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My Stand for Nigeria, My Beloved Country! – By Philip Agbese




I was very hesitant replying the tweeted blackmailing diatribes on my personage on social media. They were masterminded mainly by one pseudo-activist, Omoyele Sowore and Deji Adeyanju who shares bemusing activism instincts with the first.

But after deep reflections over it in the course of the night, I decided to pen a response because the Englishman echoes in a maxim that silence means acquiesce to any propaganda reeled out on someone. So, I won’t quietly dignify their spite and hateful lies on me. Moreover, a lot of people who are not acquainted with my philosophy may gulp their tissues of assumptive thoughts as true.

Back to the kernel of the matter. The duo have accused me of being sponsored by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR and the Chief of Army Staff and leader of the counter-insurgency operations in Nigeria, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai, my most admirable Nigerian in recent times of being commissioned to spearhead the campaign against the expulsion of Amnesty International (AI) in Nigeria. AI is a foreign-based human rights organization operating in several countries of the world, including Nigeria, my beloved country.

Undoubtedly, the declaration of the duo is borne out of an over-bloated ego to hit at those they assume have affinities with these two venerable leaders of Nigeria they hate so much for reasons best known. They may have genuinely expressed their thoughts, or merely exercised artificial activism impulse, or are even mercantile politicians who have absolute conviction in the continuous disordered nature of our country. I believe the latter seems high on the table.

I am not unaware that a handful of unpatriotic Nigerians, backed by foreign destructive forces place personal interests ahead of that of our beloved country, Nigeria. To assert that such people are unpatriotic is same as casting the dais too far or putting the cart before the horse. Unfortunately, I see Sowore, Adeyanju and many others in such illumination. I beg to be spared the nightmare.

Quickly however, let me scratchily replay my background to Sowore, Adeyanju and indeed, my beloved compatriots in Nigeria. I am a proud Prince from Agilaland, Ado Local Government Area of Benue state, Northern Nigeria. I was born and started life in my obscure village. But I had the rare privilege of having caring and responsible parents who were extremely keen about western education for their children. They sent me to school!

So, very early, my parents exposed me to the quest for knowledge outside my immediate vicinity to avail me the platform to mix, culturize and socialize with other Nigerians outside the confines and comfort of ethnicity and village life. And I immensely benefitted from it.

Each time I picked my ark of Noah box to resume back to school at Federal Government College, Ugwolawo in Kogi state, my father won’t mind to howl at the driver to a halt because he forgot to tell me these words-“love, respect everyone, abide by the truth, don’t fight anybody, be loyal to your friends and be patriotic always.” He must drum it into my ears over a hundred times, again and again!

I grew up with this counsel, which resonates even unconsciously in my psyche and actions. It serves as guiding principles ever since. I have friends all over Nigeria and beyond. Even as an adult now and in spite of our fault lines as a people, I still cherish the cord of fraternity immensely, acknowledge and hard work. I have been taught and grown up to cherish the virtues of love, respect for elders and hard work anywhere I find myself. No desire on earth can compel me to do otherwise.

Anyway, let me address the Sowores and the Adeyanjus properly now. I am one of the numerous Nigerians that are ever proud of the Nigerian Army under the focused leadership of Gen. Buratai. The achievements of the COAS as the overseer of the war against Boko Haram insurgents and ISWAP terrorists in Nigeria, in my estimation, should attract his worship like a demigod or the apparition of an angel by all.

I have lived long enough to understand what happens in my country. I knew what Boko Haram caused Nigeria before President Muhammadu Buhari became President of this country and appointed Gen. Buratai to lead the counter-terrorism war in the country. I have felt and relished the impact of the counter-insurgency operations under Gen. Buratai. No partisanship can blur this reality from me. It is borne out of personal conviction over time and keen observation of his unquantifiable sacrifices and achievements that brought the much needed peace and security in the North East.

Many of us, including yours sincerely, by providence survived the horrors of bomb blasts in Abuja and elsewhere in the North. Hey! The dangers, risks and psychological tortures that we went through in the hands of Boko Haram are gory memories unworthy of recollections. I pray we should not reverse back to such frustrating degeneration on insecurity anymore, with the gains on our hands. Any dispassionate Nigerian would attest to the difference now and then!

