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Insecurity: How Opposition Recruited John Campbell, CFR To Run Subversive Agenda Against Nigeria – SHAC




The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) has accused former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) of conspiring with opposition politicians to undermine President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The group made this known at a press conference on Sunday to draw the attention of the world to Campbell and CFR’s subversive activities in Nigeria.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Executive Director, Barrister Abu Abdulkarim said Campbell and the CFR have never meant well for Nigeria, always pushing a destabilization agenda.

It added that Campbell and the CFR are promoting the rise of terrorism on the African continent to use the United States to set up military and drone bases that are then used to control countries.

According to the group, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar are behind the evil alliance to destabilize Nigeria.

It, however, urged the Federal Government to take the necessary diplomatic steps to draw the attention of the United States to the subversive activities of its ex-envoy in Nigeria.

The group also urged peace-loving Nigerians to henceforth take to social media and other online platforms to flag any content emanating from Campbell as hate speech so that the relevant organizations can take them down.

Read the full statement below:

Gentlemen of the press, you will recall sometimes in July of the year 2020 that Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies at the Council for Foreign Relations and former Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, teamed up with the opposition elements and hirelings of agents of destabilization to host a virtual town hall meeting. That town hall meeting was tagged ‘Insecurity: “State of the State” which this warmonger used to rally agents of destruction to press on with the agenda of undermining the Nigerian state.

The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) has at that time raised the alarm as to the propriety of that town hall meeting while questioning the motives of Campbell, knowing the toxicity that is around the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), for which Campbell works. Our concern at the time was based on Campbell’s track record as a false flag operator who has assigned himself the task of bringing Nigeria to ruin.

Campbell’s townhall meeting turned out to have been a front for mobilizing, organizing, indoctrinating and deploying what was to be later named the #EndSARS protests, a destructive mob action that went on an industrial scale looting, arson and murder of security operatives on the instruction of Campbell and his Council on Foreign Relations.

Please, note that we had always known that Campbell did not mean well for Nigeria. He has made that much known in every one of his articles about and against Nigeria, in which he has been pushing the concept of Nigeria being a country that has already failed. Interestingly, rather than Nigeria being the failed entity, it is Campbell who is a failure as a diplomat, a greater failure as a hitman and an eternal disappointment as an expert on Nigeria as he likes to claim he is.

As for the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), this is the one entity that fancies itself as the vehicle for world dominance by a small band of megalomaniac sociopaths. It is the entity that has decided that the only way it can counter dissent in China is by limiting the Sino-African growth, which it seeks to achieve by undermining Nigeria as a viable nation-state.

Several authorities had cited how Nigeria’s problem with terrorism is anchored on the destabilization agenda of the Council for Foreign Relations, which has promoted the rise of terrorism on the African continent so that it can use the United States to set up military and drone bases that are then used to control countries on the continent. Nigeria’s rejection of the bases, for itself and other African countries, has been the cause of the anger at CFR for which it is punishing the country by facilitating the spread of Boko Haram’s brand of terror, both as a means of coercing Nigeria to accept the bases and a strategy for gaining control of the entire region.

Whatever our anger against the evil entities of Campbell and CFR is, we realize that the damage they are seeking to do is showing the prospect of succeeding only because they have the active support of desperate opposition politicians that are cashing in on the subversive activities of Campbell and CFR in Nigeria.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former President, who wants to keep calling the shot from his retirement is one of the people that are validating Campbell’s activities in Nigeria. Obasanjo has remained bitter that successors are outperforming him and are going to overshadow his achievements, if any, is at the core of inciting situations that Campbell feeds on. It is no mere coincidence that the failed diplomat’s tour of Nigeria was during Obasanjo’s tenure.

We are also aware of the unholy alliance between Obasanjo’s then number two, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Campbell. Atiku was the main opposition candidate in the 2019 Presidential Election, who lost woefully to the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari. It was well documented how Atiku threatened at that time that Nigeria will be ungovernable if the electorates do not vote him in. He ran international circuits, some brokered by Campbell at that time, during which he outlined how insecurity would become the norm in Nigeria because he was rejected by voters.

At that time, as far back as 2018, SHAC and some other groups exposed how Atiku planned to use foreign militias and imported terrorists to undermine the security situation in Nigeria while also pressuring for the sack of the top leadership of the military, he was also flagged as promoting citizens’ revolt that would have the semblance of a popular uprising to sack the popularly elected government. It is unfortunate that Atiku, with other opposition militants like Omoyele Sowore, working with Campbell, has implemented every single one of the dangerous plots he hatched in response to his election loss.

