2023 Governorship Elections, is our long walk to Freedom and liberty Gombawa

By A. A. Mshelia

Gombe citizens have made a statement loud and clear in the just concluded Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives elections. Our votes proved so.

The same wave that brought us such tragedy for four years, will seem to be the same that will sweep it away.

But then, looking at the ancient history of a democratic political process, the game is not over. Though as predicted by the commander of the debacle himself, indeed he has turned his back and his hoaxed generals are leaving him one after the other.

Those in that camp, ready to suck Gombe to death, by the outcome of the just concluded Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives elections, will only intensify their roguish, impish and venomous plans. Thus, the good people of Gombe must be determined and resolute about standing for their liberation and freedom from captivity, on their soil, at all costs.

A clear and well-communicated vision is essential for a leader to gain support and for followers to understand a leader’s goals. At first, we the people of Gombe thought, we were just corporals reinforcing the Dan Barde’s Vision of a New Era in Gombe State, but, we have reached that stage, where the entire state has owned this vision. In it we have seen the future of our children’s education, our health and quality of livelihoods; in this vision we have seen the assurance of a peaceful state and a state whose economy can be reburst and our teaming youths and women becoming productive.

A vote for Dan Barde and PDP is a vote for our liberation, restoration, recovery and freedom for a fresh air in the state.

If we are determined to do this fellow compatriots, we have also made a firm decision as a people to do it and will not let anything stop us. The voices of the people will always translate to the voice of God.

We hope the security agencies will do the needful. Nevertheless, under the sun or rain, armless, we will stand for our freedom, with God on our side.

We never cease to depend on the God factor because, if a certified number one police officer in the state and his entire battalion cannot identify those responsible for burning down our campaigns materials and offices, with all the graphic evidence and eyes witnesses, for over eight months, yet, heinously defending the obvious, we hope a day like March 11, won’t be too short to do the right thing to protect the interest of the general populace.

By the way, for those laughable and shameful propaganda I read on social media, stating Dan Barde has stepped down for a party, I won’t waste my ink on paper to dignify that debris, because, the reactions of the good people of Gombe in the comment section have addressed those gut-wrenching influencers, and have put them in their right place. A lion cannot give up its cubs to vultures.

We have come too far Gombawa to retreat or surrender. 2023 Governorship Elections, is our long walk to Freedom and liberty.

Let’s take this to the end.

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