At the risk of flattery, Gen. Buratai has brought respite to us as a people against Boko Haram insurgency in spite of challenging and difficult circumstances. I see in him a defiant spirit of a soldier horned to succeed on any given assignment. Sowore is pretty aware the number of times the insurgents have tried to kill Gen. Buratai himself.

But he has remained undeterred and resilient. Rather, he is more determined and sleeping in the trenches with his troops to ensure that all of us have a peaceful night rest, including him who now either sneak in or out of Abuja to make such amusing jarring noise on Nigeria’s leadership.

By nature, I hate deliberate persecution of anybody in the pretext of politics. With due respect to Deji Adeyanju and his cohorts , I never heard their voices when Boko Haram peaked under the preceding administration in Nigeria. Frankly, I therefore need no personal relationship with President Buhari or Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, to express my opinion in favour of his stewardship at any point in time. I feel the impact personally.

In fact, the latest vituperations from Sowore and his minions would now encourage me to seek ways to reach out to these great Nigerian leaders. I think that’s what all of them wish to hear. I am therefore looking forward to an opportunity to meet with Gen. Buratai anytime soon.

However, I am not one of those publishers who will send out my reporters or go to solicit for help from anyone because I support the Nigerian Army or President Buhari’s government. I do it very honestly and from the bottom of my heart. I will never do it for all it takes in the name of the Almighty God I worship.

Perhaps, you need to know my political personage deeper. I am an ardent believer in President Muhammadu Buhari and not shy about it. And I have gone further to write a book on him which chronicled major events in his first term as our President. Yes, I published and launched the book in Abuja, sometime last year.

As innately with me, the book was not the usual praise-singing or sycophantic stuff on Buhari’s administration, which is now the creed and penchant of many Nigerians who pencil down anything on public office holders.
I am a critical thinker and critique. My African traditional religion and Christianity inclination teach me good conscience. So, I don’t belong to the herds who inherit the hatred of others. Like Femi Adesina adumbrates always, I cannot emulate someone’s hate for another person.

Therefore, the launch of the book on President Buhari didn’t attract the usual fanfare peculiar with such events in our country for reasons of my objectiveness. That hasn’t in any way deterred me in pursuing my convictions on President Buhari or Gen. Buratai or even diverted my attention from seeking to see a better Nigeria, my country. It will not restrain me from proclaiming my belief in the administration and no group of persons or individuals can change it as far as my learning and exposure are concerned.

These ideologies are deeply rooted wittingly or unwittingly in my writings in the freest expression of fundamental rights as a proud citizen of Nigeria. I have no apology to anyone, least of all, the assemblage of attack dogs on my person. And it is also an established fact that I have a right to associate with any person or groups of persons within or outside the country. That same rights do not extend to associating with those whose lifestyles and convictions do not blend with mine.

I want to make it emphatically and abundantly clear that Amnesty International (AI) is one of such groups, I hate and choose not to associate with, irrespective of how much money they offer. Not even on my grave! Times without number, I have been approached to lend my expertise in human rights to AI through fronts or proxies. I always decline.

My consistent position has remained unchangeably that I totally fault AI’s attitude, modus operandi, modus operandi, methodology and ideology in Africa as an NGO concerned with the promotion and promotion of human rights in Nigeria. If I had consented, I would have been part of their congregation conspiring against my own country by now. That will never be and no amount of blackmail or propaganda against my person would change that.

The difference is; I have sworn never to be a party to anything that will negatively affect or destroy my country. My patriotic spirit won’t allow me the liberty of such generous and inglorious indulgence. We all know the malfeasances of AI against Nigeria. I can’t enlist in the deviousness of conspiring with outsiders to build enemy camps against Nigeria.

Let me make a detour slightly and recourse to yesterday’s Boko Haram history in Nigeria again! Do they recall that the United States under the leadership of former President Barrack Obama refused Nigeria’s purchase of weapons or any military hardware and technical support to the country in the fight against Boko Haram because of alleged abuse of human rights of Nigerians in the prosecution of the insurgency in the Northeast? America referenced the prohibitions as contained in the Leahy Act and persuaded other foreign countries to also deprive Nigeria of weapons.

The records are there as regards those that masterminded the correspondences that formed the basis of such unfortunate decisions by the US.