Gentlemen of the press, while it may appear on the surface that Nigeria is fighting a regular band of terrorists and other easily resolvable security breaches, the reality is that the problem is more insidious – it is a dangerous mix of Obasanjo, Atiku and Campbell’s collaboration with the Council for Foreign Relations in an evil alliance to destabilize Nigeria.

As we raise alarm on the dangerous alliance desperately working to undermine Nigerians, Campbell’s latest outing on the blogsite of CFR titled “Darkness in Northern Nigeria” is something that is now making us issue a red alert on the safety of Nigeria. Based on past modus operandi, such write-ups from Campbell are usually followed by an upsurge in terrorists’ activities, which would then be cashed in on by Atiku, who would use the attacks as a basis to attack the government in the media and the public opinion space. Obasanjo will subsequently pile on, often with unsolicited interventions that are unbefitting for a former president while Campbell will, in turn, cite the terrorists’ attacks and the assertions of Atiku and Obasanjo as justification that Nigeria is unravelling.

Even though this has been the style of this unholy alliance for the last few years now, the piece, “Darkness in Northern Nigeria” should be particularly worrisome to all of us because the implied impending intensification of the plots and activities to destroy Nigeria. The choice of words suggests that we shall soon witness worsening attacks on the country unless the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can step in as it has been doing.

Irrespective of whether they will heed our call or not, Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) hereby calls on Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, John Campbell and the Council for Foreign Relations that they risk collapsing the entire world if they do not give up on their inordinate agenda of destroying Nigeria. We wish to remind them that they cannot cause a crisis for 53% per cent of West Africa’s population without the entire region going into a meltdown. Should this happen, the refugee problem alone will overwhelm the entire continent and then spill over to other countries of the world. In case they are not ware, the fate of the world is tied to the peace of Nigeria and what they are toying with would be cataclysmic if they do not stop their interference with the choices Nigerians have made.

We demand that the Federal Government of Nigeria take the necessary diplomatic steps to draw the attention of the United States to the subversive activities of its ex-envoy in Nigeria. It is not likely that any country of the world would accept such persistent affront on its sovereignty by someone who had the good fortune of having served as an ambassador on its soil. The government must move beyond treating Campbell’s propaganda drive against the country as a mere rant, he has tangible links with Boko Haram and its activities and must be stopped before he does further damage to our country.

We urge peace-loving Nigerians to henceforth take to social media and other online platforms to flag any content emanating from John Campbell as hate speech so that the relevant organizations can take them down and prevent them from being used to sabotage the country. Gentlemen of the press, we urge you to do likewise.

Thank you for listening.

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Buhari Claims #EndSARS Protesters Wanted to ‘Remove’ Him




Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday claimed the #EndSARS protests against police brutality that took place in the country last October were aimed at ousting him from office.

Buhari blamed the protests on the dwindling inflow of foreign direct investment to the country.

He insisted that Nigeria’s army of young people that participated in the protests have made it unattractive to investors.

The President stated this Thursday in an exclusive interview on ‘Good Morning Show’ on ARISE News Channel, a broadcast arm of THISDAY.

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Obasanjo Slams Agitators of Secession




Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has condemned agitators of disintegration of the country saying that that it will be “almost idiotic” for Nigeria to disintegrate at a time like this when Africa is trying to reintegrate for political, social, and economic development.

He insisted that the country is better together for all the ethnic groups in the country to remain together as one indivisible nation with fairness and equity and where all Nigerians will feel proud, rather than for each tribe to go its separate ways.

The former Nigerian leader spoke at the luncheon and investiture organised by the Nigerian Institution of Surveyor, Ogun State chapter, held at the premises of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) Abeokuta.

The former President called on all agitators for the disintegration of the country to shelve the idea and work for the unity and oneness of the country.

While admitting that the present situation in the country is not palatable, he stressed that calling for the disintegration of the country is not the solution.

He expressed the optimism that, Nigeria will come out stronger from all the challenges currently confronting it if all citizens shelve their personal interests and work together for the unity and progress of the country.

The former president who cited Pakistan, Yugoslavia, and Sudan as countries who have broken away, but are yet to find solutions to their problems, said Nigerians should blame themselves for the country’s woes rather than blaming God.

“If there is any Nigerian who does not feel apprehensive on the situation of the country, the person is a human being without being human.

“Any Nigerian who is human will be apprehensive, if not frustrated with the present situation in the country. We are apprehensive about security situation, apprehensive about economic situation, apprehensive about our political situation and the drum we are hearing is that of disintegration of the country.

“I am a strong believer of one Nigeria, but not one Nigeria at any cost, but one Nigeria where every Nigerian can feel proud that he or she has a stake in this country.

