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NYSC DG Bags Award of Excellence From Alma Mater




The NYSC Director General, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim has been presented an Award of Excellence by the University of Jos Alumni Association.

This, the University said was in recognition of his tremendous achievements since assuming duty as the 18th Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps over two years ago.

Speaking during the award presentation today, the University of Jos Vice-Chancellor Designate, Prof. Ishaya Tanko extoled the sterling leadership qualities of the Director-General, adding that Unijos has been observing his transformational achievements in the Scheme.

He commended General Ibrahim for the uncommon feat, adding that the award bestowed on him was also in recognition of his undaunting commitment to national development by tapping Corps potentials.

The VC designate while presenting the goodwill message from the Senate, Management, Staff and Students of Unijos added that the institution recognizes the relevance of the NYSC Scheme to overall national development.

Prof Tanko stated further that universities are made stronger by the strength of their alumni adding that, “we will seek every opportunity to strenghten the synergy of all Unijos alumni to strenghten the institution”.

The National President, Unijos Alumni, Pastor Nuhu Sani described the Director-General as a good ambassador of the university, urging him to keep up the good work he is doing.

“Graduates of Unijos are making us proud and we will keep telling the world about them”, he said.

Also speaking, the Chairman, Unijos Alumni, Abuja Chapter, Mr Joseph Chukwu said Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim’s name came topmost when preparations were on-going for nomination for the award.

He said the Alumni would continue to harness the ingenuinety of NYSC Director-General and other alumni of the University of Jos for the benefit of humanity.

“We will continue to pray for your successful tenure of office and also in future assignments” he said.

In his response, Brigadier General Shuaibu lbrahim congratulated the Vice-Chancellor designate on his appointment.

He stated that he is proud of the University of Jos because the institution has impacted his life and others positively.

Ibrahim lauded the management of the institution for reaching out to its alumni, saying, “l am so proud of the university”.

He assured the management of the University of Jos of his continuous support.

He added that the award would spur him for greater achievements.

He said the Scheme always thinks outside the box, and would leverage on the potentials of Corps Members for national development.

“Last year the NYSC generated over two hundred and eighty million Naira which we paid into the federation account.

This year we also realised five hundred and eleven million Naira which we equally paid into the Federation Account and we are determined that by next year we are going to generate more”, he said.

Ibrahim said the Scheme has revitalised its ventures: garment factories, bread and table water factories for maximum productivity. The ventures also serve as training avenue for Corps Members.

The DG said NYSC had partnered many institutions towards empowering Corps Members for self-reliance.

He listed the Bank of Industry, Central Bank of Nigera, Heritage Bank, Access Bank among others as institutions that offer start up capitals for Corps Members to finance their business proposals.

He also said efforts are in top gear with strong advocacy for the establishment of NYSC Trust Fund, which if actualised will enable Corps Members to have access to start-up captitals to finance their business ideas as they exit service.

The Director-General said NYSC film, NYSC National Cultural Troupe are some of the innovations introduced into the NYSC Scheme for the enhancement of Corps potentials for greater output.

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Progressive women raise alarm over plots by some APC Govs to destroy party at February Convention




The Coalition of Progressive Women in Nigeria (CPWN) has called on the ruling All Progressives Congress to reschedule its proposed February 26th national convention over alleged plots by some governors to hijack the exercise.

The APC women also urged its Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) to instead focus on uniting aggrieved faithful.

The coalition made this known today at a press conference in Abuja ahead of the APC’s planned convention.

In her remarks, the convener, Hon. Cecilia Ikechukwu noted that the “postponement would allow for party members to further air their grievances while exploring the path of reconciliation”.

Ms Ikechukwu further raised the alarm over the overbearing influence of some governors running the affairs of the party and putting their interests first.

She specifically urged the party’s National Executive Council to call Governor Nasir El-Rufai, Governor Simon Lalong and Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu to order.

The group, therefore, warned the three governors that any attempt to proceed with the convention will be resisted by women both in the country and abroad.

The group vowed to mobilise and take steps to prove to them that they can be demystified by party members.

They, however, urged President Muhammadu Buhari, other APC state governors and all leaders of the party to stand up to save the party before it self destructs in the hands of these emperor governors.