President Donald Trump eventually unbanned that embargo under the Buhari Presidency having seen the truth under a new administration in Nigeria. But what led to such declassification and smear campaigns of Nigeria on human rights?

Some indigenous media in Nigeria, obviously hired by enemy foreign forces who are after the destabilization and break-up of Nigeria, aggressively played the false scripts of concocted reports of alleged human rights abuses in the fight against Boko Haram to allow terrorists triumph over Nigeria. Insurgents had sophisticated weapons to fight us; but Nigeria was deprived of same weapons by these persons.

And Amnesty International amplifies it with all venom. If I should ask, why is AI inordinately interested in the internal affairs of Nigeria? AI has transformed into daily reporters in Nigeria; pushing out news on alleged human rights abuses in a manner compelling the thought on this organization as the opposition mouthpiece in Nigeria. We are an independent nation!

We are all witnessed to how George Floyds protests and riots that rocked United States of America and parts of the world just recently. Did AI drop a word on human rights abuses in America or there was none in the course of the deployment of Federal Forces by President Trump to quell the protests which turned into deadly riots?
I am not a toddler. Therefore, I know several nations of the world as of today that are troubled or afflicted by various conflicts. But it behoves on their citizens to show patriotism by encouraging their leaders to surmount the difficulties or challenges.

I am aware that Sowore’s online publication-Sahara Reporters is funded by foreign organizations. I don’t know the interests and targets of these foreign organizations for funding his publication which exclusively focuses on Nigeria. But I leave it to his judgement of conscience, if he has any. So, everything about Nigeria is bad by his publicized judgment and thinks , it’s possible to brainwash everyone into their fold?

It is true that we are all brothers by the cord of “Nigerianity.” But the elevation of anyone to the position of a demi-god through the instrumentality of the social media is not my calling. I am aware, whenever Sowore visits a public official with his venoms of blackmail, they “shit” in their pants, running amok. Its not part of my thinking as a Nigerian.

But I have discerned the cause of the anger in them now. Only two Nigerians have had the effrontery to call-off Sowore’s bluff-(President Buhari and Gen. Buratai) and, it’s like a nightmare to him. Coincidentally, these two men who don’t care whether Sowore exists are the uncommon war Generals of our time who will not give a penny to anyone to stop press. They are after service to the motherland Nigeria.

The ever-courageous General Muhammadu Buhari and the indefatigable COAS, Gen. Buratai at whose feet the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists tremble and bow will not succumb to their evil machinations and antics.

Assertively, I am reiterating the good news I have for Mr. Sowore and his gods anywhere in the world. I will not bow to their unpatriotic ego within and outside Nigeria. The Almighty God in whom I serve, Oworitso Ad’ Om’Ofo, the one who kept my grandfather as a warrior to defeat the then Biafra soldiers at Agila in 1967, I put my trust forever, for love of our country and humanity .

Therefore, it was somewhat infantile for Sowore and Deji Adeyanju to display my numbers on their twitter handles, pleading with Nigerians to call me over the blackmailing stunt on Amnesty International. Gladly, the first 20 persons who called me instantly used the opportunity to read my profile and appreciated me more deeply for standing by my patriotic acts for the country.

I was moved to tears. I haven’t seen that kind of reward in serving one’s country since I was born. For that reason, I appreciate Sowore and acolytes for compelling Nigerians to understand me better.
I feel healthier not to belong to the clan of Nigerians recruited by foreign agents and interest groups to destabilize our country; but cannot stand us in an electoral popularity contest.

If I contest for the Presidency of Nigeria tomorrow like many of them; Sowore to be specific, I trust God Almighty, my scores would not be as low as 38, 000 votes. It implies that even in Sowore’s home state, he was rejected because of the penchant to disrespect and desecrate the revered palaces of Obas, our royal fathers.

In a presidential election, if I perform so badly to score below one million votes, then I will congratulate the winner and life continues! The morality embedded in me would restrain any action that seeks illegitimate means to dethrone the winner in the guise of street activism.

I am sure by now, Sowore is still unaware that his less than 40,000 votes in the 2019 presidential election under the banner of African Action Congress (AAC), in a population of 200 million persons in Nigeria advertises him as detached from the ideal youths of Nigeria, except hooligans who have an inclination for violence and destructions. So, Sowore’s excited trips to America, Australia, and the UK after he snatched the AAC’s ticket never helped him? In such countries, ideal leaders and not hoodlum look at the pedigree of those seeking political leadership.

