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Concerned Citizens Lambasts Deji Adeyanju, Sponsors Over Purported Letter Calling For Buratai’s Probe




The Concerned Citizens Forum frowned at a petition written by the Concerned Nigerians Group led by Deji Adeyanju to the International Criminal Court (ICC) calling for the arrest and prosecution of the immediate past Chief of Army Staf, Lt. Gen. Tukur Bruatai.

CCF says it finds such posturing very worrisome and lacking in any form of objectivity as the issues canvassed by the Deji Adeyanju led group remains a figment of the imagination.
The group in a statement by its president, Comrade John Alli, advised Deji Adeyanju and “his co-travellers to stop insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians any further for the task at hand requires all the urgency that it deserves.”

It chalanged Deji and his group to provide tangible evidence that human rights were violated and the Nigerian Army committed war crimes under the stewardship of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff.
His statement reads belpw;
The Concerned Citizens Forum has over several years contributed immensely to the democratic principles in Nigeria by demanding accountability, transparency in the conduct of government business, and the protection of the human rights of all citizens of Nigeria.
Our attention has been drawn to a letter written by a shadowy and sponsored group under the nomenclature of Concerned Nigerians Group and led by one Deji Adeyanju, to the International Criminal Court, demanding for the arrest and prosecution of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai for human rights violations and crimes against humanity while he was in office.
The Concerned Citizens Forum finds such posturing very worrisome and lacking in any form of objectivity as the issues canvassed by the Deji Adeyanju led group remains a figment of the imagination.
It is circumspect to state that Deji Adeyanju and his co-travellers would not relent in their puerile attempt at demonizing the laudable achievements of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff while he was in office in apparent exchange for a plate of porridge.
The Concerned Citizens Forum views this recent diatribe as a continuation of the grand campaign against the Muhammadu Buhari led administration despite the overwhelming commitment to addressing the country’s security challenges.
The Concerned Citizens Forum does not hold brief for the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, neither have we been mandated to do such, however as a body that has been in the vanguard of the entrenchment of the tenets of democracy in Nigeria for several years, we find such actions by the Deji Adeyanju led Concerned Nigerians Groups as an insult to the sensibilities of Nigerians.

It is our considered view that well-meaning Nigerians should not entertain such anomaly because of the larger consequences on the democratic journey in Nigeria, which has been under constant attack.
A thorough scrutiny of the content of the letter written by the Deji Adeyanju led group indeed gives insight to the mischief intended, aside that it also contained outright insinuations and illogical conclusions that defeats commons sense.
By and large, the Deji Adeyanju led group is acting on behalf of some proscribed militant groups in the country such as the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) whose activities have led trails of sorrow, tears and blood in different parts of the country.
The Concerned Citizens Forum is appalled that such inaccuracy can be propagated in the public space without consideration for the impact of such in the overall psyche of the generality of the Nigerian population.
We consequently wonder where and how the Deji Adeyanju led group derives its information, if not from the promoters of these militant groups. This indeed smacks of a mockery that should be disregarded by all concerned stakeholders in Nigeria as well as the diplomatic community.
We wish to inform Nigerians that the overarching objective of this new drive by the Deji Adeyanju led group is to begin a fresh outbreak of violence in the country by systematically calling on members of the proscribed militant groups to return to the streets in the attempt to make the country ungovernable.
The Concerned Citizens Forum is indeed by this medium putting the records straight by questioning this negative narrative that is obviously coming from the camps of some of those whose egos have been bruised by the immediate past Chief of Army Staff in addressing the threats posed by terrorist and militant groups in the country.
We also wish state in unequivocal terms that Nigerians are indeed aware of the nefarious activities of the IMN, IPOB and other terrorist groups, as well as the actions taken in the country’s overall interest as the case may be.
It is also instructive to state that the letter to the ICC calling for the arrest and prosecution of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff is balderdash as the issues canvased cannot be substantiated, and this is coupled with the fact that the choice of words is poor and the delivery is puerile.
It thus remains a statement of fact that under the stewardship of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, the threats posed by these militant groups that have suddenly found a voice in the Deji Adeynaju led Concerned Nigerians Groups were indeed addressed in line with global best practices unless Deji Adeyanju and his co-travellers want to feign ignorance to the reign of terror perpetrated by the IMN in Zaria and other parts of Northern Nigeria before the timely intervention of the Nigerian Army.

