Kick-off Campaign Rally: Gombe PDP stronger together, “A luta continua; a vitória é certa”

By A. A. Mshelia 

Indeed, there is a paradigm shift from what people saw as win-lose in the PDP quarters, to now win-win bond in the party. That is evidently seen through the processes and outcomes at all levels of the party’s interactions, engagements and the kick-off campaign rally of the PDP, November 12 crowned it all.

Vision, open communication and mutual support are three key strategies employed by Dan Barde and his team to arrive at such a solid spot that guarantees the win for PDP come 2023. Having a vision places a purpose upon goal-setting activities. Having a vision means having a clear sense of purpose. That has been the distinguishing factor for Dan Barde’s quest for leadership.

The mammoth crowd at the rally @Gombe PDP Kick off Campaign
The mammoth crowd at the rally @Gombe PDP Kick off Campaign


The mammoth crowd at the rally was mind boggling, even to the fact that the meeting was not at the state capital. That revealed distance is never a barricade for the lovers and supporters of Dan Barde’s Movement to Rescue Gombe State. The party statesmen and women present at the rally indicated the harmony, unity and the determination of the party to win every seat in the state.

Barde Receiving greetings and commendation
Barde Receiving greetings and commendation

Dan Barde is a leader that is saleable. No one given the opportunity to address the crowd stammer about profiling Dan Barde and showcasing his inherent potential and capacity to rescue Gombe when given the mandate in 2023.

At the event Dan Barde reiterated his vision and promises. He stated, “my administration will be honest in all dealings; fair to all indigenes and will keep the trust of my dear people of Gombe State.” He added by saying, “We will safeguard the treasury and our commonwealth and ensure the integrity of our public services”.

Over time, these claims proved true of Dan Barde’s quest. His vision is to unlock our Jewel, he has vowed to work for the emergence of a prosperous Gombe State, where all residents live in dignity and in an environment that enables them to pursue and fulfill their potential. He believes strongly that, together we will deliver Stability, opportunity and prosperity for the good people of Gombe.

The People and love displayed for Dan Barde Overwhelming
The People and love displayed for Dan Barde Overwhelming

The strategic pillars of his vision for Gombe State remains: Governance – the enabling environment for growth & innovation to flourish; Infrastructure Development – the physical foundation of development; Human Capital Development – through quality education, quality healthcare, training and skills development; Agriculture Revolution – Maximize our land resource to feed our people, add value to farm products, create jobs and attract large-scale entrepreneurs; Industry & Digital Economy – With leadership from the Government, jump-start the emergence of an industrial and technology base; Rural Development – Improve lives and economic well-being in rural communities; and Urban Development – Enhance the status of urban centers as ideal places to live and work. I liken these themes to wheels that must work together to deliver the momentum required for significant strides in the development of Gombe State.

If one doubts how these can be made possible, then, there is need at this point to state a few things about this phenomenon called Muhammad Jibrin Barde.

CAREER: Muhammad Jibrin Barde (Dan Barde) voluntarily retired, in 2018, as the Managing Director/CEO of SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited, a bank he founded, after ten years of meritorious services, to participate and contribute his quota to the democratic process of Nigeria.With more than 25 years of banking experience, he previously held positions in Union Bank of Nigeria, Citigroup N.A, Barclays Bank UK. Bond Bank’s (now Polaris Bank Plc.), Aso Savings and Loans Plc and Midland Corporate Investments Limited.During his career in the financial services industry, he was responsible for providing direct employment to over 5,000 Nigerians. He also helped over 40,000 families realize their dream of home ownership through the provision of mortgage loans; and provided credit facilities in excess of ₦100billion to small and medium scale enterprises across the country.Dan Barde served as a Director on the FHA Technical Board between 2007 and 2008. He was the National Vice President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Nigeria (MBAN 2011-2013). And was formerly Chairman, Gombe Jewel Co-operative.During the same period, Dan Barde has also served as a director on the board of Premium Pensions Limited, a pension fund administrator he helped founded.

EDUCATION: to list a few, Dan Barde attended University of Birmingham – LLB Law (2022); New York University (L. N. Stern Business School) – MSc, Risk Management (2013); Harvard University (HBS) – Diploma, General Management (2009); University of London (Imperial College) – MBA (2005); University of Abuja – Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (1995).Dan Barde’s vision is clear, his strategy is smart, his promises are feasible and attainable and his passion and love to see these come to fusion is indeed contagious.

Let’s do this together  _Gombawa_ ! It is possible!!

_Written by A. A. Mshelia from Abuja._

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