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Arising from an intense session, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) recently threw their weight behind the candidature of Lt Col Agbu Kefas, the PDP Governorship flag bearer in the upcoming Taraba guber poll. CAN, a non political association, unanimously endorsed him as their best choice for the Governorship race in the state.

There is nothing amiss in that. CAN, as the umbrella body of Christians, have the right to direct members where they feel interests are best served. They are keen observers of political developments and make their modest suggestions on what they believe is best for all. It’s is a time honoured tradition over the years. It is also a coveted and prestigious endorsement that many politicians hope for.

Expectedly the attacks came from a particular quarter of one politician who seriously lobbied for the same endorsement. He had used all sorts of method to get this support from a demography he always saw as his.

It therefore smacks of high level hypocrisy to now sponsors faceless attack dogs to CAN for making a stand on whom they feel possesses the prerequisites for leadership and management of the state. CAN is a meticulous body and a serious one. It takes its time to study trends and seek spiritual guidance before making a pronouncement.

Let’s put it on record that the decision of CAN is powered by conviction, orchestrated by necessity and supported by the historical trend of our dear state. No wonder, it is well received by the community and generally seen as the best decision CAN has taken on the subject.

We thus commend the body for its political sagacity, patriotism and singleness of purpose in this rather timely intervention. We believe this would further deepen Colonel Kefas respect for the Christian community and indeed members of all faiths.

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