Read the full statement below:

Gentlemen of the press, the Coalition of Progressive Women in Nigeria is a pressure group within the All Progressive Congress (APC). It should be noted that our concept of a pressure group is in the sense of playing that motherly role women are imbued with to keep societies stable. We believe that women can ensure stability when they play their role in being peacemakers.

These role expectations notwithstanding, we have largely refrained from pitching into the challenges that beset our party, the APC, in recent months. As it is well known, these challenges might have been worse than what we currently have had the Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) not done a great job of dousing tension and reconciling brothers whose differences boiled over in form of what some people refer to as internal party crisis.

We had thought that the Committee would continue to expand its peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts but were rudely shocked when the elective national convention was announced on February 26, 2022. This development is disconcerting for the very reason that it has further frayed already strained intra-party relations.

The logical thing would have been to as much as was possible try to further reconcile the various state factions of the APC. That way, whoever emerges as a candidate for any position will enjoy widespread support going into the 2023 General Elections. But pressing ahead with the National Convention without first putting the house in order is calling for disaster. We have seen it happen in other political parties in the past whereby those who would be dissatisfied with the outcome of a major incident like the National Convention will end up defecting to another political party.

No right-thinking politician will assert that it is a desirable thing to lose members, strategic and high worth members, in an election year, which is the bleak prospect that our party now faces unless something drastic is done to correct the error of fixing a date for the national convention without first addressing underlying issues that threaten the wellbeing of the party.

Consequently, the Coalition of Progressive Women in Nigeria, as concerned mothers, hereby appeals to the National Executive Council (NEC) for the postponement of the APC’s February 26th National Convention until a later date when the party would have made further progress in unifying its members. We firmly believe that the postponement would allow for party members to further air their grievances while exploring the path of reconciliation.

It is our fervent prayer that this appeal does not fall on deaf ears because the consequences could be grievous. We would not like for the appeal to take on the tone of an unheeded warning in the future when irreparable damage would have been done to the party with attendant electoral losses.

In addition to rescheduling the National Convention to a more practical date, we implore the APC NEC to prevail on some of the party’s governors to curtail their excessive intrusion in the running of the affairs of the party. We will specifically ask that the NEC calls the trio of Kaduna State’s Governor Nasir El-Rufai, Plateau State’s Governor Simon Lalong and Kebbi State’s Abubakar Atiku Bagudu to order. It is callous for the likes of Nasir El- Rufai, Lalong and Bagudu to think that their words should be law and the interest of the party should no longer matter.

The overbearing way these people try to foist these personal ambitions and agendas on the party is largely responsible for where the APC has found itself today. Had their excesses been curtailed before they pushed the party into this mess, we would not have been trying to do damage control at a time when we should finalize our victory plan for the elections ahead.

We are therefore warning that we would hold El- Rufai, Lalong and Bagudu responsible for whatever ills the APC suffers should they go ahead with the convention and those aggrieved parties whose grievances have not been addressed decide to leave the party. We would then be compelled to prove to these overbearing governors the power of women as mobilizers as we will take steps to prove to them that they can be demystified by party members.

As women, we are saying that we cannot see danger and keep quiet. We cannot see the party digging its own grave and keeping quiet. We cannot know those acting against the interest of the party and shield them. President Muhammadu Buhari, other APC state Governors and all leaders of the party should stand up to save APC before it destructs at the hands of these emperor governors.

The only way forward is to reschedule the national convention from February 26, 2022 date.

Thank you.

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2023 Presidency: Governor Yahaya Bello is the Choice of the Youth – Group





Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, National Co-ordinator “Got Your Back Nigeria”, has said the Candidate of the youth in the coming 2023 Election is Governor Yahaya Bello.

Prof Chris, who stated this in a press statement on Tuesday , said the youth Interestingly are rising up and are speaking up, he said before now the question has always been about who
has the deepest pocket, who has the war chest, who has stolen the most money and who can deploy the most resources to win the high office of President.

Part of the statement reads “The question today is manifestly different. The young people are asking, why not us? Why can’t one of us be President? Why can’t we galvanise and produce a President amongst us? Who says we can’t out perform the old? What are they going to give Nigeria that they haven’t given? Why can’t they trust one of their Mentees with power come 2023 or are they so poor in mentorship and mentoring that they do not have a Mentee they can trust?”