Sowore’s recent fatally failed outing to enliven the #EndSARS protests are public testimonies of his steadily waning influence and popularity amongst our focused youths today.

An ideal young man should spare time to reflect, rather than cast unnecessary aspersions or midwifing imagery enemies for foreign organization’s with satanic agenda against the country he seeks to govern. I wish I could talk more on Deji Adeyanju who has no known legitimate means of livelihood.

I advise Sowore to stick to his expired #RevolutionNow agenda and revive it when time is ripe, but certainly, not now! I challenge both Sowore and Adeyanju as “good” politicians to pick up the challenge of contesting the presidential election in 2023 and kiss the dust again. For me, Nigeria is my beloved country and I will cherish it forever.

Agbese is a publisher and human rights activist.

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Alkali’s Answers To The North -East Humanitarian Question – By Raphael Odoh




Apparently, Boko Haram insurgents and the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) have gravely injured and shackled the North East Development Commission (NEDC), a baby created out of necessity to cater for humanitarian crisis incited by Boko Haram. The NEDC’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, (MD-CEO), Alhaji Mohammed Goni Alkali experiences grippingly retells the story of managing the near post-insurgency gores with a nauseating taste.

In his heart of hearts, Alkali wishes to relinquish the job to someone else because the burden is damn too much. But what are the real alternatives at his disposal? Virtually none! Those affected are directly his kith and kin. Someday, questions would be asked from the countryside on why he shirked from coming to their assistance in the hour of need. So, Alkali grudgingly trudges on.

Established in 2017 by the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the NEDC has had a tortuous path attending to the multifaceted infrastructural and humanitarian crises created by the over 10 years Boko Haram insurgency in the region. In his solemn moments, he seats and reflects on how the NEDC’s efforts in rebuilding the devastated region are again sabotaged by same Boko Haram and its local conspirators. It pierces the heart with pain. But he is determined never to give up.

NEDC’s main responsibilities includes, to receive and administer funds from the federation account, international donors and other humanitarian organizations for the settlement, rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, houses and destroyed business premises of victims of insurgency. NEDC also has the mandate to intervene in ameliorating pervasive poverty, mass illiteracy, ecological problems and any other such linked social problems that would make life more meaningful to the suffering populations living in insurgency ravaged Northeast states of Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba.

At the inauguration of the NEDC Board, President Muhammadu Buhari gave it a limitless gamut of operations. Mr. President was emphatic that the commission should superintend on the development activities and structures at all levels of government-funded agencies legitimized to work in the region.

NEDC daily sees an internally displaced or deprived population of over 2.6 million Nigerians or more in dire need of rehabilitation and succor under its responsibility. It’s a frightening statistic. It’s precisely the cause of Alkali’s nightmare.

Whether the MD/CEO accepts its or not, the NEDC appears bowed under the weight of sheer destructions by these terrorists’ gangs in the Northeast region of Nigeria. The job is very tasking, strenuous and energy-sapping.

The NEDC’s Managing Director, Alhaji Mohammed Goni Alkali is clearly dazzled by the magnitude of work on his hands. His admirers and acolytes are asking everyday whether he has enough capacity to solve the humanitarian crises of varying proportions exacerbated by subsisting and continuing destructions of public infrastructures perpetrated by Boko Haram insurgency. And his fever is understandable because the NEDC is the fulcrum of the peace-building, reconciliation and de-radicalization agenda of the Buhari Presidency.

Encouragingly enough, Alhaji Mohammed Alkali is a uniquely talented administrator, widely acclaimed for his defiant battles with obstinate challenges. His consociates’ mouth that the MD/CEO does not shudder or contemplate surrender on any challenge until he conquers the obstacle and snatches success.

Ab initio, Alkali knew that a savior in the neighborhood would not be noticed until he announces his presence. Therefore, the NEDC -MD’s first area of concentration was the engagement of the various communities in the Northeast on sensitization of indigenes on the prevalence of fleeing remnants of Boko Haram insurgents in their midst and how to dismantle unexploded landmines in their communities after the Military’s complete subjugation of the cursed jihadist campaigners’.