Also, the Deji Adeyanju led group might also want to feign ignorance to the attack by members of the IMN on security operatives that led to their deaths, including a senior police officer DCP Umar during one of their violent protests in the Federal Capital Territory that left scores of others dead and wounded, as well as the destruction of properties.
We also wish to remind the Deji Adeyanju led group that it is indeed on record that the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB has been credited to have incited violence in parts of South-East Nigeria that led to the burning of police stations, and the death and injury to police officers in the line of duty.
The Concerned Citizens Forum indeed challenges the Deji Adeyanju led group to provide tangible evidence that human rights were violated and the Nigerian Army committed war crimes under the stewardship of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff.
It should also do well to seek facts from credible civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations such as ours that has been devoted to the entrenchment of the tenets of democracy in Nigeria.
The Concerned Citizens Forum calls on all well-meaning Nigerians to discountenance the Deji Adeyanju led group’s narrative, which remains a hatchet job for all it is worth. We consequently demand a withdrawal of the purported letter to the ICC, as well as the tendering of an unreserved apology to the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, as well as the generality of Nigerians.

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BREAKING: Fire Breaks Out In Aso Rock




A fire outbreak has been reported at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock, Abuja, causing confusion among workers in President Muhammadu Buhari’s abode, SaharaReporters reports.

It was learnt that the fire started at 4 pm as the fire service officials tried desperately to put it out.

“The security men were chasing people not to capture the incident, but I tried my best to capture it. The fire is still on,” a source disclosed around 9 pm.

Although the cause of the fire is not yet known, fire service trucks have moved in and were seen in the villa.

More details soon….

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We Won’t Allow Hijab In Kwara Mission Schools, CAN Insists




The Christian Association of Nigeria in Kwara State has insisted that it will not allow its pupils to wear hijab, despite the Kwara State Government’s directive that Muslim female pupils in Christian mission schools should wear hijab.

The state government, last week, said it had approved wearing of hijab by Muslim female pupils in Christian mission grant-aided schools in the state.

It also said the 10 Christian mission schools closed down in the wake of the hijab crisis would be reopened on Monday, March 8.

However, the state branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria said it would not agree to the use of hijab in schools established by Christian missions, alleging that they were surprised that the government was trying to make a decision on a matter that was still before the Supreme Court.

CAN said, “The body condemns the use of hijab in Christian missions grant-aided schools as this will cause discrimination in schools and allow terrorists to easily identify our children and wards.”

Two missions, Evangelical Church Winning All and the Kwara Baptist Conference, said they would not allow the wearing of hijab in their respective schools when the schools reopen on Monday.

The leadership of ECWA said it would not welcome the directive in all its schools in the state.

The Chairman, ECWA Ilorin District Church Council, Rev John Owoeye, who spoke at a press conference in Ilorin on Friday, said ECWA schools were established by Christian missionaries for purposes of reaching communities with the love of Christ and to meet educational needs of the indigenes irrespective of religious affiliations, among other reasons.

The ECWA church leaders, who demanded return of ECWA schools to them, said since 1974 when there was agreement on collaboration between the state government and the proprietor for the school to be grant-aided schools, “the policy has never been total takeover of our schools by the government.”

Owoeye, who said Christians are bona fide citizens of the state, added, “We have equal rights under the provisional constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

He argued that the government was aware that Christian Religious Knowledge teachers were not posted to Muslim grant-aided schools and that the gathering of Fellowship of Christian Students was not allowed in Muslim grant-aided schools.

“Similarly, we want the government to be informed that her decision and plan to provide hijab and enforce its use in our Christian mission grant-aided schools will not be tolerated as it is an infringement on our freedom of religion as enshrined in the constitution of Nigeria,” he said.

Also, the President of Kwara Baptist Conference, Rev Victor Dada, in a separate press conference, said the mission would not allow the use of hijab in its 38 schools across the state, adding that the government was wrongly advised in taking the decision.

Dada argued that the state government took a wrong decision by its blanket approval of wearing of hijab for female pupils in mission schools.

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“The state government was wrongly advised to take that decision. The state even acted in contempt of court as the case is still pending before the Supreme Court.

