Makaman Waja, Changing The Narratives With His Waves Of Fresh Air In Southern Gombe – By A. A. Mshelia

Someone familiar with the politics of Gombe South, will attest to the fact that, there is a sudden shift in the long aged model we see, in the dealings of candidates and their people, towards every election period. It has always been a melee to win the heart of the people, as a result of the voluminous spiteful experiences the region has had over the decades, especially in regards to the senator-ship seat and cannonballs from some bottlenecks. Nevertheless, Siyako has within the shortest time, made that passé.

The emergence of Honorable Anthony Siyako Yaro, has given a new tune to the realities in Gombe South. And this august model has birthed a new hope for something unique to be anticipated in the region. In contemporary political philosophy, politics is a subject which has the distinction of intimate interaction between the leaders and their people, with an even greater need for inspired leadership and dynamism in a region where the basic needs of life such as education, rural and urban regional planning, revolutionary development in agricultural inputs has hitherto been denied. It is apparent, Siyako will be altering that narrative.

The display of admiration by his people, have inspired a research on this fine gentleman to how he commands such love, respect and seamless admiration from his people. While I turn the pages I can lay my fingers on, and gave ear to many that were ready to speak the truth from their core, and the tour I took with my team to Gombe South; met top political leaders – the minor parties to seek support, I uncovered some traits to why Siyako seemingly thrives without sweat and being Machiavellian as the game has been in the region with other opponents.

Siyako has a track record of hard work, determination and absolute commitment to any goal he sets before him, since childhood; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilization; a man who achieves greatness through diligence, self-will and sheer determination. Thus, on his call to rescue and serve his people, Siyako has over a short period of time, mobilized and fashioned a system of awareness to the good people of Gombe South, that have the reassurance for a transparent, selfless, unbiased leadership, irrespective of religion, gender and ethnicity as we look forward to the 2023 elections.

Over the years, Siyako has positively impacted on the lives of his people and state without drumming it to the cameras, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and provision of dividends of democracy, even without being a political office holder, whose efforts at developing his region has contributed to the growth of their individual economy and livelihoods.

My research has proven without doubt that Hon Siyako is visionary, purposeful, focused, dynamic, and result-oriented leader, whose ultimate goal is to see his region and people thrive better and do better, in all ramifications. His culture of discipline, human capital development, good governance and accountability founded on the principles of justice, equity and fairness has endeared him to many. Despite the sponsored political allegations earlier in his quest to run for office, he has remained focused on proving worth, instead of giving attention to sponsored jamborees. This visionary and charismatic leader worked assiduously and succeeded at building an unbroken connection with his people. During that time, where fate was tested, we have proven the myth, “the voice of the people is the voice of God, and when the people are with you, God is with you”.

Most of Siyakos’s vision and initiatives are geared towards a commitment to the strategic objectives of the culture of his people. His convictions as I hear him speak in campaigns, town hall meetings, testimonies on the streets, his initiatives in generals have a dignified training and development program for his region and state to propel the change or development needed to take them to the next level.

Siyako has shown the boldness to consider unusual approaches to problems affecting his region; and these styles will be more than just follow tried-and-true methods. He is preoccupied with purposes and values, morals, and ethics. His leadership style will focus on long-term goals without compromising human values and principles. He has stated over and again, to focus more on missions and strategies, supports structures and systems that will reinforce policies, and maximize efficiency; guided by the fundamental principle of democracy, probity, transparency and accountability.

As the buildup to 2023 general elections gathers momentum, the politicians are putting their acts together, aligning and realigning to contend with the challenges ahead, while pundits and commentators are busy analyzing, postulating and making prognoses about the big event. It is therefore timely to calibrate the various efforts of the outstanding office holders, we hope to elect and present them before the electorate so that they will make an intelligible choice, come 2023. I boldly state, Hon. Siyako will be the best thing that will happen to Gombe South and the state entirely.

Let our votes count, and let it be counted for the man that carries the aura of trust and the wave of fresh air for our region. Let’s get this done Gombe South!

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