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Festival of Healings: Pastor Chris Live Healing Stream Service enters day 2




The broadcast of the ongoing epochal 3-day Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to massive global audience at, other platforms enters day 2.

Shouts of Joy and renewed Hope filled the air as a blast of God’s healing power rippled out across the globe through the ongoing revolutionary Healing Streams Live Healing Services with world renown healing minister Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. Slated to run for 3 days; Friday 9th July to Sunday 11th July, 2021, this second edition of the historic crusade is being beamed live to an unprecedented global audience across all continents via the Healing Streams TV at, the Healing School mobile app and various social media platforms, daily at 6pm GMT+1.

And the Day Arrived

It had been almost 4 months since over 4 billion people tuned in from all over the globe to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ come to life.

For four months, accounts of mind-blowing miracles had poured in from all over the world as the healing power of the Word made distance, language and every other obstacle irrelevant, reaching people right in their homes.

All over the world, people gathered in healing centers and connected via internet-enabled devices, through all of them waiting to see the awesome power of God at work.

The Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips, declared the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris open, and the people worshipped, singing and extolling God’s amazing love and grace. Then came the testimonies from the first edition, and you could tell just by being there, everybody’s faith was stirred for the miraculous. Then the Loveworld Singers led the people to worship, and you could feel the anticipation like electricity in the air, building and all over the Healing Centres across the world.

When the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, arrived, it was explosions of joy. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for.

Opening the scriptures and starting at John 20:30, the man of God taught that Jesus was God in the flesh, and how it is God’s great desire to live in us as He lived in Jesus. This, he taught, was the true purpose for which we were created. He further expounded that the one who believes can do the works Jesus did, and even greater. No one was left in any doubt of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit at the end.

And then the miracles started

Starting from the auditorium and then all over the globe, the sick were healed instantly, demons came out of people they had oppressed for years and the scenes! Paraplegics rose up from their beds, jumping and praising God. It was a joy and a wonder to behold.

That was just the first day. There are two more days to come.

You will recall that characteristic of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s healing crusades, the first edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris which held in March of this year left in its trail an avalanche of mind blowing miracles that are still being testified about till date, With over 4 billion people participating globally.

While these earlier sessions are being relished, the ongoing edition has heralded gigantic impact, bringing with it a tide of prevailing faith, diverse miracles, an exegesis of the undiluted Word of God and numerous testimonies of salvation, healing and blessings.

Now, in anticipation of Day 2, a spiritual ecstasy has clothed the atmosphere as the whole world through online connection, singles into an auditorium where the power of God has been greatly manifested for the second day.

Brace yourself for a special time of the miraculous in the presence of the Lord at this Day 2 of the largest ever healing crusade to be witnessed by the world. Register now to participate at and clear your schedules to participate in this ongoing momentous programme poised to grant you more grace to walk in divine health and blessings.

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Some Also Died From Gunshots During Kabul Airport Attack: Eyewitnesses




Some people also died of gunshots fired by foreign forces during the Kabul airport attack on August 26, injured witnesses in Kabul hospital told the China Media Group (CMG). Not all casualties were caused by the suicide bombing, for which ISIS-K claimed responsibility. Some were shot by the U.S. army after the explosion, according to the witnesses.

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CGTN Think Tank Publishes Third Online Survey




As the world’s biggest economy, the United States has best-in-the-world medical technology and know-how. But how has the country performed in the fight against COVID-19? About 81.7 percent of global poll respondents believe it has failed.

CGTN Think Tank launched the third online survey on the pandemic. The poll was conducted in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and VK. It was opened on August 10 and lasted 48 hours.

In the first question, “Has the U.S. government failed its obligation in the fight against the pandemic?”, 81.7 percent of respondents said “yes.” Many left critical comments on its actions.

Some respondents pointed out that American politicians and parties were busy fighting each other to win an election instead of implementing strong and timely measures to curb the outbreak. They said the bureaucrats’ priorities were wrong and valued economic performance ahead of people’s safety.

“I watched this all play out towards the end of 2019, the beginning of 2020. We were told that the coronavirus wasn’t a big deal and wasn’t anything to worry about, and everyone just ran with it,” said an American respondent.

A comment translated from Spanish said the U.S. fears losing its leadership role in the world so much that it has failed to look after what really matters – the people, who are being forgotten. An Arabic-speaking respondent commented that the capitalist country, controlled by a small group of “elites”, is concerned more about money than people’s health. One comment in French said it’s shameful to see a nation as wealthy as the U.S. invest so little in public health for the underprivileged. Some attributed the reason for the spread in the U.S. to behavioral differences. “The U.S. is too liberal a society to have implemented stricter measures to manage the crisis unlike several other societies in Asia, Africa and other regions,” one comment read. Another English-speaking respondent blamed China, accusing the country of spreading the virus across the world.

In the second question, “Do you think the racial minorities in the U.S. are treated unequally?”, 72.3 percent of global respondents voted “yes.” Arabic-speaking respondents were the group with the strongest reaction. Around 81 percent of them on Twitter and 84 percent on YouTube voted “yes”.

Eighty-two percent of Spanish-speaking and French-speaking respondents on YouTube shared the same view.