“We want to warn the government that the step it wants to take by approving the use of hijab for all public schools and grant-aided schools in the state will lead to an avalanche of reactions, the end of which no one can predict.

“With this move, the state government is saying the Muslims’ purported rights are superior to those of the Christians.

“What we are saying is that no one, whether the Kwara State Government or even the Federal Government, can force hijab on our children or in our schools. We shall not hesitate to use all legitimate means to protect our heritage. We will defend our faith and protect our property.”

Meanwhile, Muslim stakeholders in the state have urged the state government to stand by the rule of law in taking a final decision on the hijab issue.

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Alhaji Is-haq AbdulKarim; and Secretary, Professor Ibrahim Abikan, the Muslim Stakeholders said the state branch of CAN, which engaged the state government in a legal battle over the issue of ownership of the grant-aided schools since 2013 lost its two cases in Ilorin High Court in 2016 and the Court of Appeal in 2019.

In a related development, Chairman, Kwara State branch of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Olu Adewara, said the union was not part of the hijab crisis currently going on in the state.

The NUT Chairman, Adewara, told reporters, “The hijab matter is basically an issue between the government, the Muslim parents and the owners of these schools, regardless that such schools are grant-aided by the government. The NUT is not involved because this is not a matter bordering on teachers’ rights.”

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My Ex-Wife Lied Against Me, She Is An Adulterer —Fani-Kayode




Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said his ex-wife, Precious Chikwendu, lied against him, adding that he didn’t beat her at any point in time during their relationship.

Fani-Kayode also alleged that Chikwendu was an adulterer who tried to seduce his friends while he was in detention.

The former beauty pageant had accused her ex-husband of beating her up at several times including when she was pregnant.

The ex-wife further accused Fani-Kayode of confining her to a hospital when she attempted to escape.

Chikwendu subsequently demanded for full custody of their four sons.

The former beauty queen made the allegations in an affidavit she deposed to in support of an originating motion brought pursuant to Section 69 of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003.

But in a statement by his Media Consultant, Oladimeji Olaiya, the ex-minister described all the allegations as “lies and falsehood”.

The statement was titled, ‘Press statement on the vile and baseless allegations of Precious Chikwendu against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode’.

It partly read, “The statement of claim and affidavit that was filed in court by one Precious Chikwendu against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is filled with lies and falsehood.

“Not one thing that she has alleged there is true. She is a pathological liar and a slanderer and we intend to prove this in court.

“We believe that the children’s lives would be in danger if they are with her and we shall prove this in court.

“Neither is it true that she was ever beaten by Chief Fani-Kayode or anyone else in his staff and security team, either when she was pregnant or not pregnant and it is not true that she was subjected to any form of physical or mental abuse from them.”

The statement also noted that Chikwendu walked out of the marriage despite pleas and entreaties.

“She walked out on her own saying she was hearing voices even when the entire household was begging her to stay and she abandoned her husband and four young children to meet other men outside.

“After she finished having her fun Chief Fani-Kayode refused to let her back into his and resolved to keep her out of his life. This is the best decision he has made in the last 7 years.”

Fani-Kayode also accused his ex-wife of adultery, saying, “Chikwendu’s only pastime was to post pictures and words on Instagram and sleep with men outside.

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“She also tried to seduce a number of Chief Fani-Kayode’s friends when he was in detention and extort money from them.”

Though Chikwendu demanded the full custody of her four sons, Fani-Kayode said the children’s lives would be endangered if left in her care.

“On one occasion she beat her first son so badly that his face swelled up like a football and he had to be rushed to the hospital where she admitted to her offence to the doctor. We have pictures of his damaged and badly swollen face.

“His crime was that he had called one of his 3 nannies “mummy” and this angered Chikwendu who then flew into an uncontrollable rage and punched him in the face in front of 7 nannies.

“On a separate occassion in front of three Pastors she also beat one of the triplets mercilessly simply because he had dared to cry during prayers. Again we have evidence of this and the Pastors and nannies will testify,” the statement added.

“We urge members of the public to wait until the truth is revealed about Chikwendu, her mental and physical abuse of her own children, her mental illness, her numerous attempts to murder Chief Fani-Kayode and his four children, her adulterous ways, her unfathomable cruelty, her gold-digging ways, her violence and so much more before they make up their minds,” it concluded.

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