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Dear APC Delegates, Please Elect The Aspirant With The Least Baggage As Candidate For President (1)



Every mortal has his or her own baggage, we aren’t Saints for saints aren’t mortal. We are therefore judged as good or bad based on the weight of our baggage. As the Primaries of the Political Parties approach, this effort is a plea to the delegates of our great Party the All Progressive Congress APC, to elect as our Presidential flagbearer the Aspirant with the least baggage.

The challenge to sift or if you like identify the Aspirant with the least baggage out of the 23 Aspirants who obtained the APC Presidential Nomination Form and are still in the race to become the Presidential candidate of the APC is an onerous one, but I shall attempt to do so as dispassionately as possible, because we must as a party put our best foot forward.

BOLA AHMED TINUBU BAT. This seasoned politician is perhaps one of the front line contenders for the APC Presidential Ticket. He comes in with the heaviest baggage. There is the baggage of alleged corruption and primitive accumulation of wealth with his siphon pump directly fixed to the Lagos State treasury. There is the Bullion Van baggage. There is the baggage of age, fitness and health. And there is the baggage of pride, ego and arrogance, see the way he talks down on the other Aspirants, the way he denigrates the Youths, the Media, and the way he carries on like the 2023 Presidency is his patrimony.

AHMED YERIMA. The former Governor of Katsina State comes in with a heavy baggage. The one of alleged religious fundamentalism. The one of child marriage. The one of disrespect for the rights of women and untamed patriarchy. And questions about his watch over Zamfara State.

ROTIMI AMAECHI. The immediate past Minister of Transportation, 8years Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly, and two term Governor of Rivers State comes in with very heavy baggage. The one of over 15billion allegedly looted whilst he was Governor, to his lacklustre watch over the State. The one of several over invoiced contracts in the Ministry of Transportation to the poor safety regime for our Rail transport system. From the many double speak on issues of State to the fact that the Party in his home State is in disarray no thanks to his arrogance and naivety.

PROF YEMI OSINBAJO. The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria comes in with a fantastic CV but with a baggage that presents him as an unwilling horse, indeed his marketers may have unwittingly done great disservice to his candidacy. Nigerians are in need of a President who sees the job as his unalterable commitment to purpose and destiny, not one who had to oblige the plea to run.

ADAMS OSHIOMOLE. The former Governor of Edo State comes in with a huge baggage. His alleged egocentricity is at the core of the Party losing his home State. His legendary ‘I Am The Boss’ disposition saw to his awkward exit as the National Chairman of the Party. And the baggage of the many files with the EFCC speaks poorly about his position on anti corruption.

EMEKA NWAJIUBA the immediate past Minister of State for Education comes in with the baggage of a less than wholesome handling of the ASUU, ASUP, NASU issues, the poor mediation of matters relating to the Ivory Towers ditto our tertiary institutions and the Strikes involving almost all sectors of our public tertiary schools, and several scandals involving Federal Government Schools.

OGBONNAYA ONU. The immediate past Minister of Science and Technology, a fine gentleman comes in with the baggage of a very lacklustre watch over the Ministry of Science and Technology. For almost 7years as the Minister of Science and Technology, it was all talk and less remarkable strides.

PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE. A fine clergyman who very recently stoked the ethnic fire with several unguarded remarks about one of the three major ethnicity in Nigeria. An Activist whose shots have shown huge bias for friendship and ethnicity. And an outsider in the larger political calculus cannot lead the Party to the challenge for the top job come 2023 as he comes in with the many baggage described above.

The challenge of birthing and berthing a new Nigeria is the cross before all Nigerians, whether of the APC, the PDP, the other Political Parties, and the nonpartisan, we must therefore dispassionately subject those seeking to steer the ship of State come 2023 to the stiffest and the most stringent intellectual crucible, we must make competency and capacity the linchpin and patriotism our watchword.

The Conversation Continues in a few days. God Bless Nigeria.

Chabor Musa Nyamgul
Political Activist

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2023: North Central APC Stakeholders Say Region’s VP Will Enthrone Equity, Stability in Nigeria



Some stakeholders of the ruling All Progressives Congress in north-central have made a strong case for the region to produce the party’s presidential running mate for equity and stability.

The North Central APC Stakeholders Forum, which made this known at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, warned the party not to make the mistake of ignoring the zone in the scheme of things.

According to a statement signed by its Coordinator, Bala Danladi Adamu, the group said the north central is critical to the party’s success in 2023, considering its innumerable contributions in the growth and development of the APC over the years.

Adamu said not only will a Christian from the region balance the presidential ticket, he added that it will ultimately guarantee success at the polls.

The group, therefore, urged President Muhammadu Buhari, party leaders and elders from the north central zone to settle for a young and vibrant Christian out of the “array of credible individuals that fits the bill of the vice-presidential candidate for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu”.

Failure to do so, Adamu, however, cautioned that doom awaits the party as it would be further divided along ethnic and religious lines.

Read full statement below:

The North Central APC Stakeholders Forum is calling this press conference as a concerned stakeholder in the APC to put issues in proper perspective regarding the choice of running mate to the APC presidential candidate.

This has become instructive given the attempt by some selfish individuals who are bent on scheming the North Central out of the affairs of the country, especially in the buildup to the 2023 General elections.

