2023: Biu Rally Confirms PDP Will Take Over North East – Kudla

The Senatorial Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Borno South, Hon Kudla Satumari Haske has said that the massive turn out of people at a zonal rally to flag off his campaign has confirmed his earlier statement that his party will win the entire North East.

According to Kudla, the people of the North are determined to produce a president in 2023 adding that they won’t trade that to the office of the Vice President.

Speaking to journalists in the aftermath of a mammoth crowd that attended the PDP rally organised in Biu Local Government area of Borno State, Kudla said the people have seen the reality of life and are now determined to bring in a purposeful leadership adding that they are ever ready to meet the yearnings of the people if PDP is voted into power.

“Yeah, there was a massive turnout in our rally in Biu, Borno State to tell us what exactly happened. We decided to flag off our zonal rally and my campaign for the senatorial District as the candidate.

“We joined it with our zonal rally where we all came together and went to our senatorial headquarters and the rest is what you see all over the news and social media. The unprecedented turnout of the crowd is a testament to the fact that what I have always said, still stands as you remember earlier in the year, I said, North East would rather vote for a presidential candidate than voting for the vice president.

“You can see on the streets, you can see all over the place, people were trekking long distances and what surprised us most was the fact that despite the sabotage of our plans to kick start the campaign rally, some efforts were made by some people within the Senatorial District to restrict our access to having transports. Handsome amount of money was given so that we would not be able to access transportation easily for the people but we were surprised that volunteers and other people came all the way and supported the movement of people from one place to another. Our billboards and campaign materials were destroyed. But you can tear our posters, you can pull down our billboards, but you cannot tear the love that the people of Southern Borno have for us,” Kudla said.

According to the senatorial candidate, the people have resisted those suppressing them despite the fact that we were denied access,” Kudla said.

Kudla, who said that the more people try to sabotage their efforts, the more the crowds are trooping out, showing them their support and solidarity.

“So, that was what happened and the messages given are resonating with the people. People are tired and disenchanted. The people are angry because of a lack of governance that impacts their lives directly. So they want a change, a real change this time around and they see the sincerity of purpose with which we approach our campaigns because we had no place to campaign.

“We are not only criticizing what we see, but we are also able to proffer solutions to those problems. If given the opportunity, we will do something differently. What we will do differently will acquire acceptance of what we told them we would do. And you know, people want credible leaders, they want one compassionate leader, they want leaders that are believable.

“The rally is resonating with our people and this is a massive support we have not seen in recent times,” Kudla said, adding that North East will vote for PDP.

“There is no way that the North East that I know and familiar with will prefer to vote for the vice presidential slot when they have a competent leader in the person of Atiku Abubakar from the North East and will not vote for him.

“I can tell you that not Eastern Nigeria will give their votes to the Presidential candidate of the PDP. When you say massively, that one is another context. But I can assure you that the North East will prefer to have a president than to have a vice presidential slot come to the north east,” Kudla added.

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