a high-tech power cataloguing system that gives more power to apps you use often, thereby optimising their performance, and less power to those you seldom use for all-round premium performance. So, whether your phone is your office or store, or you need to stay in touch with your social media followers all day, the itel S17 is your best bet.

Super-Stylish design for fun lovers

Nengi with the itel S17

Not many brands can conveniently combine efficiency and style in one smartphone. You can see why itel S17 created quite the buzz after its launch. We can talk all day about its sleek unibody design or its amazing 6.6″ HD+ waterdrop fullscreen, and we still won’t do justice to its exceptional beauty. At 8.85mm, this is one of the slimmest and most compact smartphones in the market today. It fits seamlessly in your palm, adding colour and lots of bright smiles to your day.

Other Premium lifestyle and safety features

Olamide with itel S17

The itel S17 smartphone also features three rear cameras that function interdependently to absorb all the light around you and make your photos come out just as you love them. And the front camera? Perfect for Selfie lovers. The itel S17 is ergonomically designed to support your lifestyle. The bottom speaker makes it even easier to communicate on the go. And in a world where cyber security is constantly an issue, the upgraded fingerprint unlock, and facial recognition combine to give you that trusted shield for confidential files and information.

The itel S17 is available in three amazing colours of Multicolour Green, Sky Blue and Deep Ocean Black in select stores nationwide.

Laugh Out Loud With itel On Your Campus

itel will be coming to your campus with Akpororo this October with the itel S17 Laugh Out Loud comedy show. It promises to be lots of fun with the new itel S17 smartphone, itel accessories, and other gift items up for grabs. For more information, please visit @itelNigeria on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris: Getting Ready to Shake the World




Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris: an online global phenomenon that has blessed so many lives in countless ways. Streamed via the internet and on various terrestrial and satellite TV and radio stations all over the world, billions have been tremendously blessed by the power of God through healing miracles, salvation in Jesus Christ, and spiritual endowments.

Testimonials of supernatural encounters and divine interventions into human situations abound aplenty from those who have participated in these programs since its inception in September 2020, and more especially for the March and July 2021 editions that featured the man of God, Pastor Chris.

“My son had skin problem on his back. During the July Healing Streams Live Healing Services, I placed my hand on his back as Pastor Chris was praying. When we woke up the next morning, we saw a huge difference on my baby’s back. He is completely healed. Indeed, God is amazing, I can’t stop praising and thanking Him for what He’s done. My son’s skin was so ugly, but is now perfect,” says Lesego from South Africa.

“On the Monday of the week of the recent Healing Streams program in July 2021, I developed a sudden lower back pain whilst in the kitchen. The pain became so severe that I could not sit or even stand but could only lie on my back. I participated in the program from Friday and by the close of the program on Sunday, I was totally healed. The pain disappeared and I can now sit and stand normally. Glory be to Jesus!” Harrison from Spain proclaims.

Neither time nor space in any one article would suffice to even begin to tell of the many glorious wonders that God has wrought through the Live Healing Services, which is reminiscent of John’s declaration when he said, “Jesus did many other things. If they were all written in books, I don’t suppose there would be room enough in the whole world for all the books,” (John 21:25 CEV).

Still, all that has happened is only just a foretaste of things to come. The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris will hold from Friday to Sunday, 29–31 October 2021, and it is set to be the biggest and grandest crusade yet. Nothing the world has ever seen will compare to it.

On the impact of the upcoming program, the man of God, Pastor Chris says, “We are going to shake the world for Jesus one more time. It’s the biggest thing happening in the world right now.”

Language? Time? Distance? There are no barriers to your miracle. The program will be streamed live in over 4,000 languages, on the Healing Streams TV website (, the Healing School Mobile App, and on Loveworld Networks (TV and radio stations all over the world). You can participate from wherever you are!

So, the only question is this: are you ready?

There are 4 Ps to remember when preparing for the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris:

  1. Pray about the program and for those who will participate in it.
  2. Publicize it to your world. You sharing the news is the only way some people will hear.
  3. Prepare places; share the program with other by creating on-site and virtual healing centers
  4. Partner. Sponsor the program.

To register for the program and for more information on what to do, please visit

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Estate Dev: T.Pumpy Concept MD Assures Jikwoyi, Kpeyegi, Kurudu Subscribers of Adequate Provision of Infrastructure




The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T.Pumpy Concept Limited, a famous estate developer based in Abuja, Mr Akintayo Adaralegbe has assured the subscribers at its estate lands at Jikwoyi, Kpeyegi and Kurudu, of adequate and timely provision of infrastructure at the various locations currently being developed by the company.

Mr Aderalegbe, who gave the assurance during an interactive meeting with all the subscribers in the three locations, which was held at company’s Kpeyegi site on Saturday 16th April 2021, added that he personally summoned the meeting for him to get a firsthand information on issues affecting the subscribers in the three estates and know how to address them.

He said that he would continue to stand on the integrity the company is associated by making sure that all the needed infrastructure are provided as the subscribers build on their allocated spaces, assuring that access road leading to the site and security, would be provided for those subscribers in Kpeyegi, who had commenced the development of their allotted spaces.

For the investors at Jikwoyi and Kurudu estates, Aderalegbe assured them that the mapping and beaconing of individual spaces will commence from Monday, 18th November 2021, even as he also assured that the roads leading to Jikwoyi and Kpeyegi Phases and 1 and 2 of the two estates will also commence in due course.

He explained to the subscribers present and those who joined through zoom social media platform, that his mission of venturing into estate business and housing development is not necessary to make profit from people, rather to make housing affordable to Nigerians, through the various affordable estates being developed by the company in various states of the country, and added that trust that his company had built over the years in the housing development, made it possible for subscribers to buy-in immediately in all their estates, whenever the company come up for a new estate to be developed.

Highlights of the meeting was when Mr Aderalege personally attended to all the issues raised by some of the subscribers, especially on areas relating to double allocation, security, access road and light.

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