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Group Commends Service Chiefs, Security Agencies On Another Peaceful Yuletide 




The National Peace Project (NPP) has commended the nation’s service chiefs and security agencies over another peaceful Christmas celebrations.

In a statement signed by its President, Rev Joshua Agbaje, on Friday, the group said this year’s festivity was relatively safe and devoid of attacks.

According to Rev Agbaje, the military worked tirelessly and gallantly towards protecting the lives and properties of citizens under the leadership of the current service chiefs.

He further noted that the present tranquillity enjoyed across the country is evidence of President Muhammadu Buhari’s synergy with the Service Chiefs to deliver Nigeria.

The NPP, however, urged all Nigerians to join hands with the president to fight insecurity and discard all forms of primordial sentiments.

Read the full statement below:

The National Peace Project (NPP) President, Rev Joshua Agbaje, has commended the security chiefs, and security Agencies on the experience of tranquillity on another Yuletide.

NPP commends the Security chiefs and security agencies on their great inputs in the management of security issues, matters and problems that could impinge on the survival of democracy. NPP is very happy to have experienced such a peaceful yuletide. We are not afraid to be disheartened by breaking news of one terrorist attack or the other. We are overjoyed that the goal of the National Peace Project is gradually being accomplished thanks to the efforts of the Nigerian Military.

Travelling back in time, precisely over six years ago; we can recall how much the issue of insecurity had eroded most parts of Northern Nigeria under the watch of past administrations. If you somehow found yourself in those regions during that period, you would have experienced the carnage and anarchy propagated by insurgents and Bandits. There were bombings here and there, maiming of innocent individuals, and kidnappings were on the rise.

Back then, terrorists and bandits ran amok like no man’s business. They knew very well the weaknesses of the Nigerian military and other security agencies at that time, and they took full advantage of it. But these same evil men know quite well that, that time has long gone. They have recently faced tough opposition from the Nigerian security agencies who have been working tirelessly and gallantly towards protecting the lives and properties of Nigerian citizens under the leadership of the current service chiefs.

National Peace Project is not oblivious of the fact that this is a matter of national importance that has been of concern to all stakeholders in the Nigerian states and one that requires comprehensive and committed contribution of all groups and interests that make up Nigeria.

In addressing the challenge to the survival of democracy in Nigeria, it is pertinent to consider security issues and problems that have affected or capable of affecting the attitude, confidence and cooperation of all groups and segments that make up the Nigerian federation. It is also necessary to explore the gaps and grey areas in the national constitution that are responsible for various problems and crises and how these gaps can be addressed.

The result of consistent deliberations and meetings by President Muhammadu Buhari and Service Chiefs on the security situation of Nigeria is now evident for all to see.

We congratulate the President, Nigerians, and the service Chiefs for the successful mission in rescuing the Kankara boys. This has revealed that Nigeria is secure for all to live.

Certain critics of the current President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration have pointed out pockets of insecurity issues the country is currently facing. We know fully well that no country on this planet presently is without its security challenges. We’ve heard the same adage over and over again that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and thus, we still commend the current service chiefs in their steady efforts in ensuring that insecurity is completely defeated. It is believed we are gradually approaching that milestone as we can see how peaceful the Christmas celebration this year was.

Despite the very conspicuous bias, premeditated motives and partisan undertones expressed by many criminal elements in frustrating the citizens from enjoying the season, and to discredit the security agencies amidst the glaring recent successful records, We are a delight at the resolute of the security agencies in their determination to have resisted different insurgents attacks and premeditated ones in different regions of the country.

This Christmas celebration recorded no form of any successful attack, unlike the ones experienced in the previous administration, where it was seamlessly impossible to do so without the presence of security agents in their limited and restricted gatherings.

In the past administration, Boko Haram murdered Christian clergy and attacked churches. It primarily targeted representatives of state and federal governments, such as police officers, soldiers, politicians, and even traditional Muslim leaders during the Yuletide season.

The incident of December 25, 2011, still lingers in our heart, where the Islamist militant group Boko Haram once claimed responsibility for the bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, on the outskirts of Abuja, which killed 37 people and wounded 57, in the deadliest of a series of attacks at Christmas.

The coordinated nature of these attacks suggested links between the home-grown Islamist movement and global jihadist groups operating across the Sahara.

It has become a trend for these terrorists to inflict their vile acts upon innocent people during festive celebrations as these. Both Christians and Muslims aren’t spared by these wicked men. But today, I can proudly tell you that peace has finally begun to reign in our dear country Nigeria for both Christians and Muslims alike, for both men and women alike, and both the poor and rich alike.

Unlike in the past, we did not hear of any detonation of bombs in places of worship or markets or places filled with people, or that a church or a mosque was raided by terrorists. Even the Local Governments are totally free from the control of terrorists. This has made us all aware that Nigeria is truly headed in the right direction in terms of the Peace and safety of her citizens.

NPP is convinced that the current service chiefs have achieved a lot since their assumption into office. They have done a lot in combating these insurgents and also restructuring the architecture of the military. This has ensured that the Nigerian Military regains its position as one of the best Military outfits in the world.

The military might not have been able to exceed the expectations of Nigerians and this is because most individuals have chosen to rain criticisms on them at any given opportunity rather than look for ways to join the fight. We also note that the actions of certain disgruntled elements that are sponsoring and aiding these insurgents have been rendered harmless and useless because they have failed innumerable times.