Selected persons across communities in the Northeast region in the Boko Haram worse hit states were selected and trained to lead the battle of disabling unexploded landmines. The idea captured the mindset of an administrator perfectly conversant with the preliminary rudiments of his job

The NEDC boss has launched and progressively pursued the agenda of Education Endowment Fund , which has engaged over 20,000 beneficiaries annually to enable them access academic and professional capacity training and development in diverse fields of human endeavors. It has further sparked the anger of Boko Haramists, a sect stridently opposed to western education. Alkali has courageously dared their gods!

Therefore, the commission disburses N6 billion yearly on scholarship for students in the region, which is more than the annual education budgets of most states in the federation. The drag net of the scholarship scheme covers over thousands of students from bachelor’s degree to doctor of philosophy degrees.

Added to it, the NEDC has implemented the rehabilitation of drinking water and sanitation facilities in states of the Northeast Nigeria pinned down by insurgency. It is part of NEDC’s Multisectoral Crisis Recovery Project (MCRP) with the support of the World Bank. The MD/CEO, Alkali is steadily surmounting these challenges because for every kobo into the commission’s coffers, there are human upliftment projects to justify it.

So, within three years, the NEDC has implemented humanitarian reliefs projects totaling 1, 310 under the ambitious scheme of “Rapid Response Intervention” (RRI) in all the 112 local governments of the Northeast region. Humanity survives on food and it is the basic traditional occupation of people of the Northeast. But Boko Haram insurgency pierced it badly resulting in the massive hunger and starvation in the land.

A sensitive Alkali’s focal agenda as NEDC boss has restored it. The commission has funded the implementation of an “Integrated Agriculture Programme,’ (IAP) under the broad umbrella of RRI, which yearly provides agricultural machinery and equipment, seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals and extension services logistics vehicles from NEDC’s funds.

It has bolstered the production capacity of small-holder farmers in Northeast region, and boosted economies of families, which are currently regaining their lost farming treasures and domestic food sustenance. The NEDC sees it as a sacred obligation of the holistic rebuilding agenda of the Northeast region. Annually, the NEDC funds the IAP scheme in each of the 112 LGAs in the Northeast with N50 million.

NEDC has also has also directed its attention to skills acquisition, training and provision of starter packs to over 5, 000 Information Communication Technology (ICT), knowledge seekers. About 5, 000 women and youths in the region are trained annually on entrepreneurship, and another 2, 000 on vocational skills in each of the 1,028 wards of the region ravaged by Boko Haram. And Alkali deems it a faithful a yearly ritual. For the people of the Northeast, it is a narrative of a steady regaining of lost grounds under NEDC’s boss, Alhaji Mohammad Alkali.

The NEDC has also prominently and actively registered its shadows at the De-radicalization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DRR) Programme of the Nigerian Military otherwise known as “Operation Safe Corridor” (OSC) at Malam-Sidi, in Gombe State in the same region. After the initial work tour to the camp and assessment of intervention areas, the NEDC boss has continued to financially assist the programme with needy facilities.

Alkali’s humanitarian focus on rebuilding the Northeast resounds more in the ambitious housing projects for the IDPs in Borno state, the epicenter of Boko Haram terrorism. Its Mr. President’s consolatory initiative or the FGN to these displaced persons, which is worth N20 billion, but routed through the NEDC.

At the moment, the construction of 10,000 housing units spread across 10 Borno LGAs for the resettlement of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) are aggressively pursued. Through the supervision of Alkali, these housing units have reached advanced stages of completion.

The outbreak of the global coronavirus in early 2020 really shook Alkali’s heart. The NEDC boss was sensitive enough to understand that various Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps were potent vectors of the spread of the epidemic. He personally went round the IDPs camps in the Northeast and supplied essential disinfectant products worth millions of Naira in the collective national struggle to combat the transmission of Coronavirus.

He kick-started the exercise at Bakkassi, Stadium and Muna IDPs camps in Maiduguri. It is reason Nigerians have not heard of COVID-19 related deaths in any of the IDPs camps in the Northeast region.