“The odds are different, the times have changed and the traditional political order is up for a rude awakening. The young people have chosen one of their own for the high office of President come 2023, and they are doing so across Party lines, across the nation, and indiscriminate of what Partisans think. The young people are saying that after 61years of trying the same tendencies at the highest level, we want to produce a President whose loyalty is to the nation and to her largest population demography, and not to a few Godfathers. The young people are saying that the time for a new nation, a new Nigeria and a new deal is now, and there is no going back”.

“There is a consensus that all the political parties and indeed the two major parties must settle for young candidates, and at all levels it should be between the ages 55 and below, and this is centred on the time tested call for a new tendency and orientation in leadership, for when you have tried a certain normative over and over without visible and viable change, sanity calls for a new deal and a new thinking. Any leader above 60years of age who has not mentored a young person he/she can trust with power at the centre come 2023 is a failure, and Nigeria is not ready to reward such failures anymore”.

“Going forward the vibrant young people who predominate our voter demography and dominate the population demographics are united in the call for young people to take back our Country through a peaceful ballot based revolution come 2023. It is a call for national redemption. A call for effective, efficient and effectual leadership. A call for 21st century compliant watchmen and women across the various layers and levers of leadership and across Partisan divides. It is a call for the Nigeria of our collective dreams where though tongues and tribes differ we stand in Brotherhood. Yes, only the young people of today’s Nigeria have such entrenched predilection. And together we shall berth a united and prosperous Nigeria”.

“In the Phenomenal Governor Yahaya Bello GYB, the young dynamic Governor of the Confluence State of Kogi, the young people have found their own, they have found a detribalised, a broad-minded, a patriotic and a proactive leader who sees the growth, progress and development of Nigeria as his unalterable commitment. GYB fits the call for new thinking in leadership, and fills the line of competency and capacity in Governance. GYB is the choice of the young people for the high office of President come 2023. Across the States the call resonates, and everywhere our young people are the call will always be ‘…since power is not served alacarte we have chosen through this peaceful ballot based revolution to take power and to fix our Country for the good of all, the young and the old alike'”.

“To those who are yet concerned about the scorecard that makes GYB phenomenal, and the unassailable choice of the young people for the high office of President come 2023, a visit to, and a studied research of the glowing feats which has made GYB the most celebrated public office holder in today’s Nigeria will do some good. Do not pander to beer parlour tales, seek the truth, for it is said, ‘…and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”‘.

“Finally Compatriots, the urgency of now is profoundly manifest in the call of the young people to support fellow young people in the quest for national redemption. This generation of Nigerians must make true that ageless call of Franz Fanon that ‘..every generation out of relative obscurity discovers its mission, Fulfills or betrays it.’ We must therefore rise to the challenge, and fulfill the mission of birthing and berthing a new, better and prosperous Nigeria. With GYB We Move”

God Bless Nigeria

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Postpone APC convention in the best interest of party, Nigeria’s democracy – Diaspora Group




The All Progressives Congress in Diaspora Network (APC-DiNET) has called on the ruling party to cancel its proposed February 26th national convention date.

According to a statement signed by Dr. Makama Omeri, the Coordinator, APC-DiNET, United Kingdom, the move would be in the best interest of the party and nation.

Omeri said failure to consider another date for the convention could ultimately hamper the party’s chances at next year’s general elections and truncate the nation’s democracy.

The Diaspora group also cited the Electoral Act Amendment Bill as a lingering issue that could affect the convention.

Following the amendment of the mode of primaries, Omeri noted that the process between the transmission to the Presidency and assent could take more than the six weeks slated for the APC convention.

The APC-DiNET also lamented unresolved congresses in many states of the federation as well as other unresolved disputes.

Under the prevailing circumstances, Omeri said it is “absolutely mindless, insensitive and counterproductive to hastily fix APC national convention date in six weeks from today”.

The APC-DiNET, therefore, called for a revisit and extension of the national convention date of February 26,2022 to allow space and time to fraternally resolve pending crises issues

Read full statement below:

The APC In Diaspora Network (APC-DiNET) heartily felicitates with all the leaders and members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), home and abroad in the New Year! May the New Year splash endless blessings on us and Nigeria.

We also fully identify and support the very genuine commitment of the Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee’s (CECPC), leadership, led by the Yobe State Governor, His Excellency, Alhaji Mai Mala Buni to reposition, strengthen, deepen internal democracy within the Party and the reconciliatory initiatives within our great Party ahead of 2023 general elections. Sir, you are a worthy leader, with a wisdom only akin to King Solomon.