If the military is faced with all these including the task of correcting the mistakes of past administrations regarding insecurity and they have performed as much as this, then they must be commended for a job well done. NPP knows that Nigeria as a nation has suffered a lot in the past, and we cannot be deliberating now on who has overstayed his tenure or not, but we should all join hands, discard all forms of primordial sentiments and work with the President in fighting insecurity.

NPP, therefore, applauds the service Chiefs and others for their collective efforts and strategies put in place to help neutralize banditry and insurgents and to also ensure that things don’t get out of hands.

On behalf of the National Peace Project, I want to commend the efforts of The President, the service chiefs, and the Nigerian military. I call on the Nigerian Military to intensify its efforts in the fight against insecurity.

The peace we have so much enjoyed during this year’s Christmas celebration is a testament to the fact that the Nigerian Military is currently administered by one of the best leadership in the history of Nigeria. NPP once again calls on fellow Nigerians to support both President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and the service chiefs in ensuring a peaceful Nigeria that is safe for all.

God Bless Nigeria.

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Agric Minister Shield’s Factional AFAN Leader From Police Invitation




The minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alhaji Sabo Nanono, on Friday, 17th June, 2021 at the ICC (International Conference Centre), in Abuja prevented policemen on duty from taking factional leader of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) Mr Farouk Rabiu for questioning on fraud related matters.

According to reliable sources and eye witnesses at the scene which was the venue of the 2021, Council on Agriculture, the police were there to invite Farouk to Force headquarters following a petition against him for acts that bordered on criminality.

Recently a federal high court sitting in Abuja had cautioned the renegade group led by Farouk through their lawyer, on Wednesday,15/2/2021, against parading themselves as leaders of AFAN until the matter is determined in court.

Farouk had been accused of defrauding investors using the name of AFAN Kano branch which he illegally registered, a matter which had been brought before the Corporate Affairs Commission, who revoked the registration.

However, Farouk has been continuously recognised as the leader of AFAN, by the Minister who hails from the same state with him despite several petitions from the Arc Kabir Ibrahim led executive.

The minister’s actions in siding with Farouk despite a case in court to resolve the leadership tussle of AFAN, has been allegedly linked to the minister’s shameful removal as chairman of AFAN Kano, long before he became appointed minister.

Witnesses at the scene stated that the minister after frantic efforts to get the Inspector General on phone to call off his men failed, resorted to giving an unhindered exit to Farouk in his official car, tantamount to obstruction of justice, much to the chagrin of the police officers.

A reliable source further disclosed that the policemen declined to follow the minister to his office.

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Three Soldiers Injured as Troops Kill ISWAP Terrorists in Borno




Troops of the Nigerian Army under the Operation Hadin Kai have killed several ISWAP Terrorists in Dikwa town, Borno State.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday by the Director Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, the gallant troops decisively dealt with the terrorists who were attempting to infiltrate the town on Tuesday.

The terrorist elements were said to have mounted five gun trucks, others mounted motorcycles, while others moved by foot.

They were, however, met with superior fire power by troops in conjunction with air bombardment by Air Task Force.

“The marauding terrorists were thoroughly vanquished forcing them to withdraw in high state of confusion abandoning their truck, guns and ammunition,” the statement read.

“During the encounter, six members of the terrorists groups were neutralized, several others were severely injured while the survivors withdrew in total disarray leaving behind their deceased colleagues”.

Three soldiers, however, sustained various degrees of injuries but have now been stabilised.

Items recovered during the encounter included one gun truck, eight AK 47 rifles, 40 rounds of 7.62mm Special, 39 special ammo, three motorcycles and six magazines.

To mop up the area, troops conducted exploitation in the early hours of Wednesday in conjunction with the Civilian Joint Task Force and hunters along the terrorists’ withdrawal routes and recovered 90 rounds of 7.62 mm x 54 on links belonging to the fleeing terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Major General Faruk Yahaya, has commended the gallant troops over the feat and charged them to remain resolute and steadfast.

He urged them to maintain the tempo in order to ensure total obliteration of terrorist groups within the North East region.

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Onion Marketers Threaten to Stop Supply to Southern Nigeria




The Onion Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria has threatened to stop the supply of onions down to the South from June 7, 2021.

The group said it would carry out the threat if the government fails to compensate its members who have suffered losses in recent times following attacks in some parts of the country.

President of the association, Aliyu Umar, made this known to journalists at a press briefing on Sunday in Sokoto State.

He explained that the government under a committee led by the Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello had promised to compensate their members, many of whom suffered huge losses in Abia, Imo and Oyo States during the #EndSARS and Shasha market crisis.

However, according to him, the promise has not been kept and the members have reportedly lost over 4 billion naira.

“We are calling on the state and Federal Government to restore law and order in the state, and we are calling on the good people of the southern part of Nigeria to live with the Hausa community in peace as we are only there for our lawful businesses,” Umar said.

“We also call on state governments to collaborate with fed govt to set up a committee to investigate the incident that led to the loss of lives and property of the Onion Association members.

“Furthermore, if the government fails to adhere to what we are saying, we are shutting the supply of onion to the entire south by Monday the 7th of June 2021”.

In recent times, the price of Onions skyrocketed from just about ₦20,000 to nearly a hundred thousand, in less than a year – a situation which quickly gave it the reputation of ‘new gold’.

While the price hike could not be understood by many, some traders have attributed the increment to seasonal fluctuations, a general increase in prices of fertilizers among other items, strike actions as well as insecurity arising from the #EndSARS protests.

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