“No Nigerian is born a slave in this country. No Nigerian is born to be oppressed in this country and those of us that have shared part of our blood and sweat for this country, we did that because we wanted a country that every Nigerian can claim as his or her own.

“One thing that gives us strength is our diversity. If all that we have is Republic of Oduduwa for those who said so, their position is understandable. If that is all we have, members of that country will be diminished compared to be a citizen of Nigeria. Citizens of Oduduwa Republic or any other republic from Nigeria will be diminished compared to citizens of Nigeria.

“In this age and time that we are talking about the reintegration of Africa for economic development, disintegration of any country will be almost idiotic if we have Igboland as an independent country, Yorubaland an independent country and Fulani/Hausaland an independent country.

“And as a friend of mine in the military used to say then, what will become of the over 300 minorities – the Jukuns, the Gbasamas? Where will they belong? The only reason they can raise up their heads is because they belong to Nigeria. Are we thinking of them or are we are just being selfish? It doesn’t matter what we do, we will still be neighbours.

“We had seen it before, India was broken into India and Pakistan, they are still at war till today. Yugoslavia was broken into how many countries, they haven’t sorted it till today. Sudan was broken into Sudan and South Sudan, I don’t believe South Sudan is better for it and that is the truth.

“I believe it will cost us less to work for our unity, there are many things wrong, but those things are correctable if we make efforts to correct them and hold us together than what it will cost us to break up and be perpetually at war and all our money will be spent in building an army. I know what an army contains, I know what it means to keep an army, an army that may not be productive, let us think about it”, Obasanjo stated.

Speaking on the importance of survey to national development, Obasanjo said, the entire country should be surveyed to achieve economic development and transformation.

He, therefore, charged the national body of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors to draft a proposal on the national survey of the country to the Federal Government.

“When I was the president of the country, the project of surveying the entire country began, but it got stuck and I don’t know where the project is now”, Obasanjo noted.

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Continue Using Twitter – NASS Joint Minority Caucus Urges Nigerians




The Joint Minority Caucus of the Senate and the House of Representatives has met over the ban on Twitter by the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government and has restated its condemnation of the embargo as draconian and unacceptable.

This position was contained in a communique signed by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe the Minority Leader of the Senate) and Hon. Ndudi Elumelu the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.

In the statement, the Joint Minority Caucus also dismissed threats by the APC-led government to arrest and prosecute Nigerians using Twitter and calls on Nigerians to go ahead and use their Twitter as they would not be contravening any law in Nigeria or any international statute.

The Joint Minority Caucus recognized the provisions of Articles 19 and 20 of the United Nations Charter on Fundamental Human Rights, which Nigeria is a signatory to, as well as provisions of Sections 39 and 36 (12) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), and notes that by these provisions no one will be violating any law for using Twitter in Nigeria.

As lawmakers, the Joint Caucus said it is pained by the anguish Nigerians, especially the youths, who find the use of Twitter as a means of livelihood and genuine social interaction, are passing through just because the APC-led Federal Government feels slighted that an individual’s post, was deleted by Twitter for ethic violation.

The joint caucus, therefore, called on Nigerians to use various opportunities offered by technology and continue making use of Twitter since such does not violate any law in our country.

“It is agonizing that Nigeria and Nigerians have been losing billions of naira on daily basis since the ban on Twitter. This is completely unacceptable as it is worsening the already biting economic hardship and frightening unemployment level in the country.

“Moreover, the ban on Twitter in Nigeria appears to be in favour of criminal and terrorist elements, whose activities fester in an environment of suppressed information flow.

“The Joint Minority Caucus sympathizes with the organized private sector, manufacturing and service providing companies, small and medium enterprises, online business owners and other hardworking entrepreneurs across the country, whose genuine business and means of livelihood have been crippled by the unwarranted ban on Twitter by the APC federal government,” the statement partly reads.

The caucus also identified with our students, research-based organization, media houses, the organized civil society, faith-based organizations, community groups among others, whose information-based activities have been violently disrupted by the ban.

In the same vein, the Joint Caucus sympathized with regional, states, local government as well as members of the international community, whose genuine and constructive activities have been crippled by the prohibition of twitter in Nigeria

It also identified with traditional rulers, who have even found Twitter as a means of communicating with the constituents, especially in this era of insecurity in the country.

The Joint Caucus vehemently berated the APC-led government for abandoning its duty of addressing the serious economic and security problems confronting our nation to rather focus on dissipating energy victimizing Nigerians over their disagreement with Twitter for deleting a post by an individual.

The Caucus counseled the Federal Government to swallow its pride, accept its misdoing and go and settle whatever issue it has with Twitter instead of this resort to inflicting pains on Nigerians.

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