Tidal Wave: Women Dumped APC For Dan Barde, Refused To Have One More Sleep Before Decamping, By A. A. Mshelia

The startling tidal wave from all across Gombe state in political parties other than the PDP, is becoming obtrusive to ignore. Late-evening today, numerous women within APC, briskly saw the need to pitch tent with Alhaji Muhammad Jibrin Barde (Dan Barde) and PDP, as they make ready for victory come 2023. It was astounding how the meeting took place in the evening as some of the women were said to have expressed, they can’t afford to have one more sleep without being drafted into Dan Barde’s vision to rescue Gombe State.

Over time now, it has become more evident through his speech as he, Dan Barde, received these women who dumped the tumbling APC to join PDP, that he is in touch with the roles that women play in politics and in the society. Dan Barde noted, authoritatively, that as they support him to victory at the polls come 2023, he will ensure they enjoy the truest dividend of democracy. Also, he stated firmly to them that he knows: empowering women is essential to the health, development of the state, social development of families, and local communities. Dan Barde noted, when women are living safe, fulfilled and productive lives, they can reach their full potential, contributing their skills to the state’s development and can raise happier and healthier children, which in effect will translate to a conducive environment for all. It is true, because women’s political participation results in tangible gains for democracy, including greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased cooperation across party and ethnic lines, and more sustainable peace.

Dan Barde’s mandate covered the fact that paving the way for more women in the political, business, and civic arena is an investment in more just, equitable, and peaceful societies.

Youth and women For the love of barde

One of the glaring effects of Dan Barde acceptance across board who is the lawfully elected Governorship candidate for the 2023 General elections, under PDP, is the rate and speed at which members of various political parties dump their party at the sight of this fine gentle man and his vision for the state. The fact is, everyone conversant with the realities going on in the state in regards to livelihood, will not stagger to see the light that Dan Barde presents for the future of Gombe State. As a result, to everyone he comes in contact with or a group, there has always been a pull that gets people to love his person and agenda sincerely.

While he appreciated the women at the rally, the peace and joy these women exhibited, spoke of their conviction for a better tomorrow with Dan Barde as Governor of Gombe State. The resolve by the women to push through the processes with absolute commitment to seeing him emerge Governor come 2023, is mesmerizing and such energy will surely be contagious across the remnants in the APC quarters and other political parties. Such consistent movements point to the fact, PDP will take over Gombe State without a glitch.


Truth draws strength from itself and not from the number of votes in its favour. Thus the leading quarters can do all they can, with their sham attitudes that gave them a handful followers in an attempt to distract the general populace, but, they should know, the truth does not need a lawyer, Dan Barde does not need an arsenal to attract the people and win the elections.

PDP with Dan Barde are coming, the people are behind him and no force is strong enough to stop the movement on the path to rescuing the state.

Written by A. A. Mshelia from Abuja.

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