Hard work is noticed and acknowledged by Nigerians. Alhaji Mohammed Alkali’s leadership of the NEDC is rated high both by the Senate and the civil society. An unpersuaded and uninfluenced body known as the National Accountability Watch Group (NAWG) though its Executive Director, Dr Okpe Joseph Okpe applauded NEDC’s boss for holding the mandate of the Commission evidently sacrosanct by impacting on the economy, social wellbeing and infrastructural development of peoples of the Northeast region.

Under the supervision of another compassionate woman, the Minister of Humanitarian affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouk, the NEDC boss has replicated her posture of delivering services to Nigerians with a human face. Alkali is sincerely working for the people on whose back he got the mandate to lead the NEDC.

Alkali has dispensed himself as a selfless gentleman by every detail of his assignment today as always. He is doing all within his powers to ensure that citizens in the Northeast forget the sorrows that Boko Haram insurgents and ISWAP terrorists have wrought on the populations. For conscionably comforting the downtrodden and traumatic peoples of the Northeast through various intervention programs, Alkali looks ripe for a reward in heaven. #

Odoh, a humanitarian worker wrote from Maiduguri.

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NPHCDA, COVID -19 And The Fall Of Anti-Vaxxers- By Pine Oralu




The coronavirus pandemic indeed brought the world to its knees, with various countries imposing lockdown in the bid to stop the further spread of the virus. Consequently, efforts were deployed towards developing a vaccine that would halt the further spread of the novel coronavirus.

In Nigeria, it was not any different as the country was also in lockdown. The government introduced measures that would mitigate some of the adverse effects the coronavirus has had on our socio-economic life.

There was also a challenge, which was essentially how to convince the populace of the coronavirus’s existence and why all must observe known safety protocols such as wearing of facemasks, observing social distancing and ensuring proper hygiene through the washing of hands frequently and avoiding crowded places.

By and large, there was some level of compliance when the number of deaths increased, and the reality dawned on us. I think credit must be given to the government in its sensitization efforts, and the rest they say is history.

However, we must all be glad that the vaccines are here. There seems to be some glimmer of hope towards the world returning to normalcy if the vaccination process goes as planned. This is indeed the crux of this piece regarding the various conspiracy theories that have come out since the vaccines’ rollout, especially in Nigeria. I must add that it has been such a daunting task for the National Primary Health Care Development Agency officials to ensure that Nigerians are vaccinated.

The NPHCDA has stated that close to 400,000 Nigerians have been vaccinated so far since the vaccination programme began. This is quite commendable given the various conspiracies across the country that condemned the vaccine, so much so that stakeholders in the health sector doubted if Nigeria’s vaccination programme would be successful. They were wrong.

This is where I would commend the NPHCDA for its sensitization efforts and the orderly manner it has gone about in ensuring that the administration of the vaccines across the country was seamless. The registration portal created before the commencement of the exercise was ingenious because it was a departure from the past where such programmes were marred by poor planning, execution and other logistics impediments.

If truth be told, Nigeria has fared better than most countries in administering the vaccines to the populace. And this further reinforces the role of leadership in our daily lives. The Dr Shaibu Faisal led NPHCDA has once again demonstrated that indeed what is needed in Nigeria is purposeful leadership that is anchored on transparency, accountability and a sense of direction.

The NPCHDA knew what was at stake if the conspiracies against the vaccine thrived. Consequently, their efforts paid off handsomely with the reception the administration of the vaccine has received, even from the most critical individuals and groups across the country. Suffice I add that the vaccine administration’s success in the country didn’t come on a platter of gold. The sensitization was top-notch. The distribution of vaccines across the states was seamless. And the results have been outstanding.

If not for anything, I am particularly joyous that one of the most critical fellows against the vaccine, Femi Fani-Kayode, has taken to the social media to flaunt and inform Nigerians that the vaccines are safe and encouraged Nigerians to go for the jab. This is indeed a great victory for all and a sign to tell that the NPHCDA has done well in ensuring the success of the vaccination campaign in the country.

If this is not victory, I don’t know what else to call it. This is not just victory for the NPHCDA, but a victory for all Nigerians that are desirous of the progress of the country through the demonstration of a burning desire to see to the fact that coronavirus impediment is quickly put behind us so that we can resume our everyday lives in the quest for sustainable growth and development.

