Honorable Betara, Thriving Stronger Against All Odds by A. A. Mshelia

For a while, I have read and watched some videos of attacks that keep greeting Honorable Muktar Betara Aliyu, OON. While I reflect on each of them I got a link to why and what these articles are aiming at. It has become very clear that it is a strategy by these power mongers. They thought, if they can turn the love the people have for their leader, Honorable Betara, they will in turn count it as the most outstanding achievements of their political careers ever. These power hawkers have been working really hard, but, the good thing is, it seems they are not salaried as they expected. It’s clear the people, against all odds, have made some resolutions to stand with the truth and their leader, Betara over the years.

The essence of all this trash is geared towards 2023. If we all understand this formula, we will all open our windows and laugh at these peddlers. Looking at the people that are sponsoring and spreading these debris, one will think they are political gladiators, hence, they should have known the rules of the game and the idle way of politicking, but it’s true they say wonders shall never end.

It is in my nature to write articles that differentiate facts from fiction, in an effort to correct roguish authors, sponsored propaganda and mischievous political gladiators who are bent never to follow a dignified path to power. I do this to protect the people, which I feel is the sole role of every right thinking citizen, especially now that the livelihood of my people is threatened within. It’s never in my nature to debate or exchange words with such on-the-dole writers roaring around seeking who they can devour and begging for a plate of stew on their tables by the highest bidders, at the expense of their conscience and the sanity of their pens.

Over and over again, I have been asked by people that follow my political articles and TV chats, why I remain silent in regards to the state of affairs in Borno state political arena, and especially my home town Biu? Lately again, my attention has been called by folks both within and outside Nigeria, on some certain impish events unfolding in Borno South. And from all these conversations, both from the known and the unknown, it became very clear that certain people will leave no stone unturned until the legacy some committed sons of the land are making is lugged down to its knees. The painful part though is, sons of the soil have made themselves available, as tools because of a plate of stew to destroy their region and constituency specifically by themselves.

I took out time to have an in-depth study of the events in my homeland and the players involved, and I came to the conclusion that the most hit by all these injudicious attacks is the servant leader, Honorable Muktar Betara Aliyu, OON. Looking at the puzzle, Honorable Betara happens to just be the bone in their neck that will not allow them to break the region, the constituency and systems he has been working hard for decades to rescue, restore and rebuild for the good of all indigenes. Thus, he must take certain knock-back and punches for the lads.

I have seen all kinds of bouts from the locals, state, especially when I saw some sponsored articles and videos by politicians through their supporters ranting a couple of mundane fables, on the political integrity of Betara. Those articles alone, especially the recent one, raised a deep question beyond what the eyes can see. If such statements, attacks and more will come from “leaders” of a party, hitting the finest politician they have in Borno State, then, I beg to ask the question, who is truly against the ruling party? Regrettably, these dementias have moved majorly now to the quarters of Southern Borno politics.

I won’t waste my ink on paper to repeat these fabrications and idiocy published by those starving adjutants. Notwithstanding, I advise them to note, there are healthier traditions to seek relevance to becoming whatever they are trying to metamorphose into as public affairs analysts, political leaders among many. Such depth of responsibility and respect they see Betara commands, is not gotten by sitting in a cubicle, it comes with great responsibility; standing for the truth in the interest of the public, not a struggle for personal interest.

I want to state clearly that, the political gladiators in Borno and beyond can do whatever they want to do, I just want to remind them that we are not irrational and eyeless. If the noise they promote daily continues to be loud in our hearing, they should know that, to every propaganda against the servant leader, Betara, there are one million projects and reasons we see daily as we wake up, that speaks contrary to their fabrications. There’s no better time to put to paper this perfect adage that says “seeing is believing”, though we can slightly now put it as “Seeing is believing, seeing is our reality and Betara is what we see daily”.

Earlier this year, I visited Biu, I almost shed tears because of the massive achievements and developmental impacts carried out by Honorable Betara. The things I saw were things we hoped as kids growing in Biu, to happen a hundred years ahead. A week ago, this December, I had to go home again and move around the Local Government Areas I could to verify if the things I saw were magic. To my surprise, Betara’s impact doubled. Thus, comparing what Betara is doing in our constituency in order to help one get a clearer picture of his impact, is to put together five state’s achievements and give one man. Again, someone that is familiar with the trend of politics and politicians in Nigeria, will not believe the landslide achievements of Betara in Borno state. But thank god, there is pictorial evidence and videos to all I (we) claim he has done. And there will be a lucid document soonest that will give the world a total overview of the man Betara.

Therefore, in the spirit of brotherhood, kwarma-nayare ka bzir-manayare shang, of whom I am an indigene by birth from Biu, I want to remind us all of these facts: Every nation or state that has reached its peak for massive developmental strides (delivery), is more likely to face the challenges/pangs like that of a pregnant woman in a labor ward. Every political leader of worth in the world, in the class of Honorable Betara, according to history has once, if not many times, at one point faced challenges of all kinds as we see happening now. The challenges leaders face around the world are more similar than different. This goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, every nation or state has inherent political challenges, either the ones that affect the state or their leaders directly. The encouraging part though is when the citizens are courageous enough to stand up for their state and leaders through these trying epochs, we will all prevail against these agents trying to eat up our constituency.

I call on all the good people of Biu, Bayo, and Shani LGAs, specifically at this moment, we must, in response, never let an internal or external force break the bridge we have rebuilt with our servant leader, Honorable Betara. Betara has shown a high level of maturity and has proven to us that he is indeed a father of modern democracy in Borno State, whose interest is to better our livelihood.

Like I have said same of some reputable leaders I was privileged to study, I also say same of Honorable Betara, after three years of my study of him, and concluded that, his mission from inception is to change the socio-economic environment of his constituency into one of the fastest, mostly developed region in the federation and he has achieved that to a large extend. Going by the waves of revolutionary policy initiatives and project implementation under his leadership the focus on the minds of people should be on Betara’s brilliance, ingenuity and versatility in the way he conducts his leadership dealings and models.

Watch out my fellow constituents, 2023 will be better than we have all imagined. Honorable Betara is still cooking some stuff, and is almost done for the region to have an experience of a lifetime.

Let’s do this together, and make 2023 possible!

Written by A. A. Mshelia, from Abuja.

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