One comment translated from Arabic accused the U.S. of being the real enemy of the people. The respondent pointed out that the U.S. political, economic and military systems serve the ugly monster in destroying other countries and murdering their people for its own interests. Some Arabic-speaking and Russian-speaking respondents mentioned that the history of massacring Native Americans is self-explanatory of how badly racial minorities are treated in the U.S.

Multiple studies show the coronavirus pandemic is far deadlier for minority groups in the U.S. According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Native Americans are twice more likely to die of the disease than white people. A Guardian report in June also indicated that Black Americans have the highest COVID-19 death rate nationally.

One comment in Spanish said those who brag about prosperity and wealth in the U.S. should also notice the huge gaps between each class. Some people may have everything, it said, but others may not even have access to basic daily necessities. Some Spanish-speaking and English-speaking respondents indicated that racism is rooted deeply in the U.S. and its structures and is much more serious than anywhere else.

About 77.7 percent of respondents answered “yes” when asked whether they agree the U.S. deported tens of thousands of infected people back to their countries, thereby spreading COVID-19, especially in Latin America, a move that the New York Times dubbed “exporting coronavirus.” As much as 85 percent of Spanish-speaking respondents on YouTube shared the same view.

“Focusing too much on politics and too little on human rights. This attitude affected the citizens from inside the U.S. regime borders but also neighboring countries in North, Latin America,” said an English-speaking respondent.

“Not only did they prioritize trying to save the economy over people, they hoarded vaccines so the rest of the world would suffer along with them,” another comment in English read.

Spanish-speaking respondents raised further questions, claiming the U.S. administration might have used the pandemic as a chance to incite “color revolutions”. One comment translated from Spanish said Bolivia’s coronavirus outbreak didn’t happen by coincidence. The respondent recalled an unusual American presence in the country when a coup started by the end of 2019. COVID-19 broke out in regions including Santa Cruz where mutinies started, and soon after, the entire country.

CGTN Think Tank found it has received far more comments from respondents on the third poll than that of the previous two. Discussions among netizens around the world evoked memories and raised awareness, and the discussions were extended into a wider range. Some respondents complained that the U.S. started wars everywhere, which seriously endangered the safety of people in other countries.

A Spanish-speaking respondent claimed to have a family discussion on the Vietnam War and the Korean War and decided they had no liking of the U.S., adding that there are millions who share the same view for the pain and death the country has brought upon the world.

Some said both China and the U.S. should be hold accountable for the pandemic, but one added “China is doing something to at least fix the problem while some of America thinks it is not their problem and it will go away with FREEEEDDDOOOOOMMMM!”

“Today the world is quite unfair, nobody cares what’s going on inside Afghanistan, we stick in a very tough situation where (there) is no one to help us … our wishes are not much to turn possible, same like rest of people in this world we just want to live in a relaxation atmosphere … we deserve the peace more than anyone in the world after many decades of conflicts and misery. WE JUST WANT PEACE,” said one comment in English.

CGTN Think Tank has published results of an online poll in which over 80 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that the U.S. government had failed its obligations in the fight against COVID-19. It was conducted in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and VK. Participants were self-selecting and around 53,000 people took part.

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Worsening Insecurity: CUPP Calls For Buhari’s Resignation




The Leadership of the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office following his inability to curtail the worsening insecurity situation in the country.

The Coalition, in a statement issued in Abuja by its Media Committee Chairman, Chukwudi Ezeobika, insisted that Buhari should resign because of the unprecedented level of ineptitude and incompetence that characterized his APC led government.

The CUPP also lamented that the present administration lacked the requisite intelligence and or capacity to protect the lives and property of the Nigerian citizens which remain the primary responsibility of this very government.

The statement reads; “We as a Coalition view with serious concerns, the prolonged injustices, and inequities perpetrated by the Buhari regime which have consistently divided the Nation along ethnic and religious lines and which have the potential to cause the disintegration of the Nigerian State.

“The increasing insurgency, kidnapping and uncontrolled terrorist activities orchestrated by the illegal activities of Fulani herdsman in connivance with ISIS and ISWAP terrorists have shown that the Buhari administration lacks the requisite intelligence and or capacity to protect lives and property of the Nigerian citizens which remain the primary responsibility of this very government.

“The unprecedented rot in critical sectors and life of the Nigerian State such as security, health, power, and economy as well as in other critical democratic institutions, have made it expedient for Muhammadu Buhari to redeem the Nigerian State and honourably resign as President and Commander in Chief.

“The looming agitations for secession by various Confederating units and indigenous groups in Nigeria are as a result of the reprehensible actions and or inactions of the Buhari-led government which assault, on a daily basis, the very spirit of our unity and corporate coexistence as a people.

“The ongoing destruction of numerous democratic institutions in Nigeria, most especially security networks and structures as well as electoral institutions, portends grave danger to democracy and Rule of Law in Nigeria.

“The uncontrolled daily maiming and killing of Military and Police Officers across the States of the federation, calls to question, the competence of the sitting President in the discharge of the functions attaching to his office as the Commander in Chief.

“The inept and incompetent leadership consciously foisted on Nigerians by the Buhari administration is responsible for unlawful killings, kidnappings, and maiming of innocent Nigerian citizens across the length and breadth of the federation with no hope in sight.

“Being at the very point of disintegration and total collapse, we as a Coalition, call on all Nigerians to be awakened to these very realities which pose an imminent threat to our collective survival and coexistence as a people.

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