The North Central APC Stakeholders Forum frowns at such a despicable plot considering the innumerable contributions of the North Central in the growth and development of the APC over the years.

It remains a statement that the North Central is a critical region in the country. As such, it would be against all known political strategies for the region to be alienated in the present permutations towards securing victory at the elections.

The APC Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, must come to terms with choosing his running mate for the elections. Consequently, the APC North Central Stakeholders Forum wishes to inform Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be wary of those that have constituted themselves around him as electoral strategists.

We are aware of the plot to ensure that the vice presidential slot is not given to a Christian APC member from any North Central state for inexplicable reasons. This is on the heels that such a move would spell doom for the party.

They have been ferocious in this regard. As stakeholders in the North Central region, we know that such a move would boomerang and further divide the party along ethnic and religious lines.

The APC Presidential Candidate must rise to the occasion and resist every form of pressure mounted on him by these selfish individuals against the idea of a Christian running mate from the North Central region of the country.

It is on the strength of the above that we demand that the vice-presidential slot be given to a vibrant and young candidate from the Middle Belt. This is necessary to ensure a balanced and strategic team that would guarantee electoral success at the elections.

We are also using this medium to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to see that the APC gets it right regarding its choice of running mate to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This is necessary to ensure that the party records outstanding victory at the polls.

President Muhammadu Buhari must also recognize that the North Central region in the country holds the ace in the presidential elections, and little wonder why the opposition parties have been making strategic advancements in the region to secure electoral victory.

The APC must not allow any form of discontent in the North Central by denying the region of the vice-presidential slots, as there are an array of credible candidates that fits the bill of the vice-presidential candidate for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The hawks that want the party’s downfall are unfortunately parading themselves as stakeholders of the party. At the same time, they are out to satisfy their selfish interest and not the well-being of the party as a whole.

The APC North Central Stakeholders Forum is also using this medium to call on prominent middle belt elders to rise in defence of the Middle belt in the political scheming in the country. The strategic importance of such cannot be overemphasized.

They must ensure that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not misled as the indicators point to the fact that the APC Presidential candidate is on the verge of making a grave mistake should he choose a running mate outside the middle belt region.

The consequences of such a move might not be palatable for the party in the presidential elections, hence the need for caution in the choice of vice-presidential candidate of the APC.

We wish to call on elders of the APC in the Middle Belt region to protect the region’s interest by ensuring that the APV nominates its vice-presidential candidate from the Christian community in North Central.

We thank you all for your time and attention.

God bless.

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CVR Fresh Registration Hits Over 10m – INEC



The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says fresh registration in the ongoing nationwide Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) has hit 10,487,972 as at 7 a.m. on Monday, June 27.

The commission in its CVR weekly update, released in Abuja on Monday, also disclosed that 8,631,696 registrants had completed their registrations.

It disclosed that 3,250,449 of the registrants completed the process through online, while 5,381,247 did through physical registration.

The gender breakdown of the registrants who had completed their registration comprised 4,292,690 male and 4,339,006 female, with the gender category showing that 6,081,456 of the figures were youth, while 67,171 were Persons with Disabilities, PWDs.

The update also revealed that INEC had received a total of 23,560,043 applications including those applying for voter transfer, requests for replacement of Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and update of voter information records.

The breakdown also indicated that 12,317,963 of the applications were from male, 11,242, 080 were from female, while 187,904 applications were received from PWDs. (NAN)


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Banditry: Military Rejects Zamfara’s Call for Citizens to Bear Arms



The Military High Command yesterday rejected the call by the Zamfara State Government for residents to take up arms and defend themselves against bandits and terrorists.

Governor Bello Matawalle had asked the Commissioner of Police to work out the modalities for gun licence to residents willing to bear arms to protect themselves.

Reacting yesterday, the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Lucky Irabor, said he did not see the basis for such call.

He spoke at the National Defence College, Abuja, during the opening ceremony of the joint exercise for the National Defence College and War Colleges of the Armed Forces of Nigeria codenamed “Exercise Grand Nationale”.

He said it was expedient for stakeholders to follow the rules and constitution accordingly.

Irabor said: “We do not take instruction from the state governments. We have a Commander-in-Chief. The constitution gives the right and powers to the C-in-C for the use of the armed forces and I believe what we’re doing in Zamfara State and across the states of the federation is not different to the provisions of the constitution.

“We’re there to give support to the civil authority in this case, the police. We’re there to ensure that peace returns to Zamfara. The governor does not have the powers to ask the CP to issue licences. I’m yet to get the details, but I do not think that’s the right thing to do.”

He said the Federal Government, through the Attorney-General of the Federation, should be in a position to address the issue.

“I do not see the basis. My view is that the AGF will look at the constitution and what the constitution says. That’s the right way to go. The Armed Forces are in Zamfara, but beyond that, I believe there are legal issues that should be addressed using the instrumentality of the law to bring peace and security.

“I believe that the Federal Government, through the Attorney-General, should look at the details of the press release. If what I read is true, I do not believe that the governor has the powers to instruct the CP to issue licence because the CP does not have the power to issue licences.

”Like I said, the AGF will do much about it. We have the Armed Forces in Zamfara, military, police, NSCDC; but beyond that, I believe there are legal issues”, Irabor said.

Irabor said the essence of the Operation Grand Nationale, was to review the programmes of the training colleges and the war colleges.


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