It is not yet Uhuru as the journey is just beginning in the vaccination journey. However, if the NPHCDA sustains the current tempo, we should be sure of timely vaccination of the entire population in the country.
For us to achieve this, two things are of utmost importance.

One is for the NPCHDA to continue to sensitize the populace on the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness in line with the position of the World Health Organization. And in the words of the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus “Every new, safe and effective tool against COVID-19 is another step closer to controlling the pandemic,”

In my opinion, this message must be sustained by the NPHCDA towards ensuring the vaccination programme is not jeopardized by conspiracy theorists who want to capitalize on any given opportunity to cause disaffection in the polity.
Secondly, we must continue to give credit to encourage the leadership of the NPHCDA for their invaluable role it has played so far in ensuring the success story of the vaccination programme in Nigeria, not just for COVID 19, but other immunization and other vaccination programmes in the country.

Dr Shaibu Faisal remains a leader with eyes on the ball and matches words with action since his assumption of office as the head of the critical National Primary Health Care Development Agency in Nigeria. His ideas and thoughts with regards to delivering on the mandate are concise and effective. His leadership acumen is also infectious. And a true definition of what leadership entails and what it should be in the critical point of our existence.

At this point, I would say that indeed those against the success of the coronavirus vaccine in the country have fallen flat on their faces. And like I said earlier, it would be too early to roll out the drums, but we must admit that we are on that steady and desirable path.

And for Dr Shaibu Faisal, your efforts are noble and commendable; I encourage you to continue to devout energy and time to sustain the tempo in service to Nigeria.

Oralu is a public affairs analyst based in Makurdi.

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NEDC and Alkali’s Leadership with a Human Face – By Solomon Audu




It is no longer news that the Boko Haram crisis in North-East Nigeria has devastated economy of the region, and humanitarian crisis is the order of the day. The North East region of Nigeria is made up of Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba States. These states are ravaged by the Boko Haram insurgency since 2009.

In this violent crime against humanity, people in multiples of millions are adversely affected, about over 5 million persons are Internally Displaced (IDPs), including over 100,000 Nigerian Refugees in neighbouring countries. Casualty rates are in thousands while those alive have lost means of livelihood.

Returning normalcy to the region is one of the topmost priorities of the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration. How to end the war, effective handling of the humanitarian crisis and implementation of an effective rehabilitation and resettlement programme, as well as the implementation of a solid peace-building, reconciliation and de-radicalization framework; as well as the effective reconstruction of social and physical infrastructure.

These necessitated the establishment of the North-East Development Commission (NEDC). The objective of the NEDC is to lead the reconstruction and development of the region by consolidating and replacing other initiatives such as the Victims Support Fund (VSF), Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE), and Presidential Committee on the North-East Initiative (PCNI).

It is therefore, obvious that the task before NEDC is massive owing to the undeniable wanton destruction. Consequently, load fell on the broad shoulders of Mohammed Alkali.

Before his appointment, Mohammed Alkali was the Executive Director, operations of the Bank of Industry (BoI), he has a first-class honours degree in Accountancy from Bayero University, Kano. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from London School of Economics at the University of London, United Kingdom. He is also an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School, Harvard University; the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago; and the Columbia Business School at the Columbia University. These are indeed very intimidating credentials.

However, the interesting aspect of Mohammed Alkali is the fact that he has been a silent achiever, delivering on his mandate with human face and milk of human kindness. He is a gentleman per excellence, and is working assiduously to ensure that the people of the region forget the sorrow and the misfortune Boko Haran terrorism forced on them.

Alkali is kind to a fault, a caring leader with the heart of gold and his love for humanity is unquantifiable. Ne has done so well for his people, lifting the downtrodden through his people oriented programmes and activities. In all, has kept low profile as the managing director of the NEDC.

Stating his silent features in the media wouldn’t have been necessary but for the activities of some mischief makers that attempted to drag him to the murky waters of politics by making some wild and unfounded allegations about his stewardship at the NEDC.

This unassuming individual has since his appointment as the managing director of the NEDC done so much I may wish to mention here. Some of the modest achievements of the NEDC under the leadership of Mohammed Alkali which are driven by his love for humanity and kindness among others are:

The NEDC had been implementing impactful and incremental interventions designed to address most of the immediate challenges bedeviling the North-east states. For instance, the NEDC established a six billion naira Education Endowment Fund to resuscitate the regions devastated education sector and rebuild the human capital to provide an avenue for the engagement of over 20,000 beneficiaries annually to enable them have access to academic and professional capacity development opportunities in various fields.

