Dan Barde: Birthing An All inclusive Model With The Youths of Gombe State’ Political Arena

By A. A. Mshelia

Some of the lecturing notes we put together daily as we follow and lean the model of Alhaji Muhammad Jibrin Barde (Dan Barde) campaigns is that, for political systems to be representative, all parts of society must be included. When young people are disenfranchised or disengaged from political processes, a significant portion of the population has little or no voice or influence in decisions that affect group members’ lives. A key consequence is the undermining of political systems’ representativeness.

Gombe Youths for Barde
Gombe Youths for Barde

We have observed also from the Dan Barde’s model, that to make a difference in the longer term, it is essential that young people are engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating today’s and tomorrow’s politics. Inclusive political participation is not only a fundamental political and democratic right but also is crucial to building stable and peaceful societies and developing policies that respond to the specific needs of younger generations.

Gombe Youths for the love of Barde
Gombe Youths for the love of Barde

More so, for young people to be adequately represented in political institutions, processes, and decision-making, and in particular in elections, they must know their rights and be given the necessary knowledge and capacity to participate in a meaningful way at all levels.

It is established finally, that to every breaking of dawn, there are quantum leaps towards success as the PDP Chapter of Gombe State gaze at the 2023 elections. The rapid and ripple effects of the Dan Barde’s movement is such that has never been recorded in Gombe State.

The love for Barde overwhelming

True to the fact, Dan Barde has worked so hard, traversing every nook and cranny of Gombe State building intimate relationship with his people. At first we all felt, that was not necessary as it was not the in-depth custom we are familiar with. Of course, some folks picked the crusade and tagged it, “wasted efforts towards a wrong direction”.

However, unknown to many, Dan Barde was bringing a total overhaul to the model of campaigns that the state is known with. After what seemed “wasted efforts”, the seed sown by the fine gentleman man is beginning to germinate without much energy needed.

The love for Dan Barde in Gombe State resonates every single thick of the clock. While he works, multitudes are added to the his team; while he sleeps there are active Supporters tarrying to ensure the state is taken; and while he wakes at dawn every region in the state are calling on him with an offer to join his Gombe Rescue Vision. To every right thinking fellow, the best that one can say of such a leader is, “Dan Barde is a wonder to behold, and a script to score in the political arena”.

Every region in Gombe State has roll the game, competing against another to show case their absolute loyalty and support for the Dan Barde’s vision. While women were organizing rallies and decamping from political parties across the state, the youth have taken up the challenge to do same in solidarity to the vision of the Dan Barde’s movement towards 2023. Thus, it was November 9, 2022, that the youths in Nasarawo Ward took up the challenge vehemently and organised a rally in support of the Dan Barde’s movement to ensure he wins the Governorship seat come 2023 .

The reception was warm in indeed and everyone marvelled at what manner of man is Dan Barde to have activated such a surprised move and love in the hearts of these youth, that they could sponsor such a massive rally for him without consulting him. For Dan Barde “that was encouraging and heart touching. It also proved the time has truly come for Gombe State to be rescued”.

Young people who participate politically in their community from early on are more likely to become engaged citizens and voters. Therefore, Dan Barde is coming and masu gudu zasu gudu tilas.

Written by A. A. Mshelia from Abuja.

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