APC- DiNET is more excited at the efforts of the Buni -led CECPC to enthrone credible leaderships for APC at lower levels. But we are also convinced that this can only be done after the proper internal assignment of sanitisation of the APC is completed in order to lay a template that will vigorously pursue, sustain and entrench the consolidation of democracy in Nigeria, as we unstoppably coast to landslide electoral victories in 2023 at all levels.

Therefore, APC- DiNET finds it incongruent with subsisting realities, the impromptu decision of CECPC to suddenly fix the APC national convention date on February 26, 2022, to crown the process of electing new set of leaders for our great Party which started last year. The CECPC’s adoption of the timetable for the APC national convention at its 19th regular meeting this week, held in Abuja has raised fresh pertinent issues pregnable with implosive signals, if the national leadership of the Party fails to reconsider a reversal or ignore them for convenience .

And topmost on the sensitive issues is the uncertainties and controversies which have engulfed the clause of ” Direct or Indirect Party Primary Elections” as contemplated by the National Assembly ( NASS) in the Electoral Act 2021 (as amended). It created a cold war between the executive and the legislature. We dare say, these issues have not been finally resolved; but unfortunately, the APC national convention depends on its template.

However, within the week, NASS took a bold step to clear the impasse on the Bill by expunging the “Direct Primaries ” clause from the Electoral Act 2021 (as amended). It’s expected that the Bill will again be forwarded to the Presidency, together with the other knotty clauses for Presidential assent. We feel, the time- lag of six weeks slated for APC national convention is extremely limited for the Bill to journey to the Presidency and back to NASS to invoke its veto powers, (if necessary) to pass the Bill into law for the ruling APC to contemplate a national convention, which is dependant on it.

Also, an insight into the concluded APC State Congresses nationwide indicate a troubling hangover of unresolved issues in many states of the federation. Some of these pending cases are premised on claims of inconclusive Party Primaries or wrong adoption of zoning or use of consensus principle. These have thrown up multiple legal issues to the legitimacy of the exercises in such states. Other lingering cases also dwell on unresolved disputes or intra-party rivalries in some of the states, which have also graduated into litigations and resultant court injunctions!

APC- DiNET belives, under the prevailing circumstances, its absolutely mindless, insensitive and counterproductive to hurriedly fix APC national convention date in six weeks from today. More so, without amicably and conclusively resolving these internal Party crises. Indeed, proceeding with the February 26, 2022 date for APC national convention with these serious issues is ill-timed, thoughtless on the part of CECPC and a recipe for an unimaginable magnitude of crises which have the potential to sprout more disaffection, enmity and bad – blood within the ranks of our great Party. This is not a good omen for our Party and reason the national convention date should be revisited before we fall prey into the membership drive and harvesting fields of the opposition elements!

APC-DiNET is not only keen on the progress of our great Party back home under President Muhammadu Buhari, GCON and Gov. Buni; but it also monitors the Party’s reformative transformations under CECPC’s leadership. Its doing a wonderful job, which should not be truncated now for whatever urgency. It is incumbent on all of us to dodge, avoid and support the APC to skip the traps of yesterday, which slammed a CECPC on our laps. We are consciously heading on this path again and and therr is every need to be cautious!

We are not unmindful of the apparent vestiges of PDP in our midst, which are discreetly playing the cards of spoilers in the fold. Again, there are certain APC topshots who are elements of the opposition. These clan of Party members loathe or are against reconciliations or efforts to reposition APC, and so, desperate to deploy the 2014 new- PDP- G5 strategy, which beefed up membership and national clout for the APC at that time. And their target is the pending APC national convention exercise and if, we fail to handle it wisely, they shall use it to cause mass implosion within the Party, whilst they harvest our disenchanted bigwigs and members gleefully. Let’s act with circumspection and should not consciously give our opponents a smoothened ground to ride roughshod on us in the 2023 general elections!

That the CECPC through its Secretary is now debunking earlier media reports that it zoned APC’s national offices, six weeks to convention date intimates of a serious and delicate problem on our hands. APC’s national leadership must be careful, or alert, least, they donate our great Party and Nigeria’s leadership to the opposition vampires for devouring. Therefore, APC-DiNET immediately calls for a revisit and extension of APC’s national convention date of February 26,2022 to allow space and time to fraternally resolve pending crises issues! Thank you.

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