The NEDC is also implementing the rehabilitation of drinking water and sanitation facilities in states in North-East Nigeria. This project is part of the Multispectral Crisis Recovery Project (MCRP) with the support of the World Bank.

The NEDC is also implementing about 1, 310 Rapid Response Intervention in Projects in all the 112 local governments of the North East Region. This is in addition to the implementation of an Integrated Agriculture Programme involving the provision of agricultural machinery and equipment, seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals and extension service logistics vehicles to enhance the production capacity of smallholder farmers in North East and enable them to regain their lost livelihoods.

In my opinion, Mohammed Goni Alkali understands that every single penny allocated to the agency must be used for the benefit of the people. With him, there is no such thing as contract padding as everything must go through due process and must be accounted for. This much has been said about him by staffers who are never in short supply of praises for his leadership style.

From host communities to stakeholders, the story is the same. The song is constant on how Mohammed Goni Alkali is leading a revolution in rebuilding efforts in North-East Nigeria. For example, The Nigerian Senate Committee on Special Duties recently commended the North-East Development Commission (NEDC) for its “outstanding performance” in the area of humanitarian intervention.

The Chairman of Senate Committee on Special Duties, Sen. Yusuf, gave the commendation when he led a delegation on a three-day oversight function to appraise the Commission‘s one-year performance in Maiduguri. He said, “The NEDC is a baby of the federal government; it is just one year, but it has performed tremendously well in the past year; especially in the area of humanitarian intervention.”.

He is also setting the pace in terms of administration as numerous accounts indicate that the NEDC boss has put in place mechanisms that ensure that the agency‘s staffers deliver best results at every given time. In the NEDC, hard work is considered a norm in such a manner that the work atmosphere is always charged due to the level of activities ongoing simultaneously while making sure everything is in the right position.

And the results have been glaring and as well as impressive. I consequently wish to state that this piece is intended to challenge other public office holders towards the entrenchment of transparency in their operations using the NEDC model.

Mohammed Alkali remains my man any day with his passionate approach in the administration of the NEDC. He might not be that loud as others would want him to given his efforts so far. However, one thing you can‘t take away from him is the fact that he knows his onions, and he is passionate about achieving results.

His penchant for results would ultimately translate to laying a solid foundation for an agency as critical as the NEDC. He is also conscious that how well the NEDC performs in the future regarding fulfilling its mandate would be determined by his performance as the pioneer managing director.

It is indeed understandable if some individuals and groups attempt to rubbish the leadership strides of the managing director because of either mischief or ignorance. But whatever be the case it doesn’t change the fact that the NEDC under Mohammed Alkali has lived up to expectation in ways too numerous to mention.

Alkali is an exceptional breed and one that understands the need to serve humanity in sincerity of heart and purpose, and he has brought this to bear in his service delivery. He is at breast with mandates of the commission that it is first an interventionist agency and secondly the fact that the people of North-East Nigeria have suffered indeed enough of the atrocities of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

It is obvious that his critics are probably sad that for once that an individual heading such a sensitive interventionist agency would stand on the side of the people and not a select few. No doubt, the NEDC looks like a cash cow, but the man at the helm of the affairs is not an everyday politician that wouldn’t carry out his mandate effectively.

Truth be told, it was a bad market for the mischief-makers who wanted to demarket him only succeeded marketing him by bringing his tangible achievements into the public space. This is indeed a blessing in disguise, and a reason why Mohammed Alkali must not lose focus because the hawks waiting to devour him are innumerable.

Mohammed Alkali must match his words with action in ensuring that the reconstruction of communities in North-East Nigeria receives the much-needed attention in fulfillment of the mandate of the NEDC.
Mohammed Alkali is indeed a patriotic servant and one that is more than committed to the restoration of normalcy in North-East Nigeria in fulfillment of the strategic objective of the current administration in establishing the NEDC. The case of Mohammed Alkali is indeed the footprints of a patriotic servant that lead with spirit of human kindness, love for humanity and human face.

Audu is a public affairs analyst based in Yola.

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